I Need Some Serious Advice regarding my Cancerian Friend

  • Hello All:

    Can some please help me. I need some insight into the mind of my Cancerian crush. I'm really into him and I'm not sure if he feels the same way about me. We've been friends for years and we've become really close in the past year. We have a great friendship. We have the same zany sense of humour and we share deep, intimate conversation. I'm attracted to him and Im having trouble "reading" his actions. For example, he teases me for being clumsy...ALOT. He softly admonishes me for arriving late to events(a habit that I agree needs to be broken), and he's also questions me about my "relationships" w/other men. He'll jokingly ask me if I'm getting "any" or ask me "How are the men treating you"? We're really close and we tell each other almost everything; so I had no problem telling him about an encounter I had w/an ex(back in January). Ever since then he'll (jokingly) bring it up. He'll ask me how was my weekend and if I went to Boston to get some(Boston is where the ex is from, I am from New Jersey) It's not all of the time, but often enough to make me wonder...is he really interested in me and is this his way of "keeping tabs" on me. I'm not sure and I don't want to read too deeply into anything. Being a Virgo, I'm good for doing that. 🙂 What does this behavior mean? SOMEONE, THROW ME A BONE, PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  • Hello there, VirgoSweets,

    I cannot predict the future but I can tell you a lot more about relationship compatibility.

    Virgo + Cancer

    Earth + Water = Mud

    Virgo and Cancer are both sensitive female signs. There will be a rich and fertile combination of energies, on all levels, when the two of you get together. The sensitive Moon, which rules Cancer, plus your intellectually brilliant ruler, Mercury, combine in a very dramatic play of celestial forces.

    You will probably meet via some mutual friendship. Cancer can be a great friend and very sympathetic, but at times you will have trouble understanding them — they are moody and sensitive, and their emotions swing from one extreme to the other. This is a little outside Virgo’s domain.

    If you ask a Cancerian to think things through, they’ll look at you as if you’re mad, and ask, ‘But can’t you feel what I’m feeling?’ You probably can, but being a Virgo, you need to think as well as feel.

    Cancer’s response could really exasperate you at times. You are at opposite ends of the spectrum in the way you deal with problems – Cancer, emotionally, and you, intellectually.

    However, Cancer is a sign that is basically friendly to you. This means you can slowly but surely accept and start experiencing their responsive side. Likewise, Cancer will become more reasonable about things as the connection between you gets stronger. Your love will grow over time.

    There’s one very important thing that you will need to learn to do: keep a tight rein on your tendency to judge and criticise. Cancer is sensitive, to say the least, and will not be able to handle incessant demands for perfection.

    This will, unfortunately, also apply in the area of sexuality. Make sure you don’t ask for ‘performances’ that aren’t in tune with Cancer’s easy-going, slower and more receptive nature.

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