Love relationship

  • I am back again on the forum. Met a lovely single man, who after showing great interest, has calmed down, just as I am getting interested in him. He seems a bit afraid and cautious. I want to take the relatinship further. How? We are both over 50s so its not some childish relationship. At least I have the sense that this will be my final relationship.

    But am also afraid that he too will go away like so many others in my life.

    My birth date, March 12,1956.

    Sometimes i get all depressed wondering if anything will work out in terms of a love relationship. All else, is really swinging though: money, career etc.

    can someone give me a pyschic or astrological reading? Please.

  • We need the b'day of your new friend. Thanks..

  • I dont know as yet. But what does my birth day indidcate? Will I find the one I want?

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