I hate Gemini Men

  • I be the first male gemini on this post, it kind of weird. But, damn, after reading your comments about a gemini man, makes me think about if I should change for the better. I highly don't recomend for any female to go out with a Gemini man unti they are fully mature, in their late 30 or early 40's.

    On a positive note, gemini man are fun, funny, good looking, succesful people on everything they do. BUt, they won't get into a relationship until they are 100% sure is the right woman, it's going to take time, a lot of time. " I mean it". Once we know is the right one, we are faithfull forever.

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  • As a reference, if you really want a relationship for long term with a gemini man. Be honest with him, always show your emotions "not too much, too early" and long term project in a relationship. Keep up in shape, always smile and be willing to travel at any time, you better like variety, we are very social. We are looking for a best friend for life right next to us in our adventures, changes of address, life will be fun and full of adventure. Don't be the jealous or posesive. Most of my best friends are aquarious females, we are the real friends. But, to get past frienship is going to take some serious honesty between us. We do get bored after a while in relationship if we see a routine and no fun, everything is the same.

    It's going to be very hard to keep a gemini man on his toes until he is mature enough and want a serious relationship, in your case, he did like you, but as time progresses, he loses interest, he want to keep you, but just as a friend. We don't get back to preivously relationship at all.

    Keep light, it's honeslty a great match of minds, a older Gemini, must be just be fit. Younger ones are not looking for an long term relationship. They don't like commitment. Take care of yourself.

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  • My best advice, it to date someone by who it is a person. Not, but their astrological sign. I just gave you some traits of a gemini man, I hope it helps.

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  • Thanks for your comments. I won't deny it, I have a weird personality, the only ones that I have luck staying long friends with are aquarians and gemini friends. They seem to understand my personality, aquarians and gemini are similar in many traits, they both have good hearts and are humanitarians. But, Gemini man are flexible, something that aquarian female don' take lightly. To answer to your question, I have an aquarian female friend for 3 years now, we speak about our relationships like best buddies and give each other tips, we have a great mental relationship. I am afraid of screw up the friendship by tell her to pursue a serious relationship. Honestly, I am always debate myself if I want go further, because I don't want to hurt her feelings.

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  • Thanks for your advice, I will stay in a frienship environment for the time being with the aquarius female. My last ex was a sagitarious female, great people, who like adventure and are fun to hang out. But, they are to passionate and don' trust people that easy. We remain friends though. Good luck with the Kiwi guy, they are fun. would you like to exchange e-mail addreses? take care

  • Dragon21, of course i will, email , please send me a quick email so i know you got it

    i feel very close of sagittarius, it feel straight away clear to me where i stand a little bite not like Gemini

    i guess we need everything in this life

  • Nightowl

    "I am a Leo, but I couldn't care less if someone hates Leos."

    I am Leo too. and most Leos I met I couldn't stand them either. If anyone is bashing Leo, I never go all out attacking this person back. I can actually understand how people can be annoyed by some Leo traits. It's true we have to look at the whole natal chart to find the overall personality, but sun sign is who we are inside, so it's not to be considered less important or looked over.

  • Star2U

    I hope you find someone that deserves you someday

    regardless he is Gemini or not

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  • leoscorpion I agree with you!

    I'm virgo... and most virgos I meet seem just plain uninteresting, to put it simply... maybe it's because of my scorpio asc.

    But although I don't bash people if they hate virgos, I do try to defend us virgos if I see people saying we're unemotional and cold... because I feel that's very untrue. (And my capricorn moon also helps me want to not be, and not to be thought of as a bad person, I believe.)

    ...Now, about the topic...(im just talking from what i've seen from my virgo point of view, i'm not very experienced with astrology)

    Gemini people do seem shallow, emotionwise... Well, one of my two gemini friends(male), scorpio rising had a past(he's 23 now... so by 'past' I mean until he was 21 or 22) of pretty much having *** with as many girls as possible, regardless of emotion. Just to 'try' them.

    For the last year and a half he seems to have settled down, he's with a girl who's also my friend(Pisces).

    My other gemini friend(girl), pisces rising(age 20, turns 21 this june), has been doing something along the lines of ''I don't want any serious relationship now, I just want to enjoy life while I can... if I ever marry it's only so that I don't end up alone when I'm old''... her concept of 'enjoy life' seems to be related to having *** with different guys each night she feels like it, and then never talking to them again. She's also scared of relationships and getting hurt, she claims. And one reason she says she has to not have *** with the same person more than once is that if she did that, she might end up liking them.

    Maybe it's because virgo and gemini are squared, but I often don't understand(or agree) gemini's way of thinking and living, although I accept it, since I recognize that their views are just as valid as mine, and no sun sign is better than the others(although some signs cough scorpio cough seem to be very good at things they do... but it's probably quite hard to be a scorpio, as it's so selfdestructive).

    But it's amazing how they(gemini) have got such quick and effective minds(I kind of measured how quick and effective my female friend's mind was... she studies roughly 3x as fast as me. Insane.)

    For the some reason a very close friend of mine when I was 16-17-18, was also Gemini, from the same decan as a very close friend of mine(who isn't that close anymore) when I came into university. I kind of doubt they considered me as close as I considered them(well, I think the second one did, as her asc is pisces, meaning desc virgo)... but then again virgo, I hear, have only like... 1 friend they really trust at a time, or no one at all.

    Also, deep inside I find it amazing how this gemini friend I have(the 20 year old girl) can live her life in a ''just let it happen'' way... although I don't approve ''letting it happen'' in that sense, if you catch my drift.

    Virgo are so bound to intellect that they have trouble just sitting back and enjoying life. I think I'm finally starting to be able to do that, but my ''sit back and enjoy life'' doesn't involve *** without feelings for the person.

  • ps: twinsoul I just saw your post on page 2 or 3! I laughed so much! Very good post... I was voted 2nd ugliest boy(2nd from last most handsome/hot/whatever) in my class a few years in a row, in middle/highschool. It really affected my self esteem, I'm not even sure if I've gotten over that yet 100%, though probably I have, although only in the last few months, I guess.

  • Hidden Diamond

    yes of course, we will try explain our sun sign

    not necessarily being aggressive when someone hates our sun sign

    I have found people like this and it simply doesn't help with anything

    first of all, the hater/basher doesn't get to know more about certain sign

    second of all, the thread becomes pool of hatred rather than pool of knowledge

    I myself have been harsh when talking about certain sun signs, although I have never been harsh with people here because of their sun signs

    but those knowledgeable in astrology have helped me understand and so from that time on, I would say that I have bad experience with certain sun signs, but doesn''t mean other people will experience the same

    By the way nice meeting you here

    Funny I know a virgo here, a good friend online, SapphireDiamond

    almost the same name 🙂

  • I truley think, we cannot put eveyone in the same basket..so to speak, yes star signs have similar traits, but our envioroment, how we are brought up, life experences mould us, and of course too our moon signs ect effect us..and to be honest how we want to portray ourselfs in life does.

    I a arian, i have freinds the same fire sighn, we hold the same loyatally and fiery temp, but not all of us are confident, i was surprised by one freind who was confident yet she let a man abuse her physically, so we not all tought like that, oh yes we do love our bit of independence thow.

    You have to try and judge people as individuals.

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