Request to natapier please!

  • Hello natapier,

    I just read a response you did to renzosluv and thought you did a wonderful intensive reading on their date of birth! and what karma they maybe here to fulfil.....

    I would be so grateful if you could give me any insight on the date of my birth: 2nd December 1951

    and the date of birth of my partner: 11th January 1963

    thank you,

    much love and joy to you,



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  • Hello there,

    I will do a reading for you today.

  • Hello back Hopeternal,

    Thanks for your request.

    Well, you are in the planet earth in order to fulfil the karma of Saturn in Libra/NorthNode in Pisces. What does it mean for you?

    A Saturn in Libra suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates in some way to social relationships, partnerships and correct public dealings. Marriage is an important factor and it is likely that your partner is sincere, faithful and well-disposed, possibly older and more serious than yourself, not demonstrative or emotional, but stable in affections, possessing property or status. Life-experience will force you to learn valuable lessons related to the development of social awareness and a strong sense of responsibility in relationships. You must come to realise that co-operation, justice and mutual agreement are necessary for stable, enduring friendships and partnerships. Receptiveness, tact, reliability and good organising skills could bring wealth and social standing. Your profession could be in law, business organisation or management positions relating to contractual affairs

    North Node in Pisces:

    There is a need for seclusion and self-evaluation - circumstances should eventually guide you away from the too-material, worldly aspects of life. The inner structure of your being may be changed by direct contact with the more profound, unconscious, spiritual realities of existence.

    For your partner, the karma to be fulfil on earth is Saturn in Aquarius/ North Node in Leo.

    A Saturn in Aquarius suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates in some way to attaining a sense of responsibility regarding friends and group associates. You are likely to have few but faithful friends. There is a need to gain knowledge and expertise associated with the development of a broad, tolerant and impartial attitude when dealing with friends and other social groups. Intellectual power is important - original thinking, intuition and an investigative nature need to be developed and given practical application. Well-established, older, profound, scientific, serious or influential acquaintances may assist you in your endeavours.

    North Node in Leo:

    Inner strength and self-discipline need to be developed - possibly through long periods of physical, mental or emotional isolation. Once this is achieved success comes from individual creative effort and the exercise of strong will-power. Happiness and well-being come from using your powers for others.

    Finally, your relationship compatibility:

    Sagittarius + Capricorn

    Fire + Earth = Lava

    Your outgoing Sagittarian temperament is really quite different from that of Capricorn. You have an open, optimistic and straightforward nature that tends to take things as they come. You always believe that life will bring you the best, and even when things are not going your way, you still believe that the tide will turn in your favour.

    Capricorn is regarded as a cold, constrictive and often inward-looking planet. Many, but not all, Capricorns have a more conservative nature than you and aren’t as optimistic as you.

    So you’ll need to give Capricorn time to feel relaxed with you. Then they will show you another side of their character. But bear in mind that at first they might feel overpowered by your sunny disposition — they could end up judging their own character against yours.

    You are adventurous, and love freedom, so sport — anything to do with the outdoors, really — is right up your alley. This is another area where Capricorn is likely to be far more cautious than you. But equally, if you come together with a Capricorn you to will need to take into account the ambitious and practical side of their character.

    If you’re a patient Sagittarian, you might like to take the reserved Capricorn under your wing and draw them out so that they can have a taste of how the other half lives. And Capricorns are receptive. They might warm to your outgoing ways and join you in your escapades. Don’t dismiss Capricorn as a probable partner.

    Your sexual chemistry with Capricorn might not be as hot and passionate as you’d like at first. If you take your time to explore Capricorn, they will eventually satisfy you. Basically, you’ll have to work hard to bring them up to your expectations, but it will be worth the effort.

    Capricorns born between 11 January and 20 January will offer you very stimulating times, including a lot of humour. Be aware, though, that the Capricorn humour is dry and sometimes a little cynical — if that’s your bag, you should have some good times with them.

    Hope you like your reading. Have a goo day and enjoy!!

  • Thank you SO much, I truly appreciate that,

    Much love and joy to you.



  • Natapier could you do the same for me also please?

    Myself:April 21,1973// 2:05 A.M. Manhattan, New York

    Friend:(I do not know if we will reconnect this Summer) June 30,1950

    Thanks In Advance:)

  • Hello pilot007,

    You are born to fulfil your karma of Saturn in Gemini/North Node in Capricon. It means for you:

    A Saturn in Gemini suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates to an ability for mental discipline, concentration, mental control, orderly reasoning and logical thinking. Much hard work is required in communications, writing and obtaining relevant educational qualifications. A profession in teaching, administration, accounts, publishing or some kind of research is likely. There is a need to discipline the mind against needless worry, gloom, restlessness, anxiety and misgivings. With maturity a contemplative mind, responsible, thoughtful and capable of concentration on serious or profound subjects is developed. The technique of clear communication in speaking and writing is of paramount importance.

    North node in Capricorn:

    There is a need for maturity, responsibility and worldly accomplishment. Early emotional or environmental conditioning, family pressure, social disharmony, and immature attitudes are slowly to be overcome. Through hard work you become a responsible and respected member of the community.

    For your friend, his karma is related to Saturn in Virgo/ North Node in Aries. It means for him:

    A Sixth House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates to efficiency in your job or career. In order to succeed in your social position in the world you will have to gain knowledge and expertise associated with the correct attitude to work, employers, employees, and co-workers. Life-experience will force you to learn valuable lessons related to the development of a sound business sense and a well-structured, accurate, precise, practical and efficient way of working. Health and hygiene matters are stressed and are of great importance to your overall sense of general well-being. With this placing of Saturn, sickness, lost opportunities and disappointments are sometimes experienced through circumstances over which there is little or no control. Your profession could be in science, engineering or other fields requiring detailed skill and precision.

    North Node in Aries:

    Self-expression and leadership qualities are to be developed. Your self-identity will be found in efforts to become independent, free of reliance on other people and social groups. You will eventually grow in confidence, and with the power of self-determination achieve success through your own creative efforts.

    Then your relationship compatibilitiy is:

    Taurus + Cancer

    Earth + Water = Mud

    Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which means changing moods and emotional highs and lows. But you both have a strong desire to show affection, so when the Cancerian is in an agreeable mood, your friendship will thrive.

    This combination is very compatible, and could work well long term. This is becasue Taurus falls in Cancer’s area of friendship and fulfilment: you may be the answer to a lot of Cancer’s needs.

    This is not always the case, though. Taurus brings a practical and earthy grounding to someone whose emotions at times are very volatile, and sometimes, this just doesn’t work.

    But Cancer can slowly bring about the changes you need for your spiritual growth and fulfilment. And these changes could take place without too much argument from you because they won’t be sudden or imposed — you can live with that!

    Don’t forget, some Taureans also have unpredictable mood swings. You may both have to accept that a little moodiness is a part of this relationship. The solution? Leave space for each other. If you do this, your compatibility rating will rise significantly.

    There’s excitement and an emotional component in your sexual life with Cancer. This is essential for you — though you are a physical being, you relate well to the emotional input and sensitivity of a Cancerian.

    Compassion for each other is a rare thing in relationships these days. This combination is an exception. The Moon and Venus are feminine in nature and highlight the softer characteristics of both parties.

    Overall, your compatibility with Cancer is quite high. Cancerians born between 22 June and 3 July are excellent partners. This could be a sensitive and loving relationship.

    Good Luck!!

  • Thank You So Much, I really appreciate the detailed reading. This really sheds light on what I am going through now Karma wise 🙂

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