I hate Gemini Men

  • That is beautiful Ariesrising!


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  • newl4ng! you got it Dear...you know Gemini! Bless to you both filled with lots love and happiness!!!!!


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  • Hi News - you're right! Gemini's cannot and will not deal with insecure people as they are sometimes themselves...they don't appreciate the double load! And you're right to slow down and not overhink or overreact.... they are sensitive and don't like to show it. So if someone who is insecure gets upset at them thinking they don't care...they will show you what a non caring person does.

    On that note...love your gemini from a distance and the closeness will come indefinitely! He doesn't like labels, but your all his! lolol


  • lol im a scorpio separated from my gem husband and you are so correct!! lol

  • Gemininman trouble, how long the marriage last, so far i see it seem there is only 1 gemini man out there, it's funny but they are bite predictable after a while

  • Star2them, are u still hating on Gemini men. Pleasssssse ley it go. Are are right on one thing, they do start to be Predictable and their not so devastating.

  • Does our Gemini out there always after the next best thing? it seem they can't appreciate what they have and are always on the look out for something better.

  • Is Gemini always on the look out for someone better, it seem they can't fully appreciate what they already have and are always looking to catch a better deal, they don't seem to put as much effort in the relationship but they seem to be the first to complaint and the first to bring issue in the relationship

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  • Hi newsl4ng i agree completely with you about your last sentence the friendship side, for my part i never want to date an other gemini again and there is good and bad in all signs, race and location.

  • But if you really think about it.... all our partners should be our best friend 🙂

  • News14ng, that is a very true statement our partners should be our best friend. That is also the key. It seems like we would want that i our life. It;s also a sign of trust and we all know how important that is. Good point....friendship 🙂

  • people always got some surprise but gemini seem to have more surprise then others, after my ex gemini broke my heart, humiliated me and married his cheated girlfriend he lied to, his now calling me with full remorse and want to try again.he moved out of his home and asking divorce after been married less then year and now his married and his wife is now pregnant, what is wrong with this picture

    i could never give him a chance after all that i went through and i am too scared to be the next victim drag in his crazy life.

  • star2u , he sounds like a piece of work ! a spoiled rotten brat so to speak. i have known people like that myself. don't let one person ruin it for you. try to see people for who they are, not their sun sign. it really is just a small part of someones personality and some people never even fit the label of their sign.

  • Thank you earthwind i know what you mean but amazingly some people fit too much their 1% sign trait and some people like my best friend his an aquarius is not at all like aquarian, he doesn't care about other people at all his more a capricorn .

    anyway gemini never stop to impress me, the move my ex did was expected. he broke my heart and humiliated me and now it's full of remorse but how can anyone believe this kind person can love?

    i saw him getting married and he told everyone i was a mistake i meant nothing now his married for 6 months and are breaking someone else heart

  • star 2 u , anyone that is right 4 u would not act like that, that guy is a snowball heading 4 hell.

    4get about him . imagine him as poisn and everytime u see or think of him u are taking a drink of it that it is killing you. u r attracting victim energy 2 urself.. break the cycle, it may be of help 4 u 2 seek companionship from an honest more mature man or maybe a counselor , it will help u grow past this type of guy,

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  • earthwind, thank you but i think u misunderstand me, it's not because i am saying what his doing right now that i think to get back to him or i want anything to do with him. i see him as clearer then what you are seeing, a waste of space, i know very well his not worth it.

    i just wanted to update the people i was speaking about this in past about his change of heart, my heart is totally fix and done with this one. some people are unhappy for life, when its not his wife it's someone else he can't take any responsibility form his own life and emotion.

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