• okay the astrology that most people use is outdated by about 3,000 years. the stars and constilations have moved since then. Until i found this out felt like i could never live up to the persona of a leo. I felt a juge relief when i found out i was actually a cancer. Now my horoscopes and personality trairs actually make sense and are accurate. I have looked up my family and friends and have found the same. Hope this helps anyone who feels they don't fit their western astrology sign.

    If we count all the traditional constellations, there are 13 in the zodiac, not 12. So here are the dates (give or take one day each year) when the Sun is between Earth and each of these 13 constellations. )

    Constellation Dates Number

    of Days

    Sagittarius Dec 18 - Jan 18 32

    Capricornus Jan 19 - Feb 15 28

    Aquarius Feb 16 - Mar 11 24

    Pisces Mar 12 - Apr 18 38

    Aries Apr 19 - May 13 25

    Taurus May 14 - Jun 19 37

    Gemini Jun 20 - Jul 20 31

    Cancer Jul 21 - Aug 9 20

    Leo Aug 10 - Sep 15 37

    Virgo Sep 16 - Oct 30 45

    Libra Oct 31 - Nov 22 23

    Scorpius Nov 23 - Nov 29 7

    Ophiuchus Nov 30 - Dec 17 18

  • Yes I agree, the constellations, I heard do move every 2500-3000 years. My b'day is 8-6, which is supposed to make a leo, but I have 4 planets in my 10th house cancer. I do exhibit traits of both signs depending on my mood(does that sound very cancerian, or what), I like to stay home, I live by myself, so it gives me time to recharge my batteries, but like a leo when I want to go out, I'm gone! So this is very interesting, is there any chance that astrologers will pick up on this and re-adjust how they erect charts and do readings?

  • Um...what if you fall under the Ophiuchus? My Birthday is December 11. So apparently I have no definition. I feel so left out 😞

  • Okay I looked up some info on Ophiuchus "The Serpent Bearer". There's not too much for personality traits or character traits but it's really interesting.

    I was so proud to be Sagittarius...oh well at least that's not the only thing that defines me LOL 😉

  • I would be a taurus...but my traits are definitely gemini to a T. My hubby comes out as a Cancer not a, he's definitely a roaring lion (he's even got the mane of hair to go with it!) Interesting though.

  • There is no way I am a capricorn. Aquarius all the way. But this is VERY interesting indeed! Why haven't we changed to this method?

  • Very interesting. I still fall into the Leo category, but because it's on the cusp (August 10th) of Cancer/Leo, it explains why I fit a Cancer too. This was enlightening. Thank you

  • Well, this explains why I have so many pisces traits....but I'm still a hell of an Aries. I think I'm too outspoken, impulsive and stubborn to be all pisces. But I wonder if thats because I grew up thinking I was an Aries....

  • That would then make me a Taurus, but I definitely have the gemini trait. I can be stubborn like a Taurus but that's the only characteristic I can say I have. So does this mean that in another 3000 years that the zodiac signs will change again, then I guess that will make me a Cancer in my next life time, lol. Think I'll stick with the traditional method. It fits my personality.

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  • As much as I would love to take this into consideration I just can't. The people who I come in contact with I can usually tell their sign a mile away. And as much as I love and sometimes idolize sagitarius i know there's no way I could actually be one. My venus in sag is the closest I'll get.

    Capricorn I am. Capricorn I shall remain....


  • I am a leo though the chart I would be a cancer. I can be sensitive and emotional though at times. Thouh I am a fire signs.

  • If this is true this makes me a pisces which explains why I always fall for water sign men. What about the rest of our charts tho? does this mean our moon sign and so on is different?

  • interesting... but I just found this book that includes your sun sign, moon sign and rising or ascendant. The rising for everyone I know is scary accurate! really makes sense.

    The book is more traditional but very modern and correct.

    It is called: the only astrology book you'll ever need by Joanna Maritine Woolfolk

    check it out! comes with a very correct cd for finding your chart.

  • I have heard about this new chart many years ago. I didn't know whether to trust it or not so I just skipped it. I would be cancer and hubby sagitarrius, which both do not seem correct because I fit leo personality and hubbys Cap more than Sag. Astrology is fun but right now I'm into learning spirituality. I'll take this with a grain of salt and maybe someday I'll see how the new chart fits

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  • Ya okay the stars might of moved but im not a tauras like. I have all the traits of a gemini like so yano.. Im 22nd may and i am gemini.

  • In this chart I'm a Virgo and I'm a Scorpio. I have some traits of a Virgo because my Venus and Mars is in Virgo. My Scorpio Sun esp being in the first decan, I am a Scorpio 100%

    But my mother is a Pisces and in this chart she an Aquarius. I could she her being a Aqua....and she doesn't have one Aquarius placement in her birth chart.

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