I really need advice, emotional for no reason, help!

  • 😞 advice

    Sighhh omg I do not know whats wrong, I am usually on the up and up and bright side of things, but for some crazy crazy reason the past 2-3days I have been highly emotional and sad near tears. Nothing drastic has happened or bad to alter my emotions or mood like this, perhaps some bad energy is around? I can't seem to understand what's wrong with me right now, I feel like hope is all lost, lol, It sounds silly but I can't understand why.....

    I thought maybe its the earth and planets but I'm not really good with astrological charts and stuff to figure out if thats what is effecting me, and I can read tarot for friends but not myself because I get confused when I read it.

    So what's wrong?? 😞 Can anyone help? My bday is October 19, 1988, 10:43am, if someone thinks its due to astrology.

    Thank you sooooo much 😞

    Love & Light


  • Hi Brianna, you are not pms's are you? Surrond yourself with White Light. Maybe you are an empath?

  • Ahhh you're a Libra with a Gemini decanate (or decan)... with the mercury retrograde coming to an end, maybe you're feeling the affects of it~ But some negative traits that usualyl go with a 10/19 bday is depression and up n down mood swings, but what do I know~

  • Haha poetic no not PMS yet lol, I figured that but thats not for another week or so (too much info for tarot.com lol) Maybeee, I do get affected by people's mood but not too this amount 😞

    Thanks almondee that's real cool, yikes 10/19 up and down mood swings??? not good errr lol

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