What a dream...

  • So, my father died in January of 2004 when I was only 14 years old. We were very, very close, as I was his only child and we lived together. He became awfully ill around Christmas time, and soon after was in the hospital. This made me sick. I would bug my mom to take me to see him everyday, and she would kind of shoo me off (thinking he was coming home soon). The last chance i got to see my father was on Jan. 21st, his birthday. He passed on the 26th. I felt tremendous guilt for not seeing him before he passed, but he was supposed to be coming home within the next few days(the doctors said he was getting better). Anyways, the night my father died, I had this crazy dream. I had a dream that he was laying in my mom's bed with our special blanket i had bought him draped over him.. I was crying begging him not to close his eyes and he was telling me that he was only going to sleep and not to be worried. i begged for him not to leave me, and he just kept saying im not going anywhere, im only going to sleep and kept trying to close him eyes and i just wouldnt let him. When i woke up the next morning, i felt awful. the dream felt so real, that it all just hit me. my mom looked at me and said i have bad news, and that was enough. i knew what the bad news was. he had passed awaay around 3am. i fell to the ground crying, just replaying the dream over and over in my head. I found this strange, because i never rememmber any of my dreams and i still rememmber clear details 6 years later.

    has this ever happened to anyone else? can anyone even begin to try to explain if there was a connection between the dream and real life?

    ps my father had a dream the same night his mother (my grandmother) died, except he dreampt of her bleeding from her eyes, ears, and mouth. my grandmother also instinctively knew when her twin sister died (my gram was in the hospital, we didnt want to upset her. but she was screaming and crying saying she knew..)

  • My heart absolutely broke as I read that. I'm crying, I can only imagine what you must have felt.

    hugs to you. I think he said he was sleeping because he knew he'd see you again and he didn't want you to think it was final. In my opinion (and I"m no expert!), that dream had significance because it was a message from him to you. Sister, thank you for sharing your story. To love a father that much is an amazing experience and I'm honored that for a blink in time I was able to feel it as well. You really touched my heart with this. Hugs....

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