I hate Gemini Men

  • What are you talking about? I don't live in a perfect world. did you read about my stupid grandfather?! I have been hurt myself, and yeah when I get hurt it's usually cuz I lower my standards and let some moron in who doesn't deserve me. What i was SAYING was that women could avid this heartbreak if they highered there STANDARDS. It doesn't prevent everything, but it helps. Bad things happen in the world and my life is far from perfect. I could tell you how to live, and I know how I SHOULD live but I myslef don't always follow it. Hey, my momma raised me better and tells me not to do stupid stuff like move in with some guy and not be married to him, yet I sometimes feel like moving in or letting some guy move in with me, I try hard not to let that happen, and I'm a femminist so I really try not to let men get the best of me but sometimes they do. I feel like making a forum about how you hate Gemini men isn't going to get you anywhere. You must not have read about my life if you think it's perfect.

  • I'm in love with a Gemini right now and let me tell you, it's hard keeping it shallow and detatched when we are sooooo close and are intimate with eachother. (no we don't live together and heck I know sleeping with him was a bad enough idea) Hed gives me mixed signals, sometimes he's really sweet and really serious and like all about me, and other times he's out partying making out and doing more with other women and being a moron with his guys. It hurst me a little but I've learned to detatch and not take it too bad. I keep my word and when I got together with him we decided we'd be like erm....love(hehe they block words) friends. (yeah, low morals right there) Now I feel like I am falling in love were before we were just strictly about the love making. rofl that sounded funny. But yeah, that's it. That's my imperfect world for ya! SOmetimes I feel like he lovofes me but ya know, there are plenty other men in the water and plenty of Libras and Geminis and he might not be the one. He has said he wanted us to live together. He has said he wanted to travel with me. He has mentioned marriage before but never actually said he wanted to marry me. Actually he mentions it like once a month. -_- These are the mixed signals I'm talking about. One day he wants to be a dad and the next he thinks marriage sucks. Hmm..... If we stop this messing around I won't e surprised and I won't be mad. I might be sad, but I won't tell him, and I won't say that on this site. I'll tell my bestest girlfriends when I'm sad. But I can''t act surprised when I know how Gemini men are. Things could be perfect and he could decide to walk out the door just because he felt like it that day. He might come back 2 weeks later (like usual) or maybe 6 months later. Ya know them and exes. Heh. Who knows. Just try not to let a Gemini man's behaviour shock you. And stay a bit detatched, a bit. Yes, yes? That way the heartbreak is none or much less.

  • Hi "Heavenlybohemian" We have lived the same things then, i m not sure what to say to you because we have actually went through the same things about the life story and Gemini

    I left mine yesterday, i took 2 months away from him to see things more clearly

    i understand what you are saying seriously, i love him too but Girl i realise whats good to love someone like this

    what you dont realise is the constant down feeling you get, you never know when his going to come or go, you feel you got some kind attachment or connection but it;s all not true

    For example my connection with Sagittarius are stronger and real

    I seriously wish you could see how this kind relation with Gemini man that are living like this is not good for any woman to be in

    I Love him but i was losing the love i had for myself each day

    i really realise that LEAVING him was the best for me,

    what the point loving someone and feeling the need and the feel to be detach all the time

    when he comes back and his next to me, i m not open i m close, i seat there next to him and i cant relax, i m not talking i m not smiling i m not feeling like i am with my best friend i feel scared to open up

    when i open up and bit BAM he shut me again and we go again for another round of waiting and distancing

    this is my first Gemini man and it's really good because i know other men have more to offer to me that this guy that just bring uncertainty and no support in my life

    you are going through this, i m sorry you are and i m sorry you love him more then then you love yourself

    i m sorry if you dont like what i m saying but yes, men like this and things like this to me are not real love

    I pray that any women in this world doesnt stay in this kind relationship where the men just keep playing with their emotion and they see other women when they feel like it

    in long run you will feel the drain of this relationship on you, you will see

    i didnt let it get to me that soon, me and him we dont know each other for that long but the relationship made me sick and i m glad to be out and there is no coming back, suck of the game and mixed message

    Gemini are not close to their emotion, not like women that are close to their emotion this can create enormously pain inside someone

    when you are in it you dont realise it, especially if it been so longm it's when you take a step back you realise you actually not getting the love you want

    you cant kiss him when you want

    you cant hug him when you want

    you cant see him when you want

    he doesnt ever reply to your txt , he does it when he feel like it

    he ignore you when he feel like it

    he say his busy but his speaking to other women right now thats why he is busy

    Tell me why a woman that call herself a feminist will agree for this kind treatment, isnt this what Feminist should fight for????

    i m Proud of my title" I HATE GEMINI MEN'" yes i am because i met so many people living the nightmare that i was in , including you

    it help me to make a definite decision about it

  • I think I'm a less emotional Aquarius than you are. Not to mention I've known my Gemini since I was a child. We are close. I get annoyed with his selfishness as you pinted out earlier but I deal with it. I realize I don't know what I want and if he were more romantic and here for me I would get annoyed. Hmm. I'm a bit detatched myself. Every Aqua is different. He consistently comes back to me and every day our relationship gets better. He was more that typical Gemini jerk when we first started, not so much anymore. And I am okay being his lover right now. I don't really know if I'm even ready to be his wife because I get weirded out and feel uncomfortable when he talks marriage. hmm.... I don't know what I want. He will ask me why I'm mad and cater to me at times. I try to have a balanced perspective. There is more good than bad in our relationship. He told me he realized how good I was to him and wanted to do the same back to me. As I said before. I feel somewhat lucky to have him for my Gemini lover. He is one of the best Gemini out there if you must be with a Gemini. I don;t know. I myself am not ready to go deeper I think. I think and fight with myslef about it all the time in my head. And I relaized that if I was unsure about going deeper I shouldn't. I am satisfied just knowing him. I get upset when he isn't up for intimacy as much as I am, but I also realize how a man who wanted love more would annoy me. I like the challenge a bit. And I think he likes me at a bit of a distance. I think if I wasn't away from him at times he wouldn't come back to me, and even I need my alone time. You see just how unsure I am don't you.... A femminist doesn't want to be tied down..... I can be a bit more like a man, ay? As I said before, no two Aquas are alike. I think every person needs to do what is healthy for themselves. I definitely don't have a problem with the kind of relationship I have with him. It works for me. Different strokes for different folks.

  • "Heavenly" i really dont know what you are talking about, i dont call myself sensitive because i do know what i want

    i dont understand anything you are saying, one side you saying woman should have a standard and you obviously dont follow that and other way you say this and that, you say so many things that just dont click together

    You say so many times you dont know what you want so how can you expect someone to give you anything

    you call me sensitive because i do know what i want and i know when someone is not treating me the way i expect

    you say Feminist cant be tie down, i really dont think you got any IDEA what be a Feminist is

    you sound like you need to go and get educated about so many things and the first things is to educated yourself about yourself

    well good luck

    i m over The Gemini guy and i m so glad i am

  • I said I wasn't sure what I wanted. i admitted to that. And my Gemini doesn't actually treat me poorly. He calls me at least 5 times a week and we see eachother at least once a week. You are a different person from me and you Gemini sounded like he was doing you wrong. My Gemini isn't that way. So your not sensitive then. Then it has nothing to do with either of us and everything to do with that our Gemini men weren't the same people. My girlfriends think I'm a femminist and am hard on men. I kindof got the title that way. I think you are more emotional than I, and that's fine. You obviously are for making this forum. Goodbye.

  • As I said, I'm a bit detatched myslef. I have him coming to me asking me if I'm mad at him sometimes when nothing is wrong just because I didn't call him or something. I have some Gemini in my chart myself. hmm...... poofs

  • Hi "Heavenly" i have a lot Gemini in my chart too, i dont know what to say , if two people come together and both doesnt know what they want this will create unbalance, someone need to get a stable feet in somehow

    do what make you happy is your life

  • "heavenly" please consider what star2u is telling you. i have been with a gemini for 18yrs- married 11 of that. i would like to say gemini's ar different that what she is saying but the truth is what it is. not saying gemini men are horrible people and don't have genuine feelings but trust me- its always more about them than it ever will be about you. it all revolves around control. i am stuck in a real sticky situation myself. married to a gemini and have 2 kids. i want out so terribly bad and trying to figure out the best way to do so. there is never a clean break with gemini men. they always try to reel you back in. its control. i guess its not as bad as you are only dating one but don't screw up and marry one. don't close your eyes to the obvious signs darlin. i have done this far too long and always thought it's ok, it'll get better. and it does get better- right before it gets even worse. don't set yourself up for heartache. it sucks. it sucks even more for myself bc i have allowed myself to get to the point i am at. i allowed him to do this to me. he is deep down a really good guy and has good intentions but his ways are so very unhealthy for me. star2u has gotta lot of good points and is REAL>! just be careful and don't end up like me bc ultimately i have noone to blame but myself. good luck

  • yup the me=I miss u mis mis you, him =oh well maybe u do now, let' be friends, seriously so it's a chase but hwen u're ready thy are gonn and prob smiling) arrgh--thre must be an easy erase memory access somewhere--holes r to deep to get out off

  • do u know y he waited till 28? just curious

  • what is exactly is this darkness-- I know they tty to hide it

  • This may be off you guys' current topic but I was curious if you have any experience with this. My Gemini and I have been broken up for a little over a month now. It's been a bitch to get over, but I have managed not to call or text with the exception of his birthday. I wished him a Happy Bday, he did not respond. I left him alone. His job was supposed to reimburse me money for something I did for him, I called him to ask him to push them to do so and he ignored my call and text. (I was straightforward in the text).

    We split because he was sending me and another girl the same text messages. I tried to warn the girl about him... that backfired, she decided to pursue him further just to make him mad. She makes it obvious and talks about me indirectly on social networks. I'm not surprised by this, but what I am surprised by is that he pays her even more attention then he did before. It's almost like he is engaging her because he knows she's the one (of many) I was upset about. She exaggerates their interactions JUST to make me upset. I ignore it, and she still talks about me. I am very aware that their interactions are purely sexual, and I know my Gemini well. Not only will that not keep his attention, he also has sexual interactions with other women. So i'm not threatened or upset by the girl, nor am I interested in "getting him back." And it's also not my imagination, at one point she made a direct reference about me to him on a social site.

    Just curious if this type of behavior typical of a Gemini? I have given him time, space, etc. Never once asked for him back... so I'm surprised he's being so mean and vengeful. Moving on is one thing, but why is he trying so hard to throw it in my face? Has anyone had this experience?

    As a Libra I forgive easily but my natural inclination toward fairness and tact are completely insulted by his behavior. So I actually don't even want to maintain a friendship with him at any point in the future. I can get over cheating if I'm no longer dating a person, but it's hard to get over being treated meanly on purpose.

    Any thoughts?

  • Hi "Librairie" yes i had this experience with the Gemini i knew and i spoke a lot girls that broke up with Gemini man that had the same reaction

    Sometimes i will say until you try to understand what his going with him and who his doing it you still in realtionship with him and you havent let go of him, you still waiting

    you see his not been nice to you but still you push it to get a reaction from him

    You also talk a lot about the other woman, well you dont know everything that is happening between them and you dont know how she feel about it really

    he made his choice to be with someone else. leave them in peace because all you are doing is making yourself an easy target for him later

    when if he want to come back to you and will have that door open and he knews it

    sometimes we stay with someone for a very long time and we feel exclusive and know them best but for someone people those time and those years are no longer important and you are the past

    staying around when someone treating you bad is looking for yourself to be hurt all over again

    the best luck in what you decide to do

    the other woman she is not too blame is him that you had a relation with, it's him that is sleeping with someone else. it;s him that doesnt love you back, it;s him not her

    but you are protecting him because you still love him

    loving someone like that, you wait and see how he will bring into your knees

    Gemini men love having people waiting for them because they change they mind a lot and they feel insecure inside, they need people waiting for them

    you may not feel like you are waiting for him but wait when he comes around and say sorry i miss you will see he will get back in faster then you think

    Gemini likes games and a lot them love themselves first and you are just there to fit a purpose and amusement when this is done they move to someone else, there is always someone else

  • I mean it's not quite that. I am not concerned because I want to be with him or because there is any door open. I am perfectly aware that this relationship is over. I also know that every guy I have ever dated has in time returned, whether it be for friendship or relationship. And my point was when he does, I won't even be able to be his friend because him and this woman have been so malicious.

    The way I have been feeling is just a natural part of my healing process. I choose to ignore the behavior now because it will help me move on faster. I was just wondering if anyone has known Gems to be downright malicious. His behavior is so different from when we were in a relationship. Like I couldn't ever imagine that he'd even think of doing these things based on how he was in our relationship. The cheating/other women I came to understand as a part of his behavior. But, not the meanness

  • My Gemini Ex was. I can't speak for all Gemini men but he could get downright nasty and then still want to be my best bud the next day!

  • Hi "Libraire" i understand i m sorry

  • No prob Star. And thanks PP! I was wondering if I had gone mad lol. His behavior seems so feminine, it's hard for me to picture a man actively trying to make me jealous and being so umm... mean girl-ish lol. Maybe not all Gemini men but whoaaa is he being nasty. Guess I'm on the bad twins side right now lol

  • Well "Libraire" we need to not focus too much on the astrology side of the person but also an the whole picture, i find out that the twin i was seeing had a personality disorder, this can be harder to deal with the people with Gemini but whatever is happening you need to always try to remember to be fair to yourself

    i was seeing this guy for a short term and because i was close to myself i noticed straight away something was wrong but since i been talking to so many women that are living with an abusive partner that take all kind crap every day

    good or bad, the dream of a man is to have every women and the best of that world

    to make good men there is a need of women that are more aware of their worth and value, otherwise you get all kind things happening to you

    you want to help people, you want to care but sometimes you need to be solid because a lot people out there are only interested by their own self interest and this is why things can be dangerous

    i wish you all the best

    like with that Gemini guy i cared for him but thanks god i push him away quick and looked at the situation

    this day i dont miss him at all and i nearly dont speak about him at all

    women need to remember , if a man want to sort thing out with you, they have the power to come and talk to you then leaving you wondering alone how to fix thing or how to interpret thing.

    too many women are out there trying to find away to fix the relationship but they are in this quest on their own when the man in their life are doing his life without a thought of them

    this life is too short to waste on people that want out, then leave them out and put more trust on god there is someone out there that will give you more love then the one you are trying to pursuit

    but most the time we trying to pursuit the guy that give us more grief and we dont value our time and life in the is world by doing this

    The relationship start difficult it wont change later, men are simple what you see is what you get, most the time they do tell you what you may get with them, we just dont want to hear it and see potential on the relationship that are not there

    this is asking for trouble and pain for ourself

    i hope someone is listening out there about this

  • HeavenlyBohemiann I TOTALLY understand where you're coming from with everything that you've said !! 🙂

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