I hate Gemini Men

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  • Actually, all my experiences with Gemini men turned out bad as well. Most Geminis behave with split personalities and constant confusion of what they want, because they are the twins by sign. They're dually-charged, with one half of them pulling one way, and the other half the other way. There is an incessant need to explore, explore, explore.

    Both Gemini men I dated had the same problems (save for the humor part): self-absorbed, cocky, funny, physically fit, vain, and always looking for that "high." Geminis will initially be attracted to someone who stands out and portrays zest and vigor. This is the quest for Geminis: to always look for that adrenaline rush. So, they get reeled in by your energy--you do the same with them (which is why the beginning part is so darn exciting)--but once that initial rush is over, and he's gotten "used" to you (average time: 3-5 weeks), he will pull away.

    This usually reflects in the form of bashing, smart-mouth quips at your expense, or excuses why he "can't make it." Sabotaging things is the Gemini specialty. This way he can weasel out of an explanation and discreetly go out the back door onto new ventures. This isn't to say all Geminis cheat, but they definitely start to admire new pastures and ponies grazing while in his 5th week with you. The only kind of girl who will last longer than the 5th week is someone who doesn't ask questions and tolerates him roaming new pastures...and of course, you better stay fit and look good, too. Arm charms are the hub of the wheel for Geminis.

    For the people feeling offended by this overall view of Geminis, don't shoot the messenger. I have Leo as a sign and I can fully admit my negative drawbacks as one (not just my admirable qualities). There are a few signs that have more setbacks and annoyances, than endearing qualities--Gemini unfortunately is one of those signs.

  • Oh, one more thing: Geminis are great talkers...smooth talkers. This is why you get sucked in, and this is usually why a woman stays sucked in...they know what to say and how to say it, all with humor and a great smile or addictive laugh. More importantly, they love to talk about themselves, because they're their own best fan. You just sit back and enjoy the show, and understand that it isn't "Open Mike Night." Such is the way of many Gemini men. Just had to add that in...

  • To Cheribaby: That's great you are in love with a (Gemini) man. Hopefully, he is one of the few who won't play games and sabotage it. However, just know that it all starts out wonderful; I had those same "sparks" in the beginning (I think most people do, regardless of sign). The Geminis I dated made me laugh more than anyone--one of their good traits. Check. They know how to pull you in with their charm and such. Check. Oh, he forgets to call? Check again. That's a classic I dealt with, too. Just giving you a heads up. Just as we don't want the hurt woman who started this thread to use a sign as the gospel and end-all (or give up), you gotta make sure you're not naive and ignoring bad signs therein, regardless of his zodiac symbol.

    Bohemian person: Holy angry, batman. It sounds to me as if you like Geminis, so you're lashing out in defense for what she doesn't like. I am a Leo, but I couldn't care less if someone hates Leos. Actually, to be frank, I can see why Leos can be annoying. My father is a Leo, too. We don't get along because we both have strong personalities. My brother's wife is a Leo and I can't stand her. My ex is a Leo and he is a pompous jerk. Can't please em all. Many people despise certain signs, and really it isn't the person they despise--the sign starts to separate from the actual human being. I think deep down most people know this; they're just hurt by the person and equate it to the sign, rather than the individual's choice to be an idiot.

    In other words, if I were to run into a Leo, but not know it (I don't ask signs unless it just accidentally gets brought up, say, running across horoscopes in a newspaper or something and we're hanging together), I am not going to stop liking that person simply because of his sign. I will always give that person a chance, regardless. Rather, I would just have it on the backburner of my mind to be on the look-out for typical signs that sign usually reflects. Nothing more. I would give this lady a break and let it burn itself out. Even God can't please everybody, so we can't expect to.

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  • OUCH!!! I'm a Gemini Female and OUCH!!!! 😞

  • I'm a scorpio woman and recently went out w my 2nd Gemini man (both Italian as well! ) i find they are very outgoing and charming - great ppl to have at a social event. But, they both have very interesting traits that i have not yet encountered by men. Very detached from the situation at hand (by either not calling or leaving the converstaion at half staff.) I became very confused, for w both men i had an extremely great time and vice versa. ....

    I am currently not seeing either one of them, and its not b/c i hate Gemini men, its b/c i've truly realized who i am and who goes appropriately w me and my personality. (Cancer and especially Pisces are my match! Its a water thing!!! LOL )

    So, my hunt will go on, hoping that the next one in my life is compatible w/ my mysterious Scorpio ways.

    Once u understand whats good for u and what makes u happy, the universe will pair u up w someone suitable for u!!!

    Good luck.....

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  • star2u, he's just not a good catch, there will be others that will be, mabe see whats in your chart too. Aquarius do care about others, true, two of my siblings are both aquas, and they are caring, although they keep their deepest emoition too themselves, I've noticed once they love, they love deeply, don't just move too the next too easily, and do try very, very hard too make up for past grievances, but this can be emotionally damaging too an aquarius if its not acknowledged by the one they want, the fact that he still wants too hook with you on occasion is proof enough that he isn't mature enough too realize its not all about him,others peoples feelings matter too, know that, but try not too let it leave you feeling bitter, for that can keep you from moving forward. He broke your heart, don't let him break your spirit though! You have a lot too give, and someone out there is going too be deserving of it, the sooner you get this clown out of the picture, the sooner you won't feel so bitter, hurt, and will start too notice others who are good enough too be on the recieving end of your heart! I feel you got the better end of the deal, going on too find the one who won't make you feel this way, that will be the best revenge, he will learn from this too, he won't be getting off that easily, although you won't have too do thing but just go on and be happy with whats too come for you!

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  • WOW! TheNightOwl13, your observations about Gemini men were so accurate it made the hair on my arms stand up! Talkers-yes! Sabotaging-yes! Liars and cheats-yes,yes,yes!!!

    The one I knew was one of the very few men I've ever met that figured out immediately that the fastest way into my panties was through my brain, and the best way to do that was talking, to this day if I recall some of the conversations we had it makes me squirm.

    And the vain and shallow thing is soooo true, I've seen petridishes with more depth!

    Even your 3-5 week timeframe was dead on! 5 weeks and I was done with that emotional cripple.

    I can forgive people for a lot of faults because I recognize that I have my own, but the lying and the cheating never!

    And so like a true Scorpio, I bide my time patiently waiting for the opportunity to twist him up so badly that he spends the rest of his life trying to pull one twins head out of the others @ss.

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  • Yes star2u, Gemini men are a trip, and one that i won't be wasting my frequent flyer miles on ever again!

    For the longest time I tried to believe that every person has their own unique personality that has nothing to do with their horoscope sign, (especially because most of what you read about Scorpios tends to be so dark and negative!) BUT....I've met soooo many people in my life that really do have the traits and personalities that their signs are known for, that I can't just dismiss it as hooey anymore. I have met a few people that are the exception to the rule, but they are few and far between.

    I know they say that you are most compatible with a like sign, water+water, fire+fire, etc...but the longest, most loving and fufilling relationships I've had in my life are ALWAYS with Aries, 90% of my friends are Aries, the sibling I'm the closest to is an Aries, and my ex of 16 years (who I am still close friends with) an Aries. In fact I have yet to meet an Aries that I didn't immediately like...rare for a Scorpio, that are not known to be the warmest, fuzziest people when it comes to picking people they let into their inner circle.

    So maybe try to think outside the box as far as who you are truly compatible with, if you find yourself drawn to a particular sign over and over, go with it! It's ok to color outside the lines sometimes. 🙂

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  • Hi Star2u i totally agree with you there, although im guessing there must be some signs out there that can cope with Geminis. Being a Crabby it certainly didnt work for me, and everything you said rang true. What sign are you? x

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