Move on or show patience

  • My parnter of 7 years and I recently seperated. Her job over the last year has caused her to travel alot and and it created distanceer for us. i beleived that if I ygave her time to get more settled in her job that she would eventually achieve some balance and come back to us.

    about 6 weeks ago she told me," I can't do this anymore." She said she needs to simplify her life, be closer to her kids and grandkids and do more just for her. So she moved out of our home.She says she doesn't know what it will feel like to be away from me and doesn't want to bsay we are done, but for now she can only be my friend. I am heart broken because I still love her and would like to work things out. Shoud I move on or be patient and give her room?

  • Why does she have a job that requires her to travel? Is it because she wanted this type of job or was it a necessity for her to take this job for fianancial reasons?

    I feel that if it is meant to be it will be. But I also know that communication is the key to all relationships.

  • I would communicate first and ask her if she really wants to end it or not.

    It's well and good for her to need more time, but you're a person, too. It's not really nice for her to leave you hanging like that. If she wants to be with you, then she needs to the relationship and actually work at it... if she doesn't, then she needs to just say so. The way your relationship is now, there doesn't seem to be a clear line of what exactly it is or isn't, and that's just asking for trouble.

    Good luck.

  • Hi, I would think about what issues you all had as a couple. There might be a few things that you might be overlooking. Does she live far from her grandkids when you all are together. Sometimes people just grow apart. Personally, in past relationships I felt as though my partner expected too much time and attention. Could you be demanding on her and not even realize it. My advice is to give her room. I feel this is the only solution at this point. I would not be demanding. If you feel you can't cope w/ the situation, then it probably is time to move on. She did make the major move.

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