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  • Ahhh ! I don't know what is going on with me. I am scorpio female and dated Aqua man for almost two years ( we broke up because everything was way too intense , also his ex he has a child with ( libra) was unbearable in trying to break the two of us up , she won I guess) We had not spoken in about 7 months , well , not really , He sent me a birthday card on my birthday and I sent him one on his ( feb, 18th, 1979) and mine is ( oct, 26th, 85) He had sent me an e-mail a few months after that ( contact comes and goes with him) telling me he doesn't think he will ever love the way he loved me. " the love we had together" and that he wanted to take a trip with me once he could afford it.... then there was nothing , for another couple months. He then pops up on facebook acting like nothing , we have exchanged few msg. but nothing indicating that we ever dated or anything! Its like we never were a couple at all. BUT ! I can still feel the same intense energy that we always shared , and I mean it was intense. We knew what the other was thinking , we liked all the same thing , same style and the sex was out of this world. I still feel him in that way , like he is thinking about me and missing me and that same intense energy. Why? He doesn't say anything , not even that he misses me anymore , and thats when he does get ahold of me. I dont push him , I learned not to , lol.

    I dont know what to think , I dont even know why i care , I will always love him , but i know we dont work. Cant work , at least not now.

    Scorp and aqua , with everything I have read , are supposed to be the worst match , but if only you guys felt what we felt. WOW , true love.

    Is it just me going crazy? Or can we actually be feeling eachothers energy still?

    Sorry for this post , I am hopped on coffee and running around getting ready for class.

  • Hello MonroeVonOh,

    You felt love because Aquarius in a Scorpiro chart represents the 4th house related to nurturing, home, inner security. However, its not enough to build a relationship. You are a water sign and he is an air sign. You will be best serve with other water sign like Cancer man( June 22-July 22) and Pisces ( Feb 19-March 21) who will give you the passion, love, nurturing, emotions and loyalty that Scorpio needs so much.

    good luck!!

  • Hello back,

    This is a relationship compatibility reading between Scorpio and Aquarius:

    Aquarius' highbrow intellect and breathtaking view of the future is sure to draw you closer in the very early stages of your relationship. Still, this pairing is a hard one to maintain -- Aquarius like loose emotional bonds, and you're just the opposite. As a Scorpio, you are a virtual ball of warm emotion and attentiveness, but your Aquarius lover may not know what to make of your mixture of passion and obsession. Aquarius are known to pride themselves on their cool objectivity. "Why can't Aquarius feel more?" you may ask. In turn, Aquarius will wonder why you can't trust the facts right in front of you, and rely less on your intuition. You will bristle at having to explain yourself.

    Your sign is possessive, but Aquarius is a sign of independence; they will resist any restrictions put on their freedom to roam. Ruled by the erratic planet Uranus, Aquarius rebels against predictable routine much as a caged tiger would. But you love your routines, Scorpio, because they allow your life to flow along without ever having to think about it. Day-to-day life with your Aquarius lover is likely to jangle your nerves; he or she will never submit to the structure you impose, particularly at home. Both of you are fixed signs, so you have strong opinions -- you'll both be digging in your heels when differences surface between you. Pulling with all your might on opposite ends of the tug-of-war, you'll both wonder where you were when this all began, and what led you into this relationship.

    In this match, you supply the feelings and Aquarius supplies the intellect. For a while, your lover's allusiveness will thrill you as you try to figure him or her out. However, this liaison is likely to fizzle after a while, because you will miss having the emotional intimacy you crave.

  • Hi Natapier, would love your opinion on Gemini ( him) and Aqua relationship. His b'day is 5/27 and mine is 1/23. Thanks waiting patiently....

  • Hello there worthy1248,

    This is your relationship compatibility:

    I am Aquarius, My Lover is Gemini

    This sparkling, zany paring could not get any better. Both of you are intellectual air signs, so conversation, good books, travel, jokes, parties, a rich social life, and a host of other activities are sure to spice up your time together. Ask an Aquarius why he or she married a Gemini and the answer is quick and easy: 'For fun!' Good answer. One wise psychologist said more couples should forget all reasons to get married except one: In the end, is your time together fun? This psychologist would approve of you and your Gemini!

    Communication between you two is so superb that it knocks you out, and you both often need to scoot out of town together to chill out. Both of you have quick minds and are fast-paced thinkers -- others sometimes have trouble keeping up with you! You have many friends that you enjoy introducing to your sweetheart, and thus, your circle of friends and acquaintances will widen considerably with this union. But you'll be best friends, too.

    In bed, you'll adore the playful, inventive qualities of Gemini; their penchant for talking dirty in your most intimate moments will drive you wild. An open relationship might appeal to you, but be careful -- one of you could get hurt, much to the surprise of both. Gemini is up-to-the-minute on trends, but too liberal a sexual situation is probably not a good idea for either of you. Neither of you is deeply sentimental (unless a water sign is placed strikingly in one your charts), so you don't need nights of moonlight and roses to get in the mood. But remember to schedule a few enchanted evenings anyway, just for the thrill of it!

    Your relationship has the promise of a four-star, solid gold union, so hold on to one another. The trust you share, your mutual respect, and your enjoyment of being together can stand the test of time.

  • Hi Napaier thanks for my reading and it makes sense. Thanks so much. Love my S e x y Gemini.

  • Hello worthy1248

    You are welcome!

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