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  • I have what the doctors call odema erticaria, basically my body has allergic reactions to things but we dont know what, i swell up usually my hands, feet and sometimes my face. Its painful and also worrying as i dont know the cause and all the doctors keep saying to me is i could grow out of it in 2 to 10 years!!!! I have to take anti histamine everyday to prevent an attack but lately ive been having them, even though im taking my meds and they seem to be getting worse. I woke up this morning with several areas of odema all over my body.

    Is there anyone on here who has the power to maybe see what it is or send healing or generally give me advice as i really dont know what to do about this.

    Love and Light


  • Hi Sylvie

    I am sensing hearing that u need to get urself to a specialist to get tests done. This will help narrow down what exactly u are allergic to n what meds against it to be taken. Ur doc as good as he she is not taking u seriously. Too often docs do not take the complaints of their patient serious. I dunno if it has to do with the lack of time or workload. Whichever its not acceptable. Either get urself to a specialist without ur doc advising to one or bang on ur docs door n be PERSISTENT. This is not the 50ies where the docs was to b reverended as gods. No not anymore. If u feel ur doc is not gonna take u seriously even when u hit into the table then screw him her n move on ur own. After all its ur VERY LIFE we talk of here.

    So do urself the favor, step up n demand att to ya issues.

    Blessed be Sylvie


  • This post is deleted!

  • Well guys ive been to have allergy testing done and all came back negative, ive had bloods checked for other stuff so many cant remember all but thyroid was one. Im due another appointment in june with allergy clinic. what i experience are raised, hot itchy wealts some say hives, varying in size, usually on palms of hands and feet or upper arms but today i have them all over the place and have doubled my meds.

    Love and Light


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