Blmoon, i am new here, could you pls read for me

  • My date of birht is 2/10/1981 initials ss

    his is 10/2/1975 intiials rf

    could you tell me what is there between teh both of us?thanks you soooo much

  • blmoon, this is me and my dad, he died January 20, of this year. I feel as if he has appeared and "visited" everyone but me. I think he has a message for me, but im in so much grief I cannot hear anything. please tell me whatever it is I am looking for. I have no idea, but dont know where else to turn. thank you.

  • cant find a small enough picture, sorry

  • maybe you can do this without a picture. his name was Eugene, mine is Grace. his date of birth was December 22, 1941; mine is October 18, 1967. He died January 10, 2010. where is he? Where's my message?

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