I hate Gemini Men

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  • He had charm, he charmed you, thats what made this guy so interesting, so easy too fall under his spell, not so sure if its his being gemini, as just a personal flaw of his, but gemini are very charming, very cool too be around in the beginning, if it lasts then great, but if you get a guy like this who is all smoooze then not so much fun after all then not so much. Take your time, moving on, slowly but steady you will be over him and ready too meet you real deal!

  • Hello star2u,

    I am sorry your relationship didnt work out with your gemini friend. In general, Aquarius and Gemini are compatible because both of you are air sign. However, maybe you need someone more mature for you and can take initiative like a Libra ( Sept 22-Oct 22) who is a cardinal air sun sign. Good Luck!!

  • "i see only posting about Gemini on here, oh my god it's scary really"

    well there are more posting about Cancer men LOL

    at least I saw those a lot more when I was active here

    probably fall last year to March

    but in regards to your bad experience with Gemini men

    well it happened and it made you stronger

    keep going, you'll find the right one someday

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  • Star2U, I will respond to you tomorrow. I am headed for bed.

    By the way... you are Young and Pretty, PLEASE avoid these Emotional Vampires; for, they like to feed on the: Vulnerable, Naive, Young, Inexperienced, Devoted, Kind Hearted, Christain, Decent women.

    These BASTARD*S walk around literally looking for potenial victims. AND they do not see anything wrong with their behavior. That is the world that we live in now 😞

    Talk with you tomorrow.

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  • Hi star2u,

    Although Gemini men all tend to carry very similar sets of traits, their upbringing will definitely play a role in how they treat women. I've been thinking about this a lot, and have done many birth charts on people I know to see whether Nature wins out over Nurture. We are products of our nurturing, but we cannot ever fight our true nature. This "man" you were involved with (and I use that term lightly because he acted like a child!), was very manipulative and immature, and he toyed with your emotions. Maybe he was hurt badly by someone before and he was using you to get retribution for himself, or he was just not capable of functioning maturely in a relationship. The Gem I was involved with had a good heart, but yet it always seemed like he was playing some sort of cat and mouse game with me. Obviously a common Gemini trait! Whether they were aware of their actions, or just incapable of using proper judgment, they just have no business being in a relationship with a woman.

    And as I said before, they don't let go easily. They want to hang onto the ones they do feel something with. Yet, the games continue. And the friendship thing? Forget about it! I tried that too, and he gave me so many mixed messages when we got together. So much so that I took a chance and wrote him a very heartfelt and personal email, only to get "I really want to be just friends" reply. So I am done. I have to cut him off completely, or this will just continue. I think the same would happen with you. For me the intimacy was very HOT, and hard to forget, but can we just have that, with no relationship or emotion involved? I know I can't...

    Only the best of luck to you forgetting this guy, and moving on with your life. You deserve better, and when you are truly ready, he will come to you...

  • Who exactly appointed HeavenlyBohemian the forum police that gets to decide what people can or cannot discuss on here? And since you seem to value your bluntness as some sort of virtue instead of what it really is...a thin guise for being rude, here's a little bluntness for you.....sometimes life is painful and messy, and people don't always fart rainbows and sprinkle fairy dust while expressing those emotions, if that offends your delicate sensibilities so much maybe you should look for a Sesame Street forum to act like everyone's mommy on. Blunt enough for you?

    And star2u...couldn't agree with you more....the next Gemini man I meet won't see anything except the skid marks I leave behind getting away from him!

  • My dear star2you

    We humans are more than the sum total of all of our astrological signs. Please dont hate a sign, or limit yourself and your dating possibilities because of someones birth date. You are very intelligent and you know that is silly. This is like saying that you will never go out with anyone who has brown hair.

    It is not the sign that makes the person what they are. The whole chart is what lends flavor and possibilities to life.

    Please , in your case , you must stop choosing looks over everything else. You pick these guys who are so into themselves they can even see you and your heart. How could you possibly like anyone who treats you so rudely. LIKE is most important. Hot does not last. Like lasts forever. Like forms a strong bond of love.

    Not too long ago i attended my 30th yikes, high school reunion. OMG what a bunch of fat ugly people, I saw. The two people that were chosen best looking for our year book, poor dears, fat, bald, flabby. Looks fade. Look for someones heart.

    Blessings, this too shall pass


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  • I'm sorry for you, but you shouodn't have believed that because he was Gemini and you were and Aqua it was gonna be perfect. I mean, there are plenty of Gemini in the ocean and he wasn't the one for you. Putting ALL your faith in Zodiac signs is well, I just wouldn't do it. Gemini men also don't really get serious till late in life. sighs I think I'll end up married to a Gemini, but not anytime soon, and who knows wich one. lol I'm sorry you were hurt, but honestly, any man can hurt you, Gemini or not. Yeah, Geminis might just be the worst, but I'm going to try and not stereotype too much. Not ALL of them are bad. Hey, I've had my sucky relationships with Gemini men too, but I don't know, in my situations, we just liked eachother too much, we always stay friends afterwards, Chemistry. 🙂 If i were you, if you choose to base it on Zodiac signs, I would go for the Libra man. Libra men are amazing! They are much sweeter than Geminis anyway. More balanced people, they are. I'm sorry for you, and sorry for being rude. =/ He really did you wrong. I wonder how much Gemini is in his chart, whew!

  • HeavenlyBohemian, libra guys are nice, not sure if thier for everyone, or mabe so for everyone!They have an appeal that can attract opposite sex, as sometimes this can get crossed with thier tendency too not like decisions, if this happens, God help them and their partners. So far the most talked about male sign I've seen on here seems too go to cancer, I guess a lot find them confusing. star2u, regardless of his sign, he just sounds selfish, there will be another for you, just have too take the time too get over this mess first. Your in London? Nice, lucky you!

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  • Applause applause ScorpthruNthru ! Always love to see that tail come up when justice needs to be served and so many times it has to be served COLD! That was right on the money! It's about time I saw someone get real here because yesterday I was starting to think I was at a pity party at this site.

    No hey, I know we all need help, including me, so we come here to share but we still have to vent whether good or bad. I'd like to see us be more positive and strong. So much of what we're looking for is just common sense.

  • well said chevelleman...

  • Dear star2u,

    The bottom line here is that you were hurt by a man, as all of us women can admit we have at some point in our lives. Prior to my Gemini, I was hurt by a Scorpio man, and after him I was hurt by a Sagittarius man, so the ability to hurt is obviously not limited to one specific sign. BUT... confounding and confusing, and frustrating and manipulative behaviors do seem to be quite the norm for Gemini men! I've read countless posts on here about them, and I know another Gemini man who is just like the one I was hurt by. He also seems to be drawn to me too, but I wouldn't open that door if you paid me! We are all run in some way by our true nature, so maybe they just can't help it. Maybe, with the right woman who carries the right sign, a Gemini will stop his games. I have quite a few Gemini women in my family, and although they do have an obvious duality about them, they have never played the games the Gem men I have heard about do. I have Gemini rising in my own chart, so I understand that. So it's also related to gender I believe... Look, we all know most men are afraid of commitment to begin with, so this will hold true for all signs, but the games... the toying... the desperate need to retain their solitude... the inability to let go completely when it's over...seem to be very common for most Gemini men. That's just what is apparent from the multitude of postings about them...

    Sorry all you Gemini men out there! It is what it is, and you are what you are! Maybe if just one Gemini man reads about this, and reflects on it, and takes it to heart, and tries to change these traits in himself... something good will come of all of these discussions, right? ; )

    Peace To You All...

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