Twinsoul,give me a reading please.

  • Twinsoul, i would be happy if I could get a reading from you. Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi moonalisa,

    I was just wondering if you are getting the info you requested...I liked your comment about all of the nice people here that you made to scaryanne...I’m new, and trying to figure out how this far a mixture of a lot of things.

    I got on "topics with no replies" and thought I would be willing to try and do something positive, but that thread kind of spread out into a hodge podge of other interests. It kind of reminds me of wandering souls, looking for direction. I think I just answered my own question...why am I here? He, He,…actually, I’m working on my tarot knowledge, and trying to developed my intuition. How about you? What is the "bump", I assume "dito", as in I'm still waiting...

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  • marshland, you say that you're working on your tarot knowledge and trying to develop your intuition. Would you like to practise on me? I'd be happy if you would.

  • moonalisa,

    Sure, I have been working and will do cards sometime this evening...with no vibs other than energy exchange here.

    See what come out of the cards

    til then...M

  • Moonalisa I was trying to pick up on you vibs, and looked around on the site and found one of your first attempts at getting someone to interpet the cards you delt. I did not read what others thought, but did notice that you did get advise, and I'm sure by now know for youself what the answer to the following question wrote

    I did a tarot reading for myself today. The question was: is this the end of the relationship? I drew queen of swords, knight of wands, the lovers and an extra card ace of swords. All this is not very clear to me. If anyone could help me interpret the cards I would be grateful.

    Queen of Swords = You

    The Queen of Swords is the most like Justice, though she advises in favor of the intent rather than the letter of law. She nurtures mental development, independence, and discrimination with cool precision. She offers advice on decision making, legal matters, and mediation. (THIS REMINDS ME OF YOUR COMMENT TO SCARYANN GIVING HER ADVICE.)

    The queen of Swords is the watery part of air called the severe force, where the emotions support the intellect. Water and air share the quality of wetness or adaptability. They are neutral elements and support each other. The Queen of Swords acts and creates change by manipulating the quality of heat. She has the power to bring things together and then separate them, adapting to the changing necessities using her intelligence and skills of keen observation and compassionate, though impartial, analysis. (THIS REMINDS ME OF YOUR FIRST POST TO ME ((5-6-10)) REGARDING YOU OBSRVATIONS OF THIS SITE)

    Gifts: Determination, perspective, fairness.

    Advice: Allow your experiences to inform your decision. (AGAIN SEE 5-6 POST TO ME)

    Negative, she may be overly critical, intolerant, and have the ability to cut people to shreds with her words. Betray her and you won’t get a second chance…she’s not someone to pick an argument with!!

    Knight of Wands = The person whom you are in a relationship with

    The Knight of Wands is the source of fire, the center of the inferno of all the world’s energy. No challenge is too great, no task is beyond him… He brings charisma, energy, and enthusiasm, and where the Knight goes, people follow, He is confident, even impetuous: he doesn’t hesitate

    The Knight of Wands is the fiery part of fire. Fire supports itself and burns even brighter. This combination is call dynamic force, where the will strengthens the will.

    Gifts: Desire, enthusiasm.

    Advice: Seek out the experiences that make you feel alive.

    The energy this Knight brings tends to make you feel that you must act quickly, as it has a high level of creative energy…but you must not, in haste, forget to check all the details first.

    Lovers = The area of Love relationships is perhaps one of the biggest arenas in which we experience personal growth and challenges, as we seek to harmonize self with another.

    This card is, of course, more than just a simple indication of romantic love. Traditionally, it is also about being at a moral or ethical crossroads and coming to an important decision; like when we have to make a major life choice, possibly to take a path that is harder but also filled with self-discovery.

    Ace of Swords = A wonderfully powerful card that signifies victory and triumph over difficulties.

    The Ace of Swords represents a great force of strength and inner power, showing you have the ability to overcome setbacks and adversity through your own actions.

    Gifts: Intelligence, determination, logic.

    Advice: Prepare to move forward in new directions and with new ideas.

    The question was: Is this the end of the relationship? Not necessarily, but possible. I think you realized the problem and fixed it.

    Wow...I think its uncanny that the CARDS fell into place regarding your question, and situation. The Queen, your Knight, you being Lovers, and the Ace of Swords that signifies victory and triumph over difficulties.

    I get the impression that you (maybe caused by him) were wondering “what if” I were on another path. With?? or without?? this person. This mate who, do to this time of year (Dec. - holidays- bad economy - hurtful comments and feelings - quick to scorch me)…Is this the end of the relationship? I’m the watery part of air, he needs air for his fire, and sometimes my watery part kind of douses his flames, and he’s quick to let me know that he does not appreciate it. I love this energy, charisma, enthusiasm, and the **xual side of him…burn baby burn…on me…come on baby…light my fire, lets set the night on fire...And the Queen with all her power, intellect, and conpassion, still twitching, and trembling with bliss, allowed her knight one more chance.

    Let me know if I caught a vib...Marshland

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  • Thanks for the I read some of your thoughts while doing this last night, I really felt that you are geniune good soul...a worthy woman.

    I would be glad to explore more with you, as I'm soo sensitive that sometimes I don't know what to think.

    Give me a question...I don't know about the DOB that others are asking for...although I did see you on the Tarus thread, which I made an comment on. Look it up... Anyway, you were looking for another reading, which I somehow veered away from while searching for you.

    You know the cards that you grew in Dec. were so right on...I love it when I get cards seem to fit my answer like that. You know that there is positive energy wanting to help you.



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  • Happy Birthday Moonalisa...I've just meditated on your question and have drawn the cards...I sense the cards are going to help you with your dilemma...37 and heightened by your birthday…do I dare move on to the possibility of forever lonely or even a worse situation, someone who makes me even crazier...hint, the (Wheel of Fortune card 10 - answer to your questions)…but not without some careful decisions.

    I will pull this together for your birthday tonight...for you need to move out of the moonlight...

    (The Moon card 6- past issues or basis of your questions) that can create illusions, i.e...shapes in the shadows that are not what they seem.

    Until then...

  • May 9, 2010


    Tarot Reading : Celt Cross - Question…I'd like to know if he is sincere to me, if he is honest with me or is he just playing. This is the first question that comes to my mind.

    Position Card

    1 Present Knight of Cups

    2 Influence on card 1 2 of Wands

    3 Past Issues The Moon

    4 Immediate Past Hierophant or “FAITH”

    5 Crowing Thoughts Hermit

    6 Immediate Future Queen of Cups

    7 Your Fears Magician

    8 Environmental Factors 2 Swords

    9 Your Hopes 6 of Cups

    10 Outcome Wheel of Fortune

    1 Present position as to what you are experiencing in relation to the question…

    The Knight of Cups… who brings (via a swift horse) a message of a possible romantic invitation or proposal which I’m thinking is a nagging thought as to what you think you should be experiencing in relation to the question. The Knight of Cups is the fiery part of water called creative force, where the will subdues the emotions. Who is this Knight…is he the Knight of Wands playing a trick? No it’s the Knight that you want your man to be. Because he’s a lover, introspective, refined, sensitive, charming, warm, emotionally warm, a good listener, enjoys interacting with people, and has a winning personality.

    2 Influence on card 1...what is working for or against it…

    The energy that the 2 of Wands brings indicates a partnership, collaboration and negotiations with someone relating to your question…Be aware that it also indicates two choices, and choosing the wrong one could be a disappointment, but if coupled with a positive card mean you are moving in a positive direction. (Can your Knight of Wands be a Cup??) Also it indicates that a window of opportunity is presented, but in order to seize that opportunity it will take leadership, vision, and decision making. Start making plans and setting them into motion. Keep your intentions clear.

    Gifts: Opportunity, influence

    Advice: Desire and will power need to be channeled.

    3 Past Issues are usually the Basis of your question. This card will provide more information regarding the past in relation to the question…

    The Moon has many meanings, and one that comes to mind in how it relates to the basis of your question which is why you are searching for confirmation of what your intuition or gut instincts have already hold you. “Is he sincere to you, is he honest with you, or is he just playing you”?

    Cards 1& 2 are playing out the hopeful outcome of do I go or do I stay, and your gut is nagging at you…Listen to it…

    Gifts: Intuition, imagination.

    Advice: Listen to the depths of your subconscious. Your dreams may have answers for you.

    4 Immediate past…This card is behind you…The Hierophant or “FAITH” card which is now behind you, or soon to be, if not. I is the revealer of scared things, priding the link between outer experience and inner illumination. It also represents devoting yourself to a path of spiritual development in the divine, in spirit, and in the process of developing faith.

    Gifts: Devotion, tradition.

    Advice: Put your beliefs into practice. I see this as you are supposed to have faith in you intuition, and gut instincts that you already have, see 3.

    5 Crowing Thoughts, or what your main thoughts are in relations to your question…

    The Hermit, which I see relating to your question and situation as you want to be careful in your thought’s and contemplations by with drawing from the outside world (to this forum) in order to reflect and find inner wisdom, and strength…you crowing thoughts are that you want to do as the Hermit and “seek the truth”…in this case two you question here.

    Gifts: Circumspection, introspection, contemplation.

    Advice: The journey is the goal.

    6 Immediate future…This is what is about to happen…in regard to you question.

    The Queen of Cups…how interesting that now you have possibly changed to a Queen of Cups…who in romantically situations tend to be hurt easily, due to their sensitive nature. As they get older and learn from these experiences, you may find they become quite protective of themselves by protecting the sensitive core of their emotions. Gentleness, kindness, and a sense of security are required in their relationships, as harsh words or actions cut deep. On the negative side, they may be dreamy and unrealistic, overly sensitive, prone to a victim mentality, give up too easily, be easily led by others, and can be manipulative. They dislike being confrontational…Wow, could this be that you have to change your normal approach to relating to you man?

    Gift: Empathy, connection, and self-completion.

    Advice: Be in the flow.

    7 Your Fears…what apprehensions you are possibly experiencing emotionally in relation to you question. If you get a positive card, it can mean that your fears are unfounded. As in the card I picked being…

    The Magician…At one time in early tarot decks, the Magician was somewhat of a trickster, or a street magician…over time he transformed into a mystical or spiritual image, with a shamanistic aura. As I see this card in this position I think it means that you fear the magic man, with the magic touch that makes you believe, but when other issues factor in, you have a difficult time believing him, or in him. Or possibly you fear that you do not have that ability.

    Gift: Manifestation, effective communication.

    Advice: Success may be yours through the application of talent and efforts.

    8 Environmental factors…How he (person in question) views you… It appears that a stalemate is looming, and no easy solution exists, and all possibilities seem like compromises. The decision may seem difficult, and a new approach may be called for. A resolution is possible. I see this as him possibly giving in to your wishes, as I think he is not necessarily playing, but sincere, but at the same time still protective of his “non-committal ways. The stalemate situation will have to end, and he would have to commit. I can tell you from my own experience that I let a good woman go do to my phobic ways trying to be non-committal and in a relationship where she needed to know that I was, will, and always would be there, with her. Did he have a bad experience, or has a close relative, or friend who did? It seems that there is hope for this relationship, if you play the cards that you were dealt right…This card in this position gives me the feeling that there is hope for you and him. This is his deep feeling.

    Gifts: perspective, equilibrium.

    Advice: Impartiality is needed.

    9 Your hopes in relation to your question. What you really hope for…

    The 6 of Cups…In your situation I think this cards simply means that you are taken back with reveries, daydreams, lovely memories that once described your feelings regarding the simple pleasures with this man and relationship.

    Gifts: Idealized memories.

    Advice: Leave your troubles behind for an afternoon.

    10 Outcome, or the answer to your question…I'd like to know if he is sincere to me, if he is honest with me or is he just playing?

    The Wheel of Fortune…This card in a way has two possible meanings…depending on all of the other cards…The Wheel of Fortune is also known as a “destiny’ card. It brings a positive change of fortune unless badly associated with the other cards. So far I have seen positive outcome to your question, in that he is sincere, honest, and not playing…however, card 7 his still a factor. You could be fighting and making up, and fighting and making up over and over until one day the trust is totally gone, and never to return. Its not unusual for this, as it comes up in a lot of relationships. Hopefully he is not like I once was, and let her go because of my non-committal phobia. No giving up now though, because all of the cards in one way or the other tell me that this problem can have a good outcome. Through your intuition, and trust of it, and heeding to the cards as I dealt them…I think you have a chance and a choice…hence what I meant when I said the Wheel has two meanings…the other being that the Wheel of fortune will see you through any decision you make, and you will “land on your feet”, and live happily ever after…maybe with someone who sweeps you off your feet.

    Here are some things that you need to be aware of…again, You have keen Feelings of intuition and gut instincts, but be careful not to jump to conclusions, especially during a full moon, as the light of the moon can create illusions, shapes and shadows that are not what they seem. Its wise to be watchful but not to act in haste, taking time until the situation has revealed itself more clear…Also, I see you moving out of stormy waters into calmer ones. These difficult times will improve and harmony will once more be restored, and you need to have faith, safe in the knowledge that better times are ahead for you… Action Shapes Destiny… Be strong, gentle, loving, guiding, and positive…be what you fear you cannot be…the magic woman.

    I tried to get this done before your birthday was over, and now I hope you are sleeping well.


  • Happy Birthday Moonalisa.

  • Happy Birthday Moonalisa!!!!

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  • Moonalisa...Thank You...for your kind words. I feel like a winner, just making you feel more optimistic. I am working on a format for my readings, so that it makes it easy to just plug in different cards, and the general meaning. To that I incorporate my feelings as they come to me from my sensitive side. Although I am not confident that I am focused as of yet. My basic feelings for you are that you will be okay no matter what...Love is a fickle thing.

    I got into Tarot about 3 yrs. ago after watching the history channel about Nostradamus and how he used them in his travels, and prophecies. My family has always had an interest in metaphysical systems because of my Great Aunt, who was a Psychic, and a Pisces. I was adopted by my grandmother, who was a Pisces, and raised me in an old transiate hotel where my dad, and his two of his brothers lived as well. The youngest was a Pisces, and so am I. I know that I am very sensive to others, and I want to help if I can. I just care, and as I understand it...Pisces care for others so much, that they will sacrafice, or hurt themselves trying to helf others. I go to extremes, and I am trying to control it, hense why I am exploring the Tarot. "Know thy self"...which is an interesting Tarot Card Spread that you can do for yourself.

    In the summer time they would go help great Aunt Emma on the farm, and consequently, saw and learned a lot about what she practiced. People came from all around to get a card readings, a séance, or palm reading. I still remember her grabbing my hand and telling me about different lines on my hand. The Pisces brother that I mention above, practiced Emma’s card reading technique‘s. He was always doing a reading, but just for himself, or events around him.

    When I was in the 8th grade, I had the first of many unusual experiences with the spirit world. I had visitor’s making their presents known…Spirits. Some felt negative, some felt positive. One was just a black shadowy shape of what appeared to be a demon, all hunched over on the foot of my bed, just looking at me. I could not see his face, it was very dark, and he was even darker. No harm ever came to me, but I was young and did not understand it. Sometime later, I was dreaming that I was having out of body experiences…mostly out of control like I was being drug over the county side, and could see the trees and sage brush below 50 or 60 feet. My dad told me that I was “astral traveling” and to make sure not to break the golden cord that supposedly connected me to my body back in my bed. One early morning, I remember feeling someone pulling me up from my bed, and I remember turning my head slightly an seeing the image of me lying down with my head on my pillow sleeping, which caused a panic, because, something was pulling me out of my body. It scared me. I would have these experiences continuously until I was in the 11th grade, when I ran across a book that had a simple symbol that was used to ward off spirits or ghosts. I hung it on the wall over my bed, and they never came back. The problem was that they would just come, I never heard a peep out of them and I didn’t like it.

    I had some real interesting experiences while in the Navy. I went to a woman who was advertising “astral travel lessons”, and I took several of them. Wow, the strange things that I saw in my travels. I only wish my mind was so creative to think of those things. (long story)…

    Then one night 3 yrs. ago, while watching a documentary about Nostradamus, I learned that he used the Tarot Cards to help guide his way through life. I decided is was time to try and understand more of what I believe to be true…that there is a spiritual dimension wanting to give us guidance, a sign that we are on the right track, or making the right decision, or that things will get better for us…I believe that I can tap into this realm, and I am working on being able to focus this guidance…The same night that I set up my "Sacred Place" in my home to do my readings, and placed my special crystals, and candles etc...I had a visitor while sleeping...the same tingling from my toes up to my head leaving me unable to move my body, just observe the a flickering of light out of the corner of my eye. The ceiling glowed with a light, and I was not scared, I took it as a sign that I had connected to the spiritual realm.

    So your last comment is encouraging to me as I feel that there are going to be better times ahead for you, and your comment seems to imply that I am touching on your situation with the cards, and the positions that were manifested by my meditation on what energy you put out.

    What I learned from the beginning is to have the person that you are doing the reading for shuffle the cards, there by infusing their energy into them…my weakness here on this site is that I am reaching out into this forum and your brief words trying to get the signal, or vib…So your input is very helpful. Unfortunately, with thousands of eyes or members that are also reading things at random, one has a tendency not to share everything.

    I know…I tried to be brief.


  • My situation is more difficult than it seems unfortunately...?? Is he or you married to someone else?? Lets face it...this is not a new concept. It is also known for the pain it causes which affects other family members...I say no because the 3 of swords never came up...In put please...more difficult than it seems to whom??

  • marshland, I'll write back later,ok? Sorry.

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  • You mean that the situation does not cause pain for anyone else, right?

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