Leo-Virgo cusp/Scorpio issues !

  • I am asun sign, Libra moon, and Scorpio rising, my partner is a Scorpio. My question is to the captain, what is my partners sun sign ,moon and rising sign. We get along most of the time, but I've noticed alot of our struggles surround control issues, he wants it always, whereas I can relinquish it from time to time. It's so lop sided it gets nasty when we are angry, then he is happy and then he expects things to go back to normal and forgotten. Is it because of his sign that involves war, cause I can't stand fights and he says he doesn't but it seems every chance he get's oop's there we go, and the complainig he doe's about just anything. What can, you tell me how I can work this situation out ,we do have a strong attraction to each other and I believe both are loyal to the relationship , except time to time he displays a green eye for no apparent reason, I think. I understand they possess a sensitive nature, but have no idea how they step all over others, how can that be?Ayway his birthday is Nov. 08,1952 , mine is Aug. 20, 1955. please the Captain or anyone with some insight would be good.The Captain give me your opinion on the signs regarding the risings and the compatibility of us and what I could do to save us?


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