I hate Gemini Men

  • Hey Star2them 🙂

  • Hey everyone i need some help trying to figure this one out. I am a Cancer woman who met a Gemini man on eHarmony and not till after a month of talking on the phone and exchanging emails did we meet. He was already talking about marrying me and having me move in with him because of my current situation living with an ex boyfriend who i fought with almost daily! I love traveling and he was ready to buy us plane tickets! It seems too good to be true but he was just the sweetest man over the phone and would make time for me everyday with his super busy schedule. I was impressed because ive heard that Gemini men like their space, he didnt seem like he wanted any space away from me. He would text me first thing when he would wake up and call me every night before he laid down to sleep. I originally wanted to wait longer to meet because us Cancer woman are a bit insecure and it takes us longer to trust a man. But he insisted that nothing was going to change. Once we met i still felt very attractive to him and one of the bigger reasons was because he is financially secure and as a cancer woman i need to feel secure and protected. He talked about having children and making me his wife already! I started staying at his place on the first week we started hanging out, he insisted. But all of a sudden from one day to the next within the first week of things going smoothly ( it seemed that way to me) he asked me to stay at my own place and he wanted time to think, things just "didnt feel the same way". I was confused and sad. Three days went by before i lost it and started texting him and he wasnt calling or texting back... then he finally texted me and said that this BS is too much and a turn off. He was going to contact me that day but got held up doing other things and that he was going to make it work but he dosnt know what to tell me know. The next day i apologized to him and he said to just forget him..anyways i asked to stay friends and he said fine but we need time away from each other. SO MY QUESTION IS: should i keep doing my thing and expect him to come running back? should i try talking to him first in a couple of weeks or have him reach out to me first? after all he was the one that claimed he had fallen in love with me first, just seems very strange that all of a sudden he would just change his mind so quickly. Im 21 and he is 25.

  • Hi Cancergirl

    Seriously, think about it, talk about marriage and children before you've even met, way too full on, He is a player by far deferentially, Given you false security , played with your emotions. I get the security, but bit too soon to worry or care about his finances either, its the person not the wallet that matter , guy should give the feel of security want you for you.

    Id leave it and if im wrong he will come running, if a guy generally wants you they will make the effort.

  • Hahaha thanks, in case i came off self centered im not. It was just a plus for me. I competly agree with the too full on before him meeting me. I was a big scared at first for how fast he was taking things but its always nice to be felt needed! Why do you say he is a player?

  • By the way Scully21, he mentioned that he found me too young/immature after all and that he was wrong for thinking i wouldn't act my age which is 21. But i can assure anyone i am must mature for my age and have acted older than i ever was at any age. I found him to be the immature one for bringing a conflict onto our dating relationship. Do you think the age difference could have been it from the beginning?

  • can i get the opinion of gemini men please!

  • He's 25 and he was talking about marrying you and having kids? Yah....see, I'm 25, and I can't find any man my age who is ready to leap into marriage like that. I'm having a hard time finding a guy who even wants a freakin' relationship. So, for a guy whose 25 to start spouting marriage talk like it's the weather, I would say he was just trying to hook you by saying what he thought you wanted to hear. Thats what Scully meant by saying he's a player. Players will say whatever and do whatever to get you hooked. So, if he thought you were the kind of girl who would want to feel SECURE, then he would do everything it took to make you feel that way.

    So, i'd forget about him and find someone who will take things their more natural path. Going too fast is never healthy for a relationship anyway. And, if you notice, a lot of the people who are having issues with their relationships will start off by saying that within a few weeks of knowing him he was saying he's in love and wanting to get married to them. And then once they're totally comfortable, the problems start springing up.

    Actually, funny story, something like this just happened to my friend. She met a guy at a bar, HE gave his number to HER and told her to call him. So, the next day, she did...and he avoided her. So she tried two more times, never being able to actually talk to him. So she sent him a text and said here's my number, no rush, when your free give me a shout. He texts her back saying "well, I feel like there is a rush." RUDE. Really? He told her to call him, and now that she is he's playing disinterested? She ignored his text, and of course, the next day he called her. She didn't answer, so he left her a voicemail. She didn't respond, so he texted her and said "ignoring me??"

    This is the way they play it.....they act interested to get you in. Then, once your interested and you start acting interested back, they run away and say your smothering them. Then you ignore them, and they run back to you. RUN AWAY! 😄

  • Also if something feels to good to be true, it generally is.

    You just need to go out and have fun and let someone come naturally, you cant beat face to face value first, You hand t even met him.. when he spouted that, were there no red flags going in your mind..?

    security in you before you need it from another .

  • yes than you all!

  • I'm not Gemini or man...but I can tell you this. 4 yrs difference and you're immature...hummm I find that a little off, being that women mature faster then men.

    Good Luck!

  • I agree total, UN matured woman.. sounds more like sixteen. don't have ago those try to help.

  • I keep meeting Gemini men and it's funny but it feel i m meeting the same guy. i feel kind sorry for many of them as they seem to be nice guys but meeting hard case people.

    The last guy [ gemini] i loved got married after his girlfriend find out he was with me for 2 years. now call me crazy but is it wise to get married after you find out your partner been seeing few other people?

    How can anyone expect a marriage to last when you start this way or it just me i m not seeing it all.

    each time i think of that guy the word , coward appear in my mind

    coward, i thought before this was just a word but more and more this word take a deep meaning

    Gemini men i hate the way they are but i feel sorry for them too, it's hard to explain really i think aquarius and gemini got a deep connection but i got it all wrong with mine

    when his girl find out he belittle me in the eyes of everyone to save his ass, what kind person is that? his girlfriend [ wife ] now blame me for all but i didnt know about her as he , he knew he had a girlfriend at home and he was cheating on her

    still i m the bad person, how come?

    is women got no self respect this day because i wont married anyone if i just find out he was cheating on me.

    it's easy ladies to blame to other women so you dont have to face the truth about your relationship

  • WOW! c'mon... you went out with the guy knowing he had a girlfriend and you rant about how he got married to her....

    Question is: Were you worth anything to him for those 2 yrs other then a piece of tail? and if so, why did he choose her and not you?

    Gemini men are strong, they just won't waist their time with people who don't prosper in life. And maybe you feel this guy is weak, why? because he didn't hit you? lololol

    Anyway all this to say, this site isn't made for bashing, little girl... it's made for poeple who care about knowledge transferring. And you are not knowledgable... just bitter.

    When you grow up, come back and read your comments...then you'll learn a thing or two! Leaving this quote specially for you...

    "Beauty fades and dumb is forever"


  • Gemini man broke my heart yea I'm a little bitter lol

  • Not all gemini guys are assholes. Mine was and is a beautiful person, its just a damn shame that it never worked out between us. I kick myself everyday because of it but also I know I am very fortunate to have been able to be with such a guy. We were blessed and it hard to realise that when you had everything going for you both that it wouldnt work out between each other. I dont hate him at all as I realise that he wasnt the one for me even though I felt he was(we had a strong connection). I liken it to 'he was the one for me at the time' but not 'the one'. In order to find the one I have to first become one myself and then the one will come to me at he right time but its up to me for that to happen I have to put in the hard work of sorting myself out and being whole, complete.

    Perhaps star2u you may in time be able to see that even though you wanted him to choose you that its a blessing he never because really his choice has made it easier for you to work on yourself so the one for you comes along.

  • ScropWolf very well put. It does sound like a lot of bashing against that guy. She knew he had a girlfriend. Star2them, REALLY.......

  • Young woman today are faced with alot of jealousy, envy and are emotionally distraught. The media doesn't help, fathers don't stick around (so values dissapear, mother's can't do everything alone), the competition is outrageous especially with clothes, they get really drunk at an early age to get attention (which does slows the mental development), some of the music today does not help and simply young males today have such a wide selection because of these factors that the respect is far from their minds.

    Just a thought: If he really wants you and wants to be with you....act like a lady, but think like a man...make him wait a month, if he is still around, might be a good start, but never ever disrespect yourself! You are worth alot more then you think...their is only one you, and in order for others to treat you with love and respect, you have to treat yourself that way as well.


  • and so a broken heart is part of life.... get a hold of yourself and move forward!

  • Everyone has their own personal opinion and especially when they are hurting. I had never really had an experience with a Gemini man. I don't think I even came across one before 3/2010. Am a Cappie girl and totally love who I am. I have to say that my experience with a Gemini was unique. Personality wise we are so very different but alike in so many ways. I find it very difficult to open up and be myself around man in a romantic way. It's only when I feel safe and comfortable that I let my true self come out but with him it was from day one. I felt such a chemistry and such a connection with him that it was easy and normal for me to be me. It sucked that we could not be together because he was involved in a relationship. They do have very dual personalities and you do not know who you'll be getting on what particular day but I have to say it has been my best and happiest time. When I think about us all I do is smile and laugh. I don't know what life and destiny has in store for me all I know is that if it's meant to be we'll be together when the time is right and for now am just leaving and loving life. Wonderful memories with my GEMINI GUY.

  • Well let me add my experience with Gemini man. I hadn't even come across a Gemini before 3/2010. I can honestly say that it was and still is one of the most memorable experiences in my life. Am a cappie girl and it isn't easy for me to be my true self with men romantically speaking until I do not feel safe and comfortable. But with him from the very first moment that we literally looked into each others eyes it was like if we've known each other from a long time. It was so easy and comfortable for both of us to be together but it was very difficult not to be able to take it further because of the fact that he was involved with someone else. All I can say is that for the short time that we had together it was fun, frustrating, easy, hurtful, lovable, sweet, tearful, and most of all beautiful and wonderful. Yes it is true that their dual personalities can make it very difficult but I do not regret one single ounce of my wonderful and blessed experience. When I think of us all I do is smile and laugh and wonder how he is doing? I do not know what destiny has in store with me but if we are meant for one another our time will come and in the mean time am leaving and loving life.

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