I hate Gemini Men

  • for the fake smile they give you to attract you in their web, for the many, many, many times they letting you down, for the time they leaving you so confused, for their selfisness, for coming around when they feel like it, for leaving when you didnt think they would, for the silence they giving you when you didnt expect it, for the love they claim they have for you but still they go and run with someone else

    i hate them so deeply,

    for their twisted mind that comes to play every second

    for their insecurity, they play it confident but inside they dont know who they are ( poor people)

  • hey, hey, hey.............be nice lol im a sag male but my rising sign in Gemini. sounds like you have had a bad experience with Gem guys, maybe i can help? even though is only my rising sign, it still does make me act like one alot, and actually with all the things you have said up above, i can see how i can relate to what you have said. but you cant just blame Gem guys, you have to look on both parts,...........so what did you do to make him act like this? i will tell you this to all women..........NEVER. NEVER say to a guy "go ahead and leave me" or "i want to break up"(even though you really dont want to), or just as simple as when some girls act like they are mad and say things like "leave me alone" or "get away from me" BUT YOU DONT REALLY WANT HIM TO LEAVE YOU ALONE AND YOU WANT HIM TO COME AFTER YOU,

    because you know what, as guys we are only gonna try to ask you whats wrong? or when we say "no im not goona leave" and you still insist that we do, guess what? we are gonna leave, or leave you alone, or break up with you, because its what you wanted (or thats what you said you wanted, but really really didnt)

    and just because we listen to you and end it, when you said that you wanted it!! you cant be mad at us guys, because when we hear that you want to break up or whatever, we are thinking, "oh ok,, um i guess i dont make her happy and if she will be happier with someone else, then so be it"

    that doesnt mean that you women arent worth fighting for, cause if we love you, you are worth it, but guys like me, just look at it as.......i shouldnt have to fight for you, when you are already mine, you fight for love when you dont have them, not when you already have them. and if you truly love someone, you are willing to let the other person go, love shouldnt feel like you HAVE to be with someone, you should want too.

    i dont even know if this has anything to do with what your talking about, but i think i made a good point,

  • Sar2u needs to get a life and stop bashing Gemini men. Bashing any sign is rude, especially on this website. Please, go somewhere else. And get a life!

  • Star2u,

    It's not always about a sign, and don't let those who tell you to get a life be the end that ends all, that response does not address your inquiry, it sweeps it under the rug as though it has no relevance. That's not sound advice, it's not even considered compassionate..look to someone who will understand what you are feeling.


  • Poor girl, she doesn't really hate them, she's just feeling terribly hurt at the moment. Not all are bad star2u, depends on so many other details of a person, mabe you just ran into a bad egg is all, and will find someone else, regardless of their sign, that will treat how you want too be treated. I have seen so many threads dedicated too certain male signs, I have one that I sort of avoid like the plauge(not going too throw myself out there and say which one though!), but I've realized there are some really, really cool people from the sign that scard me too. I only did my chart this year too see I have gem in my rising, I would never intentionally hurt anyone though, and I feel a lot of others emotions, I love me some people, hang in there!

  • That wasn't nice of me, was it? I really don't care. This isn't the place to do that. You talk about these kinds of issues with friends in person. But I'm not really sorry for what I said. I must be honest and blunt, as always.

  • I agree, BlueCat. Haven't you guys read her other evil posts though? Those are what really made me mad. She's like littering on forums abouts Gemini guys saying evil things. So immature. I don't handle these kinds of issues online. Who does?

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  • lol Awww, I hope your broken heart heels. if it's any consolation, I am not too fond of Gemnis myself... the trick is to accept ALL their personalities and if you don't like them (yes, because you'll deal with more than one side), just leave to the next. it's hard, but you'll be ok pats you on back .... I've dated 2, and as an Aries, I do agree 🙂 i'd rather be with a Capricorn than a Gemini lol

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  • I'm sorry, hang in there.

  • Almondee, Star,

    Thanks you, I'm a cappy. My mom's aries and my dad gemini. We all get along. I think overall, gems need space. Their virtue is that they are communicators, don't lie, and when they love you they say so quite clearly. When they are undecided you see it all over them, i.e. disappearing to rethink, rest, analyze. They are fickle when they are not sure about certain things or someone. But when they are they will be there for you.

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  • If he is gone , then he opened up a space too be filled with something better for you now, start too envision it, nows the time.

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  • I am in love with a Gemin man and wouldnt trade him for the world. The first time he kissed me I felt fireworks like never before. Then one night as we were talking about that first kiss he told me he had fireworks on that first kiss. He had no idea that I did too. Still get them everytime we kiss.... Yes he forgets to call back because he is so busy with owning a business but I have learned to accept that about him. He makes me laugh and want to be with him all the time. My crystal has told me over and over that he is my soulmate the one I am to be with and I am good with that. We both have some issues to wrap up so we can be together but once they are done I cant wait to see what life brings us...Wishing everyone the same blessings Cheribaby

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  • Hello!

    There have been so many posts on here about Gemini men, and a few of them were started by me! I dated one last year for 5 months, and it was just as much work as you speak of star2u! I just think Gemini men are the most confusing and elusive of the zodiac. I believe they are constantly battling the duality of their twins, and that comes across as very hot one minute, and very cold the next. That is the way it was with me and mine. When he was with me, he was all there, but then he was ready to retreat back to his solitude for the rest of the week. And as cheribaby said, the sparks really flew too! After 5 months, I just needed more, and I just don't think he had figured it all out yet. He had also been alone for a long time (41, and never married), and was hurt badly by his last committed relationship. Men in general don't usually recover too well from that, and I think Gems doubly so. It takes a long time for them to trust.

    I was recently, and suddenly widowed though, which made me a bit needier than usual, which I think scared him too. I also have a young son, and that was something he had to consider too. So we ended it mutually around 9 months ago, but stayed in touch and ran into each other at the store he manages. So, a few weeks ago, feeling a little lonely at the time, I asked him to go to lunch. Well, he gave out such mixed messages the whole day, that I went out on a limb and asked him if he still felt something for me. He replied that he wanted to be just friends. Like you said star2u, I am done playing games! Gems are notorious for wanting to keep you in their lives someway. They don't detach too easily, but that is just detrimental to us as women. We need a clean break I think, so we can heal and move on with our lives. So I have cut him off for good. I will only shop at his store when he's off, and I will not contact him again. I think that's probably best for you too! I will be patient, fulfill myself with things that make me feel good and happy, and have faith that the right man for me and my son will come along someday...

    I hope this helped in some way!

    ; )

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