I hate Gemini Men

  • @ Libraire My Gemini acted just like yours so you're not crazy! lol

    @ Star2u You are so right. Some very wise words!

  • hi, I have read pretty much what everyone had to say about gemini men. Can anybody speak for a gemini cusp born June 21? I guess they are still typical geminis, regardless if they are a cusp.

    I fell for this guy, and he promised me he would come see me, blah blah blah. Then he just started not talking to me, and for 3 years, we have not spoken. We still have each other on facebook and msn. ITS RIDICULOUS. I'm a pisces, but I mean its rather silly, and I know he still cares about me because he writes love songs about our situation on his facebook. Stuff about waiting for me and that we were destiny, yet he NEVER TALKS TO ME. He has also seen other women but it never lasts. I BET THE WAITING MAKES HIM MORE INTERESTED IN ME BECAUSE HE IS FREE TO DATE ANY WOMEN HE WANTS, YET HE BELIEVES WE SHOULD BE TOGETHER.

    I probably wont ever talk to him again unless he talks first. I even spoke to him on the phone before but he made it seem like it was someone else (a mutual friend) and he was jealous i was seeing another man.

    what are your thoughts?

  • I love my Gemini Man. Even though they are difficult, they ar also very interesting, fun and smart as H E L L....And I think Gemini Men are S E X Y

  • OMG. this site is a tripp about Gemini Men. HB, I do understand what you are saying. Star2u, I do agree with what u are saying.. Do Gemini know that they act this way?

  • I don't agree with this site because evolutionary speaking, most guys will have s** with a lot of women......and maybe detach themselves. But there are a lot of qualities that gemini men do possess that I have personally experienced, along with everyone else.

    I LOVE how sexy they are, most of them anyways. And yes, I fall for gemini's, but how they treat people is another story.......?

  • "worthy" to be fair they do know what they are doing

    , they do know that they make other people wait for them in case they need it. for example they just broke up with a girlfriend and they start feeling alone, they will call or make connection with someone they had in their list for a while and in same time they keep collecting number. You never get them fully, they are always up to something. Most Gemini men are good looking and they know it, therefore they feel they can get a lot different women and are scared to settle down with someone in case there is a better deal somewhere else but the thing in life there is always a better deal somewhere else. they seem to be very immature about it but again they are man and most men are like this but this pattern seem to be more visible with Gemini Men then other men.

    they will arrange to meet up with you and then change their mind and they wont apologise about it. they be in relationship but will be flirting online with other girls a lot, they flirt all the time.

    they get bored very quickly because they dont go deep into thing. i think this part in not right, real relationship request hard work, most the time they dont want to do the hard work or stay for the hard work. they will sabotage the relationship maybe because they are bored or they just want to try someone else they just met

    the whole things is twisted, ever they look strong and confident in outside it's not how they seem to be in the inside.

    I m confident that Gemini men can commit is just it take a hell of time before they do so, they are also scared to get hurt and feel a lot women use them for s.e.x but in general they are creating most of their own problem in their relationship

  • anyone want to make an another comment about this one??

  • yeah still feeling the same about them

  • You are not going to be compatible with everyone.. so move on.

    Some of my favorite male friends are the gemini ones.. well maybe it is because i am a gemini girl and we total get each other.. My favorite hollywood man is Liam neeson a fellow gemini and dragon..

    Some of my male gemini friends have been married to people of other signs for more than 10 years..

    So remember it takes too tango.. and gemini are good at reflection other peoples attitude.

  • Geminiruler, I don’t what they good about, but I know they good to play games and feeling superior to other people

    They simply not worth the time and effort

  • Geminis, are thinkers and need to be intterleculey challeged, it does'nt have to be a bg just something to give them food for thought. Be a Friend first always, no silly green eyed monster stuff, leave alone for a while show you respect their space and that you acctually have a life and just let them get on with it give em something witty once in a whie.

    Any man will want the sex if you offer it on a platter, but if you take your time and be a bit unnertanable that goes along way, Gems get bored very easily.

    They are not all bad, some are very caring and family orinated, they just don't like the big emotioal drama queen act make em run a mile, let em know you care take it easy, show them your not going to try and change em and stop them from haveing there outlets.

  • Thanks Scully21, I know that Gemini are not bad ppl and I love Gemini's. Thanks for those words, I know tht they do get bored very easily and that they are thinkers. I have not called my Gemini friend for two weeks this is the longest and it does no feel good but it does give me time to myself and to think. What do you mean not giving them an outlet?

  • A couple of things t note about Gemeni - coming from a Gemeni.

    I've read alot of people have trouble with us becuase of 'fickle behavoir, mixed signals, and sudden withdrawl from conversation.' If I could shed some general light on that....we are analyzers - we look at the situation, the conversation, the relationship in approx. twentybillion ways. That means we are constantly doubting and questing our action and others motives.

    I.E. There was an individual with whom I was in love with for nearly two years, I was constantly around him while in the company of others and I would feel the need to almost hide from him. I wouldn't talk to him because I was in doubt whether he really even liked being around me, ect. I didn't want to annoy him, or displease him.

    ALOTof the time us Gems, will do things like that (which from you're perspective is an indication of disinterest or possibly indifferance/anger ect.) because we doubt our own actions and how our feelings/thoughts will be recieved by others. We will dance around conversation, eye contact, even passing by a person, because we fear doing the wrong things or sending the wrong signals to them. And yes we KNOW this only accomplishes the very thing we seek to avoid... But as many of you experienced in dealing with us know, we haven't usually found a better way.

    Our biggest PROBLEM: We don't know how to handle ourselfs! Or for the matter what to do with ourselves...There's so much/emotion/thoughts surging about us in regards to situations that we feel overpowering and repelling, we're afraid to be overwhelming and thereby push you away. And yes we KNOW that the way we try to avoid being overwhelming only makes us appear even more overwhelming. We pent up those emotions and thought so long.....it can make our control at expressing them come EVEN WORSE.

    But mark this:

    If we love you, we mean it! We'll hang before we would ever lie about our EMOTIONS, because what we crave above all else is to be understood......If we reveal something of our emotions to you - it is honest to a fault unless we are lying to ourselfs. (and we can convince ourselves/delude ourselves into believing pretty much anything we want to. Although we try to avoid doing so because we know the consequences are ugly) Make us feel understood and we're your's forever. But if we feel like we aren't expressing ourselfs in a way you can understand you will KNOW it. And we become overwhelmingly frustrated with ourselves, and hung up on trying to MAKE YOU understand us.

    BUT we will alwas have your back. We are very trusting, we seem suspicious because we analyze all behavior - but our motive doesn't arise from distrust so much as a wanting to understand you. We want to figure you out.

    *If we feel as if we've figured you out - then we believe you CAN figure us out. We don't know why....thats just part of us.

    There's a differance between trusting you, and trusting that you understand us. If we trust you we'll take a shower of bullets for you without batting an eye. If we trust that you understand us, we can be sure that we're capable of taking the shower of bullets for ourselfs, rather than doubt our resolve and strength.

    You make us feel strong. We make seem overly confident, indepedent ect. But inside the fluxuation of emotions and thoughts can't keep up with our rationality. and this condradiction often results in the paradoxal behavoir we exhibit. We love illusions in that we are visionaries. We feel we have the abilty to make anything happen if we truly want it. That meansif we aspire to appear a certain way - we ill convince YOU but the problem is we can never FULLY convince ourselves.

    8We are a paradox, and enigma, the twins of many personalities. We can't make up our minds about who we want to be. So we try to be eveything at once and thus we seem four diffrent people, because the aspects of personality we want to draw on simply don't fit into one uniform character. We are a puzzle because we are made up of a bit of everything...and we want to be solved because we can't solve ourselfs.

    We create a vision but need you to help us believe in it.

    If you experience problems with a Gemeni its probably because they're tyring to fufill their absolute NEED for a solver. If you are that solver.......life is good.

    BUt be warned (If you'll excuse the extended metaphor) If you only see half, only choose to recognize the peices you like and discard that you don't - then the puzzle will never be complete and we won't stop looking for for the missing peices......

  • This is something to read and interesting if your have problems or if you mate or partner is a Gemini.


  • Thanks, I feel as though I had a rather signifigant moment of rational revelation, it felt rather good.

  • Its very useful for us non-geminis. thanks.

  • Gemenipuella,

    Thanks for the insight, but how can this be true for all gemini? It seems that some will intentionally leave you and move on to the next best thing, and leave you hurting without EVER considering your emotions. Would gemini be hurting for doing this, or do they really not care????

  • Well every human being are different, to say all it's not quiet correct. I found with Gemini that it's not a question of not caring , i do think they do care somehow, is just they seem to have so much things in their mind and also they seem to be missing of confidence, they need to think

    But some people ( not to say Gemini) just move on and dont remember, why this happen who knows but it happen. for excample Narcissist just move on to the next and feel nothing for the past, some people just feel the need to be with you because you are fitting in some sort purpose or need for themself

    as soon you stop feeding this purpose you are simply replace and forgotten

    it's how sometimes things goes but everything is not always this easy to get

    you simply need to think how were things were with that person and you will get your answer

    sometimes it;s when a relationship end that you realise that you havent been cared for from the start from this person and it is no surprise when this person drop you and replace you, they never cared about how you felt

    sometimes how a situation end doesnt come to any surprise at all

  • hello anyone want to share their fire about how friend the Gemini? especially the men, they still going around confuse and hurting the closed people around them, i dont get it

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