Does this cancer man likes me or he's just playing?

  • I'm totally confuse about with this cancer man, I met him on facebook we have a few friends in common so he sent me a friend request, at first i ignore him but when he started to IM me i see realise i liked the conversation everything was great we could talked for hours. we decided to meet each other a week after. onece we met he was all into me and my breast , we kissed , he wouldn't stop starring at me and smile at me. Two days later he link another girl on his profile as his gf and he flirt with her right on my face , he totally ignore my calls, my email messages and my IM

  • so please huys i need help I'm confuse. 😞

  • No consfusion there (trying to find a very delicate way to say this), but maybe he's just not interested. Cancers are natural flirts till the find what they're looking for, and one thing about cancers, they are slow, they take their time - but he sounds like a dude that probably wasn't after anything too serious if he has changed his relationship status already.

  • This is a red flag, the guy is a player, run as fast as your legs will take you.

  • cancers are natural sidesteppers... I avoid them all like the plague, but that's just me. Taurus & cancer should never be together anyway. Have you never read any of the compatability guides? Come on! Look for somebody more suitable to you... somebody not afraid of commitment - Pisces, scorpio, another taurus for instance. There are lots of excellent guides on compatability and you should go buy a few.

  • @ Margo

    Actually Cancers & Tauruses are a perfect match, kinda like Aries and Leo~

  • I agree with stclaire . run, run , run as fast as you can , this guy is definately a player . Forget him

  • He's not into you, just look at how fast you kissed ect,

    I dont mean to be abrupt , but he is as they say a player, just walk and give yourself a little smilke you had a bit of fun move on..

  • Hello Ineedsomehelp,

    I did a tarot card reading regarding your situation with your cancer man.

    Situation as it is: 7 of Pentacles

    The Seven of Pentacles is about a pause in progress. This pause can be a source of anxiety, depression, or perhaps a catalyst for a re-evaluation of one's life and/or goals. You have what you need to succeed, you just need someone to show you the way. Help is coming. Remember that some things simply cannot be rushed.

    Action to be taken: The Sun

    This card is about new beginnings. The sun will shine for you and everything will seem to fall into place. You will possess youthful energy and clarity of mind.

    Future: The Hanged Man

    his card indicates a change in thinking, and a new clarity. Your hopes, desires, and goals, no longer seem as important as they once were while you re-think your values. There is a higher power guiding your affairs. Surrender to your Source.

    Hope it might help. Good luck

  • There is no need to be confused. He is a player. Move on as fast as you can.

  • I was confuse because knowing that cancer supposed to be the most faithful sign ever and they're shy lol but anyways i moved I don't have time to play game

  • Cancer sun signs are the most faithful signs ever? LOL you are serious? Let me share my experiences with you on Cancer men. I dated 2 male Cancers back in the 70's. I am now 57 and will be 58 this August.

    One cancer male was so sweet, so kind, and was very attentive towards me. I fell in love with him, and like you, I thought the same thing. HA!

    After dating him for a few months, I found out through a mutual friend that he was living with a woman as his live in girlfriend. living together was very new back in the 70's. I knew about this female, but he told me she was his "roommate". Now before you jump on me about that, I used to live with 2 males in a large house (during that same period) and they were simply "roommates" only, and good friends. I was dating other men, and not involved with my roommates, so I accepted his "story" as the truth.

    When I found out about this, I did confront him, and he told me he wanted to move out and be with me. hhmmm, I was not sure about him, as my gut was telling he was not being truthful. I told him I believed him, but in truth I was not too keen on what he was telling me and I became guarded.

    In addition to the above, I found out, he was also seeing another woman (his executive asst) at his workplace. This means he had 3 girlfriends he was stringing along, and basically had no intention of committing to either one of us. he was not interested in exclusivity.

    what a skank!

    Please understand I was only 25 years old at the time, and I wanted to believe what I wanted to believe. and I have learned a lot since LOL

    The other male cancer I dated a year later, was the complete opposite. Very clingy, needy, wrote me poetry, played songs for me on his guitar, and constantly wrote love letters to me. AFter 4 months or so of dating him, it did not work out so we ended things but remained good friends. He told me I crushed him.

    I also dated an Aries man for a year, and while he was a challenge, and I loved his outlook on life, I found he had too many secrets, and he would withdraw for weeks at a time and not speak to me if he thought I did something wrong. very unforgiving, but he wanted everyone else to forgive him for his wrongs. very very selfish. that ended and thank god it did, and not long after, I met a wonderful Virgo/Libra man whom I have been married to for 31 years.

    It does not matter what sign a person is, and if you continue to do generalize the zodiac signs, you will only set yourself up for a major disappointment based on your expectations of what sign your man is.

    Listen to your intuition, and always ask questions if you are not sure about someone.

    Best of luck on your search for true love. Ms Sunny

  • *what a s k a n k ! *

  • I agree with all, looks like this guy is a player, who has no respect with your feelings at all.

    Run huney, RUN!

    Let me put this in a simple sentence;

    Breast and first date don't belong in the same sentence!

    Lots of love to you and all the best of luck!

    x x x

  • I agree with Ms Sunny..I don't look at Compatibility Signs anymore now.

    Driving me nuts before! There is more to know a person, zodiac sign is not all to it.

    I am a Sags and Taurus is not a compatible sign for me (as I have been told).

    Although we are having our "rocky" moment now, I don't see our zodiacs are the cause of this temporary insanity on both sides. Let's see what the future holds 🙂

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