New to this and need a little help please!!!

  • So im new to this site and i have a question about the number 12. In two years (2012) i will be turning 24. My birthday is December 12. All together its 12-12-12. Again ill be turning 24 which is 12+12. Now ive never been one to worry about the meaning of numbers or anything, but i am interested if there is anything significant about the number 12. Just for something cool to tell my family and friends. Thanks

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  • Hi Jockboi99,

    I'm new at this also but have always been interested in numbers & am learning about numerology. Seems you may have alot of fun conversations with your family & friends about this. From what I found there are many interesting points about your birthday. First, your birthdate in numerology comes out to a 11 life path. 11 is a master number which is said to be a psychis number, highly intuitive and sensitive. It represents illumination and channel to the higher self.

    When I searched the number 12 (just googled on the internet) I found an interesting site at HumanReligions.Info that says that the number 12 is a devine number. You should check that out. It sets forth its significance in math, the zodiac, & religious references. The conclusion, however, will then not make you feel so special as the author & scientific community don't give much creed to astrology.

    I'm sure there are many on this forum that have been talking about ascention and the year 2012. You can check out those threads if interested & perhaps they will respond here. Have fun with it.


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