How do you trust again?

  • I have written before and had some real eye awakening responses. quick synopsis, He is 66 and I am 46. We have been 'dating" for 7 months. went out of the country together and have an active sex* life. taurus (him) leo (me). he treats me well but is very secretive. I can't spend the night with him as he states his roomate (as his house is rented out) went through a bad relationship and dosn't want people over there. We are leaving again on monday for 12 days out of the country. He pays for it all but I still can't get over the fact that we can't be together at his temp. place. the only time we can be "together" is at a swingers club or out of the country and I NEVER have been out with him at night, only during the day! (ps.. We never share when we go to a swingers club) I know he truely likes me but I can't get over the fact that we can't spend the night together. He always has an excuse to all my questions and is supposedly divorced. Sounds like i am being played for or he is for real?

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