Should I move on or should i be patient?

  • Hi,

    I am a beginner at the RW tarot deck. Idid a celtic cross spread this morning asking if my ex boyfriend and I would reunite as a couple again.

    I got the following card:

    Position 1: heart of the matter: knight of cups to represent him

    position 2: Opposing factor: 6 of wands

    position 3: root cause: 7 of pentables

    position 4: past: ace of cups

    position5: goal or purposes: wheel of fortune

    position6: Future: Lovers

    position 7: you as you see yourself: the emperor

    position 8: outside environment: the star

    position 9: hopes and fears: page of swords

    position 10: outfome: queen of swords then i pulled a second card because i was confused: 10 ofcups

    Your help would be much appreciated. I am very confused about the queen of swords..does this mean there would be another woman? or does this represent me? Also, since the lovers card came up in the near future, would that mean it's with me? or in his life in feneral?

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