Help from any psychic please?

  • Should I give up on wanting something to develop between Twan and I?

    Is there anything there for us?

    I want his love so much. I desire to be close to him.

    I'm confused on weather I should keep hoping for something to happen or just forget about it.

    Yesterday I pissed him off..

    and he made me really upset.

    He ended up leaving instead of staying where we were at, and I was really bummed out because he was so quick to leave and I know it was because of me.

    His birthday is this Monday, May 3rd. I want to be with him on his birthday.

    Thanks much to anyone who replies to my post.

    Advice, readings, to be able to see the way he feels, to see our compatibility with each other, or anything that will help me would be appreciated.

    Oh and does anyone know if there is a way to change your display name? Mine is Piscesgirl4life, and I don't like it.

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