I've asked a few times, no response yet :0) any psychics willing to help?

  • Hi all, I was wondering if any of you would be willing to help me out with this. I'm really burning to know what is ahead for me, it's been a burning biological issue for a while. I have two kids already and love them to pieces but have always felt as though I missed the big family I always dreamed of having. :0) I'm blessed with two amazing, smart, sweet kids, one is 14 and the other is 9 but I"m only 32 and have time ahead of me and would absolutely adore having a big family, it is such a strong drive in me - I can't explain it. Anyway, I'd love some insight regarding kiddos, living situation and what marriage looks like a few years from now.

    I was wondering about a few "things that make me go Hmmmmm"... I'm curious. Ive had the baby craze for a few years now. I'm wondering if there are any more kiddlings in my future and if you see any moves coming up and where. I'm wondering about husband a few years out and what he'll be doing -where we'll be.. :0)

    Thank you, in advance :0)

  • Hello there, in order to help you out, I will be nice to have your date of birth to give you a reading.

  • that's awesome! thank you so much! I can't tell you HOW much I appreciate it!!!!! Yeaaaa!!!!

    Nov. 18 1977

  • I did some tarot for you regarding kids and a husband in the future and these are the results:

    situation like it is: 9 of pentacles

    action to be taken: king of pentacles

    future: hermit

    Interpretation: well the cards are saying that a new friend will come into the horizon who will stand by you in times of needs. This man is in his late 30s or early 40s and will be very serious about financial security and comfort. Moreover, he wil probably work in banking or the stock market, dress conservatively and smart. The time of being alone will be gone soon, prepare yourself in whatever way is necessary. Maybe you need to revamp your image or put on some brighter clothes, rather than hiding yourself under a huge coat or cloak.

    The guy I am seeing in your future will be a Capricorn sun sign man born during December 22- January 18.

    Good luck!!

  • Thank you billions! An older man huh? Surprise! Thank you thank you thank you :0) I've had my heart break a few times recently and I've rebounded well, worked on myself and feel like I"m more secure and settled than I ever have been before so it's nice to see that things look as though they will turn out positivel--- I honestly thought Capricorn would be younger than me...lol... Maybe it's an inner cougar coming out (kidding!!!!) lol :0) Thank you again!

  • You are welcome!

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