Single Scorpio Women 33yrs Needing Friends

  • I am 33 yrs old, I have never been married, no kids. I am really lonely actually. My friends that I had growing up have all went their own way. Not to mention I am not really very good at making friends being that I don't really go out all that much. To anyone that may be interested I would love to hear from you. Just trying to reach out and see if I might be able to change my status. Thankyou

  • Hello Passionplay,

    I think you will find plenty of friends here! It is a wonderful site full of giving, caring and extremely insightful people. Why don't you go back through several pages of the topic threads and communicate on the ones that jump out to you. Like you , I also have never been married and have no children. I do have some very good friends but they are all married so I may not see them a lot. and I do not go out much either. Do you volunteer at anything, belong to any clubs? Maybe think about it. I used to volunteer with animals but work has taken up to much of my time right now but I idid enjoy it very much. Anyway, see you around on the posts!

  • Hi Passionplay!

    If you look on the threads, you'll defenitely be able to find people in similar situations as you 🙂

    I don't think anyone in their right mind would refuse to start talking to you, at first. Then you can see if your personalities are compatible, and if they live close by or something -same country, or same state-... if they don't... well, you can keep talking to them and meeting more people in the meantime!

    If they do... well, same thing, except after some time if both are up for it, you can transfer your friendship into real life.

    (I'd advice to be careful on your first meeting, and take someone you know along... but of course you already knew that, right?)

    Anyway if you're having trouble with ''how'' to do anything, maybe try checking the wikihow... I dont think I can post the URL here, but search it up on google, they seem to have guides for all kinds of things.

    You Scorpios are amazing people, from my short life experience(I'm Virgo, with Scorpio rising), scorpios make very good(perhaps the best) friends, for as long as the person relating to you is sensitive enough to be careful not to get stung by the poison... (Ps: This can be very high pressure on one's mind xD).

    If the person takes a wrong step... well... OUCH!!

    Sorry I can't give any better advice since I have trouble meeting new people myself(well, not trouble meeting people... more like trouble approaching them, once I see them), but I am sure there will be more helpful replies from people with a more vast life experience, and better communication skills!

    Cheer up!!!

    Best Wishes


  • Why Hello PassionPlay, nice to see that you have joined this Tarot Forum.

    There are some LOVELY people on this site who really care about each other.

    You mentioned that you are lonely...I do not know what your religious belief systems are; however, going to Synagogue, Church, Mosque, Temple, etc., etc. is an excellent way to meet nice professional single people.

    Also since your Biological Clock is starting to tick {I am assuming that you want babies???}

    I would suggest you hire a matchmaker. Usually men who join these matchmaking sevices are seriously looking for a wife.

    There is also the option of adoption as well. Look at Sandra Bullock's Fat, Sweet pumpkin...I could just STEAL him. There are some beautiful Asian, White and Black babies that are waiting for YOU!! Share your love with someone who would be appreciative. As you know Children have unconditional love:) unlike like Men...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...slimeballs, I'm just kidding; BUT, you get my point. There are a lot of babies out there looking for YOU!

    WHAH, WHAH,WHAH,...... please adopt me, please adopt me PassionPlay.

    I see a Cute Curly Redhead in your future.:)

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