Terilyn53 could you please

  • Terilyn53, I saw that you did some readings and was wondering if you could do a reading. I do not know what you need but DOB is 2/26/61. I have so many questions. Life has been very hard for a while and just when I think that I am moving forward another obstacle. Of course my empathy and intuiton (with others has increased making it more difficult). So if you could tell me about health, career, relocation or location, wealth, finance and love. More specific also would be should I move my antiques and art collection and be successful in marketing them or any ideas how to market them. Will my treatments be successful and will I get a clean bill of health. Will I meet someone, any idea on when or anything about him. Oh I still have not been able to get JBG out of my head and heart, any chance he will come back to me and if not will he and FS work out (I sure hope not). I am sure you will be guided to what answers you can give me. As much as you can would be great. Thank you in advance. Love an light to you and all.

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