I just want some friends that are my kind

  • I specialize in love and would like some friends who are like me. I mostly interpret dreams, visions are rare. I don't know anyone who has even heard the word psychic before.

  • Well, my love life is the nuttiest thing since squierll turds, and i rarely remember my dreams,dont sleep well. strong feeling my purpse in life is as a protector & provider when the end comes. I have PRANIC HANDS,so naturally,im a giver of comfort and healing. My friends tell me, no matter the situation, they feel safe from harm around me. thats usually about the time i turn,smile,and say "MY ANGELS WONT let me fail" promise you that........Im no Psychic,but I do have some powers you would find amazing.

  • Funny, I am just the opposite, I have always been surrounded by people who are aquianted with psychic phenonmenon. I think because I grew up in a family with psychic gifts being prevelent, I have always been quite firm in my belief of thweir existence. What this means is that people who would typically not say anything about it due to the naysayers in their life (or because it is taboo in their circle) feel free to broach the subject with me.

    You're not the only one out there and if you embrace your talents and are secure in their presence in your life, I bet alot of the people you know will start comming to you. Fare warning though, you will probably be labled a freak if you are open about it. If that does not bother you, go for it. If it does bother you, then keep it in your new circle of likeminded people with anoniminity.

  • Ask the universe, pray to God, and attract them to you. But alas, some of us do travel alone. Maybe your loneness is why you are so good at love.

  • I want to be amazed! so how do you know you have pranic hands. I think i could but maybe lack the confidence or dont know how to use them. Any how I have known people that gave off that vibe or feeling you are talking about.

  • ok you are my new dream interpreter! i have very vivid dreams and always get a 3 day fore -noticethat someting upsetting is going to happen . ex- tidal wave/ water dreams.

  • Tabi, Hi, Had a dream last night that a man was trying to attack me. He couldn't because I was fighting him off. Then he started pulling out these small syringes and was trying to give me shots in the upper arm. I kept knocking them out of his hands. Then the alarm went off. Shortly after there was a loud sound like someone opening a suitcase. Don't have a suitcase in my bedroom. I was very still because I was scared. No movement. Still haven't figured out the sound. The dream didn't scare me, the sound did. I do have guard dogs outside and they were quiet. So, any ideas on a spiritual level. I know it could be any number of things.

  • Hello,

    I am lonely too. I also feel that I don't have friends who understand me. I am very sensitive and often aware of the "scenery" that others live in. I occasionally have prophetic dreams but not for a while, since I lost a close friend to cancer.

    I want to understand myself better, through understanding others and a psychic exploration of the living universe. Sounds awfully grand doesn't it but I'm guessing you will know what I mean.

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