• Hi Natapier,

    Thanks a lot.. at present I am in love with someone..but he is not willing to commit...and this is really eating me.....bit by bit.......

  • Hi natapier,

    His DOB 11 september 1988...

    Please give me reading in context to my relationship with this guy.



  • Hi Natapier,

    I was wondering if I can have a reading please. DOB is 2/8/1956.



  • Hello Natapier 🙂

    Thank you so very much for the love/relationship reading! It was spot on, really.

    (Nine of Swords) I have had some feelings about something possibly going on behind my back, or something being "off". My intuition and instincts are generally pretty accurate, so I've been paying attention to that "feeling" a lot lately, instead of "hushing" it and talking myself down. I don't know what exactly is going on..but I know it's something.

    (Seven of Cups) Lately I have been receiving quite a bit of attention, so I suppose that means that I have some choices, however I am a monogamous woman, and right or wrong, I am head over heels in love with my guy. I want more than anything for us to work together and create a loving, long lasting relationship.

    The final card (two of cups) was encouraging for sure! I believe without doubt that my S.O. loves me as I love him. We have an amazing chemistry and an emotional connection like I have never experienced. I hope what this card means is that whatever may be going on covertly, can be overcome so that we can spend our lives together in peaceful, loving, harmony.

    I don't want to push my luck, so to speak, but I am wondering if there is a way to probe a little deeper to possibly bring to light exactly what it is that is "going on behind my back". Naturally, "cheating" would appear to be the obvious answer, but I hate to assume.

    If I am asking too much, just let me know, and I would completely understand, I am extremely grateful as it is, for the information you've already shared with me, and I can't thank you enough!

    With love and light,


  • Thank you Natapier

    Great reading and thank you for taking the time to read for me.

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  • I'd like to have a reading if possible. Many thanks

  • I was wondering if I can have a reading please 5-27-51.

    I am most interested in when and where I'll meet my beloved and hows my health?

    Many Thanks

  • WOW the Aquarius and Gemini are so different from your sun sign Scorpio. My parents and an aunt and uncle of mine have both reached over 50 years of marriage with Gemini and Aquarius being the sun sign combo for both couples but reversed as to male and female for the two couples--CLEARLY a compatible pairing. Anyway today by chance I met a dark-haired guy who was VERY nice--but SHY--thin, dark hair...serious...OMG--really--as you had said. He lives about an hour and a half away so do not know how that can work out...but he seemed to almost read my mind regarding things going on here...things I needed done with the condo he did--seemed to just WANT to...he is also a Scorpio....11/8/75---any thoughts?? may I ask are you a tarot card reader?? or something else...what would you say you are. I am pretty sure I myself have intuitive and perceptive qualities...more than most people. Anyway any thoughts??

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  • Hello sofine4952,

    This is your general reading.

    Situation as it is in your life at the moment: Death/Rebirth

    The slate will be wiped clean for a fresh start. There will be none of the old left, so a whole new approach needs to be established before true renewal can take place. Sometimes when we draw this card, major events seems to unfold around us that challenge our thinking and our direction in life.

    This shows a grim reaper and a white rose at the same time. The Sun is setting in the background of the card, indicating the end of daylight hours. This is the card of endings, renewal and transformation of the highest order. The slate will be wiped clean for a fresh start. There will be none of the old left, so a whole new approach needs to be established before true renewal can take place. Sometimes when we draw this card, major events seems to unfold around us that challenge our thinking and our direction in life. Sometimes an unpleasant event shows us the way to a new path. This may seem traumatic at the time, but it is also saying that the old ways are no longer valid, or of value in your new life. It is time to cast aside whatever is hindering your progress in life and make a whole new start. Turn the leaf, sow new seeds, wear new clothes, change your appearance, move house, leave that boring job and get out there and dance.

    Action to be taken: Two of Pentacles

    Two main issues are foremost in your mind. You may need to pull back from trying to pay attention to quite so many things. Multi-tasking is not your friend now, you may need to cut down on the things you are doing in order to focus on your two main priorities. Your financial situation may need to be more balanced, be sure that you are paying attention there.


    Your concrete responsibilities may make you feel as though you don't have time to feed your spirit. Rethink it. You may not have a lot of time, but even a five minute walk on your own to spend time in contemplation is a better choice than nothing at all. Remember that you must offer nourishment to body, mind, and spirit, in order to truly be in any sort of balance.

    Future: Five of Swords

    When the 5 of Swords appears, you are likely to find yourself with some mixed feelings about life in general and about a few people in particular. Don't ignore these, but don't feel like you have to speak every word you're thinking and feeling either, as you could ruin the very things that you want the most - such as close, intimate relationships with your friends and lover. Think several times before you really let someone have it even if they deserve it. Pick your battles.

    Hope it might help you. Good Luck!!

  • Hello back Sacogirl

    When I did a tarot cards reading regarding your situation, the 7 of cups appeared in your action to be taken. In tarot, the 7 cups its describes as:

    The picture on this card shows seven cups and each of these has some elusive or deceptive icon in it that is advising you to look beneath the surface of situations to see what is really there. Someone could be confusing you or taking advantage of your good nature. However, for those who are psychic, this can be a very revealing and inspiring time when your hunches pay off in a wonderful way. Some benefits are there for those who listen to their higher self and follow the guidance to a T.

    Remove the confusion from your relationship by asking direct questions about where both of you are going in the relationship and speak directly about any doubts you have.

    I wish you luck.

  • Hello Rainbow7

    I did the first tarot card reading regarding your health status.

    Situation as it is: King of Cups

    With regard to health questions, particularly if you are under a doctors' care, the king reminds us to trust that the healers in our lives are there for a reason. The king can indicate good health news, and trustworthy advisors/healers (particularly male ones.) Treat your body with care and compassion. Pay attention to what you are bringing into your body and your surroundings when the King appears.

    Action to be taken: Death/Rebirth

    Keeping your stress level manageable is a must in order to stay in good health now. Deal with any problems that come up physically, don't try to avoid them. Be sure to get enough rest, as best you can, and don't abuse your body with alcohol or in other ways. If you need healing, ask for it on both the literal and the spiritual planes. Especially if you are single, now, seek out being touched physically; massage, and hugs from dear friends, etc., will go a long way toward keeping you healthy and sane.

    Future: Justice

    It's important to "stay in the moment" and, once again, to pay attention to how you are (or are not) keeping a sense of balance in your life. Moderation is not just for monks, it's an important part of living a sensible and healthy life. Consider how you might be "out of balance" - particularly if you have a health challenge now and remedy the situation. You have the power to do so.

    Your second reading is about when you will meet your beloved.

    Lets see what the cards have to say:

    Situation as it is: The Lovers

    If you are unattached and you deal out this card, you are being guided towards that special someone who is about to walk through the doorway of your heart and leave its indelible mark on you forever. You will feel the blood rushing through your veins and the passion and desire to be with your lover so deliriously wonderful, that all else pales in comparison. This may be your soul mate, your one true love of your life, so make sure you are there and you are ready.

    Timeframe: 10 of swords

    At first sight this card looks just awful. There is a picture of a person laying face down in the snow with ten swords stuck in his/her back with blood oozing out everywhere. This can give a very distressing impression to your client when seeing this card in their layout. However, generally the card is not as depressing as originally seemed. It can just be a time to recuperate after an operation, which could have involved the back or neck. This person may also be needing some bed rest from exhaustion or is possibly temporarily depressed due to a current situation. Time does heal all wounds. There are stars twinkling in the dark night sky in the background, giving hope and inspiration that dawn will eventually, and always does, arrive. Daylight is only hours away, if only we do not lose sight of that timely event. The person does recover, does carry on and move into the light of day with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. It just sometimes takes a little time and possibly some tender loving care. The month of October may be particularly significant in relation to some event connected to the picture on this card. All is not lost though, as the month comes and goes just like every other month and by November all is generally well again and life is back on track.

    So, you will meet that person in November 2010 after you will be recuperating from your sickness.

    Future: The Hierophant

    It will be a man of wisdom and vast experience of life. A guiding light in the dark, a kind and inspiring man you can call on for guidance and advice. He is a kind and inspiring man and you may have called on him for guidance and advice, which he gave with compassion and willingness. He may even be a spiritual guru who showed you the way when it was dark or in your hour of greatest need. He would have aided you in finding your path in life or gave hints of the mysteries that can often be hidden even from those who search for the meaning of life so compellingly. He is the keeper of the knowledge of life and will share it with those who seek it. He is the eternal philosopher and seeker of truth.

    Hope it might help you. Good luck!!

  • Dear Natapier,

    Direction in my love life would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    DOB: 12-27-59 10:07pm

    Blessings and Thank You!

  • Hello Natapier,

    If I may hijack this post for a reading from you as well please.

    DoB 3 Jan 1968.

    General reading would be great...

    Thank you - love and light.

  • Hello DecemberGirl

    I did the your tarot cards reading according to your situation.

    Now: Six of Swords

    A ferryman takes a woman and her child across the water. The water on the port side of the boat is calm, while the water on the starboard side is rough.

    This card is about a journey away from difficulties. This could also be a journey of consciousness that puts one in a better frame of mind. Remember that when you are in pain, be it physical, mental or spiritual, it is often a sign that you are healing. Your problem won't go away on it own - you must act.

    Action to be taken: Queen of Swords

    Your future lies in learning to trust others again.

    You have been severely betrayed in the past by women and men alike. You may need to take a leaf out of the book of the Queen of Cups, who is more giving, loving and affectionate. You could have a love relationship but only if total trust exists. There is no room for dishonesty or lies. If you are betrayed, you sever your relationships completely and irrevocably and never goes back. Friends are cast off and not seen again should they make the mistake to betray or abuse you. Your goodwill only stretches so far and behind that you may lose some of your sense of compassion, knowing that others should learn to be more self-reliant, like yourself.

    You may be being called to meet the challenge of your strengths and you will meet this head on regardless of whether this produces success or failure. Even in failure, you will learn where you went wrong and this is the ultimate lesson.

    Future: 5 of cups

    A love relationship you are in may have just ended or may be about to start the process of ending. You must realize that "all is not lost." You are probably not yet ready to move into a new relationship. Give yourself some time and space…then get back out there. There will come a day when you realize that the reason this relationship ended was to get you to the place you "really want to be," which is in a relationship that really works for you, and works well.

    Hope you like your reading. Good luck

  • Hello fanofkmm,

    This is your general tarot cards reading.

    Situation as it is: The Star

    This card is about following your own star, living your life with a sense of purpose, and finding meaning and inspiration. You may have unexpected assistance as you pursue your dream. Remember to be true to yourself, commit yourself to your sense of purpose, and things will work out better than you anticipated.

    Action to be taken: Page of Wands

    Pages represent news. A new perspective and a new way of doing things are approaching. The focus is on philosophical or intellectual pursuits. In business matters, get things in writing. Do not compromise your self-esteem. Be a person with traits of beauty, courage, cleverness, and enthusiasm.

    Future: Knight of Swords

    Knights represent motion and change. Whenever a Knight appears in a reading it means that long term conditions are going to come to an end. Someone or something is going to charge into your life and cause your present concerns to vanish, and you will be swept up into that powerful force or life-altering event.

    This is a good time to embark on new projects, because you're likely to attract whatever you need in the way of assistance to complete those projects.

    Then I did your karma reading. You are here on the planet earth to fulfill the karma of Saturn in Aries/North Node in Aries. What does it mean for you?

    A Saturn in Aries suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates to a personal ambition to attain prominence and overcome problems regarding self-expression. Your goals include personal happiness, financial security, general well-being and personal fulfilment. In order to achieve self-sufficiency much hard work is required to overcome self-limitations. Periods of gloom and discontent are certain but eventual success will come through your ability to manage others, practical ability and strenuous, protracted effort. Progress may be slow but you are sure to gain a good reputation, honour and credit through persistence, acquired ability, worldly wisdom and continual effort. A strong ego must be evolved and an agreeable social persona adopted. These qualities will enable you overcome feelings of fear and self-doubt, and to face the challenges of the outer world with courage and self-confidence - a free soul with a true sense of worth and purpose.

    North Node in Aries:

    Self-expression and leadership qualities are to be developed with the North Node in Aries. Your self-identity will be found in efforts to become independent, free of reliance on other people and social groups. You will eventually grow in confidence, and with the power of self-determination achieve success through your own creative efforts.

    You need to develop these qualities:

    Libra sign: (old patterns)

    Aries sign: (new possibilities):

    • Ambivalent…………………………...............Assertive

    • Wishy-washy……………………….............Values the physical

    • Superficial…………………………….............Independent

    • Fears conflict…………………………...........Self-aware

    • Avoids anger………………………….............Initiating

    • Overly compromising………………...........Likes novelty

    • Too rational…………………………..............Risk-taking

    • Passive………………………………................Spontaneous

    • Peace at any price…………………….........Prefers Action

    • Status conscious……………………...........Eager

    • Apathetic……………………………...............Competitive

    • Dishonest……………………………...............Self-motivated

    • Vain…………………………………..................Courageous

    • Procrastinating………………………............Explorer

    • Fickle…………………………………................Energizing

    The two birthstones for Saturn in Aries/North Node in Aries: The fiery Ruby and the ice cool Diamond: It is the opposing characteristics of this duo that make it such a perfect fit for the Arian soul. While the hot and smoldering Ruby supports the fierier, dynamic, and self-centered qualities of the Aries North Node personality, the calming Diamond brings the gifts of thoughtfulness and consideration for others, bonding with one’s partner, and overcoming the tendency to put oneself first above all else. This combo helps the Aries sign soul to create a life of independence as well as codependence – one of the main reasons why it’s here.

    Hope you like your reading. Good Luck!!

  • Thank you, I love it......lots of movement. Ready for change!!

    Blessings to you.

  • Hi

    My DOB is 23 November 1963.

  • Natapier, could I request a love reading from you also?

    What I would like to know is when/where will I meet a woman who I will love, and who will love me also, and how I can recognize them and make them recognize me.


    I got a tarot deck(Rider Waite) a few weeks ago, to start learning it, but I'm getting very different cards every time, when focusing on a subject to do a reading for myself. On top of that, I can't interprete most of the cards yet, so I try to rely on the images to get an idea of what the card means...

    I'm pretty sure I'm doing somethng wrong.

    (Sorry for posting this in your thread, Scaryann)

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