Libra man and cancer woman**lol

  • I am thinking of just starting a new relationship..I have sign of cancer and he is libra .

    And I just wonder astrologically we are compatible or not*

    his birthday:3.oct

    mine :10july


  • Hello there, I am sorry but from sun signs compatibility you are not compatible with your Libra man. You are a cancer, a water sign and he is a Libra, a air sign. Water and Air equals rain. You are better off dating men who belong to water sign like Scorpio( Oct 24-Nov 21) and Pisces( Feb 19-March 21). Good Luck

  • heheheh

    he needs to change his sign so:)))

    Actually there are lots of perception differency between me and him:(( Yeah,it is quite obvious...But I do not know maybe it is kind related with rising also..For example,I am not totally cancer while comparing all characteristics..

    About pisces and Scorpio I tried ....Especially scorpio man ,I find him very intraverted:((((


    best wishes!

  • Not sure about long term potential of cancer/libra compatibilty from personal experiance, however I am also cancer and did date few scorpios, married a pisces, I didn't find myself too be compatiable with either of those, so mabe it could have too do with the rising, moon signs, and of course free will, family backgrounds,in addition to the sun sign. I would think if you like the guy, find them too be a good person, then you could give a try, atleast then you'll know what you think of the libras. The only thing I have noticed with libra is how they do tend too have difficulty making decisions, and this can seem too include people, also libra men tend too draw a lot of attention from the opposite sex, even the best hearted libra can sometimes seem too be lead astray, so you need too make sure your not the jealous.

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  • for bluecat thank you...You have a certain point ..

    and zephire***such a nice surprise:))))

    same birthday***lolll

  • and let me add sth,we learnt and continue to learn..and will learn...

    love is

  • life has full of surprises:)))

    I hope it will bring nice surprises for us!!!

  • Hello there chocolatebox

    Trust me, its not such things about not being 100% your sun sign. Your sun sign in astrology represents your ego, your drive, your self-esteem. If you have difficulties dating water sign men maybe its because you need a bit more self-love like loving the water sign quality of your sign.

    Relationship compatibility with Cancer+Scorpio

    This is a sexy, solid union if there ever was one! Wow -- the two of you generate lots of heat! Cancer's best match is always a water sign, and with Scorpio you've got one.

    In the beginning, just give in to temptation -- spend the entire day in bed. You won't be able to get around to anything else! And even though this sexpot of the zodiac looks as if he or she would be the kind to have a roving eye, in truth, Scorpio doesn't. Scorpios want just what you do -- a stable home, kids, privacy, and great sex for the rest of their lives! Fidelity is a hugely important issue with Scorpios -- they are possessive -- but this only reassures you about their intentions.

    You match each other's emotional intensity and can communicate completely without words. This is particularly helpful in times of stress when Scorpio's sharp antennae pick up unspoken distress signals just like your antennae do. Scorpios do have their moods, but so do Cancers, so you understand each other. You will have the right instincts about handling their occasional anger toward you. You will know when to ignore it (like when they're depressed or feeling vulnerable) and when to draw the line and set them straight (like when they're acting egotistical and irrational). Your Scorpio will want ultimate control but you have considerable charm and ESP on your side, Cancer. So negotiate. They are more fixed in their opinions than Cancers are, so you may have to talk your way through lots of issues with your Scorpio.

    But in the end, who cares? This lover adores you, and is one in a million. Grab your Scorpio with two hands and don't let go.

    Cancer+ Pisces

    It is no wonder you fell in love with a Pisces; this is one of the most heavenly matches for you because you share a near-psychic ability to communicate. At times, all you need to do is look at one another to let each other know what's up. Pisces is the most highly developed of the water signs (they're great at reading body language) and has the strongest need of all the water signs to relieve suffering in others. Pisces know your strongest fears without whispering a word, and they know how to soothe you, too. Pisces will never hurt you, for they are so easily hurt themselves.

    Nowhere is Pisces' intuition more apparent than when you two disagree. Pisces can bypass the angry words and see your pain and frustration. The Fish swims to the depths of your underlying feelings and thoughts. They'll unravel your psychic knots so well it's mind-blowing! Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, which makes them the most empathetic and in tune with the Universe. Pisces always speaks to the hidden rather than the obvious; they see so clearly.

    You like control but Pisces isn't into power struggles, so they don't mind. They will be willing to have you lead because they want many of the same things you do: a stable home, children, culture, and the opportunity to express themselves creatively. Pisces are refined and elegant. You both experience the conflict between the need for solitude and a fun social life. Pisces have to spend time meditating on the deeper meaning of life, which you are also more than willing to do.

    In the privacy of the bedroom you will encounter the full force of their emotions. Pisces never view sex as recreation, but rather as an out-of-this-world communion of two souls. Sex between you two is spiritual, lusty, powerful and ardent. Pisces will worship you, thrill you, and clasp you in the full force of their love for you. In return, you will transmit passion to your lover on a freer level than you've ever been able to with anyone else. You satisfy perfectly one another's needs. As said earlier, Pisces speaks best without words, for their sign rules symbols and gesture, and this makes sex mind-blowing indeed.

    Both of you are romantic and sentimental creatures, and will enjoy reading poetry to each other out loud, spreading the bed with rose petals, burning scented candles, and playing special music to accompany your lovemaking. There is no end to the care you will take of one another.

    Pisces are not usually oriented toward making money, so hopefully you can make a major contribution. Still, there are Pisces who do very well financially in the creative arts. Pisces must go with the careers their hearts dictate to them, or they will be miserable. Pisces have trouble dealing with large doses of reality, so you may have to be the more pragmatic and realistic part of the team. Reality bruises delicate Pisces, so they will spread a thin veil of love around both of you for protection. The world you enter will be more beautiful than any you have ever seen.

    This is true, blissful love, and you and your Pisces will protect, nurture, and strengthen the bonds that hold you close.

    Good luck

  • wowww

    It is quite impressive!!!thank you natapier(=:

    Actually I never had a long relationship with water sign men...I tried yes,but I did not continue!!!

    As I read things above,I guess it is worth it...

    pisces,especially 'near-psychic ability' lolll*****

    But also I think it is not so fair to generalise people according to their sign...Sometimes two scorpio or cancer etc can be totally different from each other.

    It is good to have some ideas on people..But it differs from person to person..I mean all characteristics...

  • Hello back chocolatebox,

    I am a scorpio female married to a cancer male. I did the same mistakes in the past by dating men that was not compatible with my sun sign. After a deep soul searching and seeing an astrologer/psychic that was very costly, I finally met my soulmate. Consider yourself lucky that I am giving you that I am giving you this advice for FREE!!!

  • hey there;)

    It is kind of youuu

    thank you again

    **** you are so lucky also ;finding a soulmate is priceless:*****

  • The other signs in ones birthchart are said too have some influence as well, as in if one is a cancer, doesn't nesseccary make them homebodies, if they might have a sag, or gemni rising for instance, doesn't always mean a pisces hits the bottle, or a scorpio always bossy. I do beielve air signs, and water signs can make wonderful, long term friends, not sure about the rest. I know that cancer and taurus can get along well too. I married a pisces, with an aries cusp, awful. Mabe you can learn more about them as you get too know them, enough too do their birth chart.

  • ChocolateBox, keep yourself open, you'll know, and your soulmate will come along.

  • thank you bluecat...

    Yes i guess the issue is not to limit yourself open and free yourself...

    have a nice day*****


  • Yes, I think so too,you have a wonderful day yourself!

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