I need a dream interpretation, please?

  • I had a dream last night about a large black spider that I could not catch oe kill in my dream. Can anyone tell me what this may mean? I would greatly appreciate it. Love and Light be with you all!!!

  • Hello misskay1969

    I did a tarot cards reading regarding your dream. In a dream, spider means one's own dark side, intrigues are planned and possible conflict with your mother.

    Situation as it is:Nine of Pentacles

    Although you have a great deal to be proud of and hopeful about, action on your part is still needed. Be sure that you are very clear and specific about your goals and plans. Know what your part is in bringing them about. If you aren't sure what you need to do next, ask for advice from someone you trust. Think positvely.

    Action: Five of Wands

    The 5 of Wands can indicate open conflict and competition. Usually this is in the career/work arena. Know that you don't have to - and should not - face this alone should problems arise at work; there are competent advisors at your disposal should things become difficult. Take one step at a time and think before you act or speak.

    Future: Seven of Pentacles

    You will be focused on the reality that life is cyclical, and that what goes around always, without fail, will come around. Remember that when you make a point to be generous - whether with time, energy, or money - that too is an investment in your own future. Share what you have. Accept gratefully what you are given.

    Good Luck!!

  • I had a dream that I was pregnant. I have never been pregnant and never recall dreaming that I was pregnant before. I went to the house of the father of the baby, and he was standing next to his mother; she being seated to his right at a table, facing outward. The faces of the boyfriend interchanged with that of another boyfriend and his mother seated in the same spot, then another ex husband and his mother. I stood before them, then turned and left in a black IROCZ28 Camero, like I used to own. I went to where there were warehouses and dirt driveways. I rolled out clothing and sorted it out. Then the dream changed and I was alone and needed a ride to the doctor. I got a ride from a girlfriend who took me to the doctor's office that was busy, then we went to a house and I was alone with a woman sleeping in this house I knew did not like me. I needed to go to the bathroom and the bathroom had no toilet. I found one that did and locked myself in. The woman awoke and even though she didn't like me took me to the doctor's office but made me walk the distance from the road along the curved driveway to the office home of the doctor. I was so heavy with baby it was hard but I did it. The dream ended when I reached for the doctor's office door handle.

  • Thank you so much Natapier! I do have issues with my Mother's current situation. She has reunited with her estranged husband, which I have good reason not to think highly of. She is never around anymore, I have no phone number to call in case of emergency, It's like she has disappeared. I called her home today, still no answer. She is a gemini, so that tells me a lot, since I lived with one myself for years. They can be very selfish ppl. I also buried my loved pet yesterday. Which actually broke my heart. I never thought I could get so attached to an animal like that, surprise! Again, thanks so very much. Much love and Light! I could really use a good reading, I have a lot of stress upon me right now. Thanks much!

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