Scorpio and pisces love

  • I have met a older man and we get along fine. I feel like we have been together before and we are getting back to the life we had. I believe in soulmates and I see alot of myself in him. My dob is Nov 1, 1980 andhis is Feb 22, 1962. Can I get a love or compatability reading on us. I feel a strong connection and I want to see if my feelings are correct. It is like fate bought us together again. Thank you

  • Can I get a love or compatability reading on us: you feign affection and sensitivity. The finest clothes can be shredded to rags. Keep a sharp eye on the discontent.

    My dob is Nov 1, 1980: You rule through love, compassion and wisdom. Ypu have all the power and knowledge of love and know how to use it, thus it gives you the opportunity to have more control over your feelings and romantic impulses. This will bring more success in all your personal relationships and so it often indicates having an enjoyable sexual relationship or in some cases, marriage. But it brings success in dealing with your own emotions, success with the public and in any of the artistic fields and romantic success in one form or another.

    I am not saying your feelings are unreal. I am saying you are unreal. And when you are not left, existence is. Existence only knows the present; existence has no past and no future. Existence always is. You cannot make a sentence “Existence was”; it will be meaningless. You cannot say “Existence will be”; that too will be meaningless. Existence is always is; existence is isness, the absolute present.

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