What did you dream about last night??

  • Yeah here goes..

    My bf had a dream that icluded;Me,This unknown guy to him,&him.

    He sayd that in his dream,I was talking to this guy(flirting,hooking up type) right infront of his face and how i would tell him that the unknown guy was nobdy and that i wasent trying to get with him and claimed that in the dream he didnt have any feelings but when he woke up he felt bad about the dream and he called me..lol..it was more to the dream but this was what stood out the most 2 me.

    What was his angels trying to tell him ?

  • I personally dont think his "Angels" were saying anything at all but rather, his subconscious fears and insecurities. Maybe he doesn't admit how much he cares about you or doesn't show much affection but that's typical male stuff and dreams like these (which he doesn't even realize) assure you and him both that he does indeed care a great deal and has hidden worries that he could lose you and it would damage him to an extent. Then of course you have to consider that it could be his conscience speaking out in dream state. Is he guilty? A common theme is for people who have cheated to feel remorse but at the same time not be able to shake the feeling that you're out to get even. Maybe this is the case. Perhaps you know about it, perhaps you dont and he'll never admit it but this is by no means grounds to go accusing him. Just pay attention, wise up and look for obvious signs. Nevertheless, to me it sounds more innocent and more like subconscious fears of losing you and realizations of the extent in which he cares for you surfacing while he is asleep and uninhibited and unable to guard his vulnerability so much. Hope this helps.


  • Dear jeezydoes it,

    [ -i like theusername by the way(: ]


    he has admitted to me about cheating on girls before and never really caring about them..after he had this awkard dream he called me and i confessed to him some little secrets and he forgave me and our realtionship will only get stronger and better..

    thnx much for the lovely advice..and nice meeting you by the way.

    what you introduced to me,it all made sense..lol

    have a wonderful day.

  • Another unusual and sad dream ?

    I had a dream last about..this is what i can remember..1st,it was my sister and BF in my house garage(which we converted into a room now)..the garges door was open and my sister was cooming in to i guess greet my BF..and so i went in the house got something to drink and came back to the garage(well almost) I opened the door and saw my sister & BF kissing and i was feeling so bad i told him [how could you do something like that to me,thats messed up..]..my sister didnt to much say anything and i really didnt care about talking to her..

    I then remember seeing my BF comming in the house after i broke up with him and was saying he knew he was wrong and how he was sorry and started to tear up(cry)..then i guess later on i also saw my sister in the house denying about kissing him..i was soo angry at her..i was going off on her and i think i almost beat her to death(i dont really know..cant really remember)

    Also in my dream..my house burned down..my whole family was in the house including myself and i believe my mom started to smell something funny and is then when we found out about the house burning down..with all our thing in the house..

    i didnt see my family anymore after..

    And then my x-boyfriend(my babys father) was also in my dream..we were in the car..he was driving..i was passenger seat..and i was telling him about my BF..and sister.He was smoking the whole time in my dream..I think we (my family) then got a new house because the house we went into was new looking just rebuilt.We were in the kitchen.Talking.When all of a sudden my other x also came over..smoking to.And we all sat down on the kitchen table and i think i was telling them about my relationship..when my my 1st x sayd that his other babys mother was pregnant and was 4moths pregnant and sayd something about her birthday being a year after his ?..lol dec 30..came up in my dream..which is my BF birthday..but it was my babys father who sayd this..being his babys mother birthday..huh ?


  • I dreamed of an african-american man beautiful as any man I have ever seen. He was close to me, I could smell his sweat,he kissed my neck and told me I was handsome and deserving of Love,true love not these demons that take my light and lie and use me. He was so gentle and his words were like oceans of water that sprouted out when he spoke. He was the most beautiful man i have eve seen. Do not judge me, you have no right, love knows NO Bariers, it is the most powwerful force in the universe and nothing can defeat it, that is why the battle for Heaven is already won. The enemy cannot love.

  • My mom who hs passed away 2 years ago pointing at a saint that my son took from our old house and gave to me for mothers day. What does it mean?

  • thank you for your help i have had 2 dream 1st one was on a hill and looking forward and then the car in front of me back up and hit me dark blue and then again was stop at a red light and then if felted like the car jump forward and hit a black car and it looks like the same car rear end the frist one i saw the plates but don't remember it hummm so what up with that thank you again peace love and light

  • today this evening while taking a brief nap,

    I dreamed of A Lady, Pretty young looked as if she

    were around 22, 23, and she and her daughter which looked to be about

    4, 5 had been with me in my dream; and i was over there house

    and we had been chatting i could feel it was my first time there because

    she had been showing me around and she just seemed so humble but happy

    and her daughter and she had such an lovely relationship...i was so amazed

    by thier her home and how ice it was.

    I dont understand the dream, but it was nice to have a visit from those two lol.

  • Dnnmre,

    Why do you think your mom was calling attention to the Saint? Perhaps go look at the object and handle it, and you will come up with the answers you seek.


    The dream's message is not a new one. You said "the home was nice", you did not say the house was nice. Home is where someone makes their life, a house is a thing. It appears she was rather well off financially, but she was humble, and the relationship with her daughter was "lovely". The material stuff was nice, but was not overly important, what was important was, having a home, being gracious to her guest, and above all having a good relationship with her daughter. If the dreams setting was in a dumpy one room apartment, the apartment would have been as nice as it could have been made, but the content of your dream would have been the exactly same. It may have been her home (the house), but from the woman's perspective it could have been the lobby of a very nice hotel (that she decorated) an she was showing you around. The ownership did not matter as much as the tour. The tour did not matter as much as being gracious to you.

    Certainly having nice stuff is nice, but it us more about responsibilty than it is endowment, stewardship than ownership. If you are ever going to get riches, the riches can not really matter to you. They may be nice, but they can not rule your life (riches can not be in your list of top ten things). Being gracious to a guest, treating someone as you would like to be treated, or better, will be more important. Having a good relationship with your daughter, or having a relationship that you wish you had with your own mother, will be more important. The dream is a version of the same message that you have been getting for a while now; if you want riches, then in order to get them, they need to be unimportant. Think of it this way, you read the forums, you see people posting "oh, if only I could be with Fred things would be perfect, without him my life is a steaming pile of dung", and you know when you read that, that until the sole meaning of that person's life is changed from being Fred, she will never be with Fred. Fred is repelled by being the center of the universe, because he knows he is not, and anyone who thinks he is is wrong.

  • This was a few nights ago, and I still don't know what it means. I'm in the bathtub, and I've filled it to BEYOND overflowing, up over the edge of the tub. I'm thinking of all the water that will be on the floor, and mopping it all up. But when I look over the edge, the floor is completely dry. It's like one of those 'illusion' swimming pools they have near the ocean in California. And the water is bright blue like in a swimming pool.


  • BrianTristan

    HUGS [here's a frappo] ahaha time to catch up, hows life ? lmao.

    Everything,you said makes complete sense! except her showing

    me a hotel, it for sure was a home, it felt like my first time

    since i felt like she was showing me things, and i just felt

    all her energy, She Was HAPPY. i've never been around a happy

    person lol, except myself. so it felt good.

    I also had a dream lastnight, about an ex boyfriend i had

    been thinking about alot lately, and just so happen seen

    him today and it was'nt so comfortable after seeing me

    with a new friend of mine. Dont know what my dream was

    tryin to tell me, but it definetly was tryna tell me something. lol

  • Ok,Usually I don't dream.If I do,they aren't remembered.However,for 3 nights straight,I've been dreaming of old boyfriends and the time frame is when I was 17 to 21.I haven't thought about these guys in years.Nothing sexual,but each with me in the passenger seat of their truck or van,just talkinng or no conversation at all.Very casual.Very perplexing.

  • brian,

    P.S I forgot to add, You are certainly right about

    not making riches the center of my attention and my

    top desire since money cannot buy Everything.

    Now I know I am Fine & have what i need and alot of my wants, My Worries are focused on the future, when my desires will become stronger I worry of not being able

    to satisfy them and which extremes I will go to?, To satisify them.

    Because Of my increased Money desire, My desire for the things money cant buy

    and everyday blessings are'nt as appreciated as they should be.

    I agree, Maybe this girl was showing me something about

    being humble,happy & still living very wealthy and traditional.

  • Addie,

    Hmmm. I did not explain your dream very well I see.

    You sort of get it, and you sort of do not get it, but the concept is a bit complex, and I have not explained it very well. You, Addie, will never be free of a desire for nice things, and/or living well (and that goes beyond being comfortable, and financially sound), it is part of who you are, and that is okay, but unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, then you are gonna have to work for it (more on that in a bit).

    The paradox of the whole matter involved here is your desire; if you want want want want, you will not get. It is only when you let go of the burning desire of want, only then will you receive.

    Right now, you are provided for, you are not made to really want for anything. Sure, those shoes that cost 200 dollars more would be nice, or the designer coach bag, and so on, but you have what you need, and then some. So, really you have not been made to suffer in the area of material wants. It could be instructive for you to read, or watch, anything you can find about the depression of the 1930s to understand what want really is about. There are some people still around who lived thru the great depression, and if you know anyone you should talk to them about it (if they will talk about it); a real eye opener. The concept of, wanting to have nice things, but having it as something that is peripheral to you, and not a focus to you, is a tad bit complex to actually understand, and even more so to implement. Besides understanding the great depression (not the cause, but the times people lived through), there is a guy by the name of Dave Ramsey (google his name) who has written books, an has a call in TV show, I think if you watched him, or read what he has written, you may also understand what I am talking about a lot better. He approaches finances from a spiritual perspective, which is quite different.

    Other than that, I would say that the only other way I could explain it would be like this... I have known various families who were people with money (meaning they were very rich), and I was surprised the first few times to learn that not much of their life was about stuff, it was exactly the opposite. For the holidays they would get clothes, and perhaps the family would get a new TV, or the kids a new video game system. Unlike the middle class kids, the rich kids did not have a TV, DVD player, video game system, and a computer in their bedrooms, all of that stuff was a shared family thing. Nowadays, each child may have a laptop sure, but they also need that to do work for school, it is not just a toy. The rich kids took family trips (skiing, sightseeing, and so on), it was more about doing things than having stuff, which I always thought was interesting. The money to the rich parents was about the power of being able to do things together, not about spoiling their kids with stuff, which the parents saw as detrimental to the kids development. They understood the concept quite well, and also saw having money as a responsibility, that they were stewards of that money and were to invest and spend it wisely. My example families, when I think about it, cut across all lines. Some are Jewish, some Catholic, some Muslim, some white, some black, some asian, some immigrants to the U.S., and some long established WASP families in the U.S., but they all did the exact same thing I mentioned above. I find that very interesting, as should you.

    In my example translating your dream, I said she was showing you her house (something she owned), like she was showing you the lobby of a nice hotel which she designed (something she did not own, something she did the interior design work on). I was trying to impart to you that her pride did not come from the ownership, but instead from the work she had put into it to make it nice, and from the stewardship of taking care of it (like she understood that all of it was on loan from God, and could be taken away tomorrow if he so wished). If you ever watched The Sound Of Music, you will remember the family flees Austria, leaving a big expensive house, and lots of expensive stuff behind, so they would be safe and together (what is most important). That imparts that concept of having nice stuff being nice, but not being so attached to it that you would do anything for it (become part of the third reich to save it and keep it).

    If you want riches:

    a. Then you will have to not want them, they will only be peripheral in your life, if you are ever to have them, and live like that.

    b. You will have to work for them. Meaning that if that is something you would like, then working for the Peace Corps is not going to make that happen, being a starving artist is probably not going to make that happen, but getting the education you need for, or a job in a field of, a profession that makes significant money can make that happen.

    c. If through marriage, dumb luck, or some other cosmic happy event, you have a bunch of money land in your lap, then you will have to understand it as a responsibility and not a payday. You will have to provide for you and yours long term by wise investments, and solid thinking, and not by trying to make big money on wild schemes, and by not trying to save the world with it. If you can provide for you and yours, make the lives of your family and friends better, then you are saving the world more than you could ever do by spending every last cent on some great cause. That is the truth, if you care to research it you will come to that same conclusion.

    Those are the lessons you can learn through watching, listening, or reading, or you can spend years learning them the hard way by living through the hardships, and mistakes.

    Worry is not so good, because it says something bad is going to happen, you are never good enough, you do not deserve that, or you do not deserve what you have. Worry is plain bad. Knowing that you must work because there is an abyss behind you somewhere ready to swallow you, that can be a good motivator, but only if you do not panic, only if you do not worry. Knowing you must get up and go to work when the alarm goes of at 6:30am and you need to be at work by 8:30am, is very different from waking up at 7:45am with just enough time to get ready and get there, or waking up at 8:30am were no matter what you do you will be late. A motivator has room between you and it, and is never an impending threat. Conversely, something that causes worry, or panic is right on your tail. In your case, you worry just to worry, because you are a worrier. You just need to move your worries into being motivators, because that is all they really are, you just make them into something they are not.

    Yes, your dreams do try to tell you things, quite often as a matter of fact. Any unresolved thing, or issue, in your life will appear to you in your dreams. Different for everyone, but your mind is so active, that your sub-conscience has much to work through, so you will have many dreams you are to figure the meaning. Can be a blessing if you look at them as instruction, could be a curse if they annoy you, or you do not seek to understand them.

    Quite long, and I am sure your ADD kicked in a few times, but re read it a few times and see if I explained the concept better in this longer post as to what your dream is trying to tell you.

  • I dreamt I had another baby, a girl. But she was born looking about 4 months old. What I can say with all honesty is that we are NOT going down that route again. I already have 3 children, which is more than what I can handle. 🙂 Then again, a mother's heart is like a bus - always room for one more....

  • Brian,

    luckily, I read this right when waking up so my nerves had'nt kicked in quite lol

    But i didnt have enough time time to reply earlier.

    About the dream, I strongly felt connected and happy for the girl

    she made me happy by being happy, because I felt REAL joy

    Not the fake hugs and smiles you get in the day to day world,

    No She was truly Happy, & I felt welcomed

    _Everything you said, I feel is a message I had needed to recieve

    I value materials most importantly, when Its not a need, honestly

    my room is starting to look like a a store lol. So I completely agree

    with you its not materials that will satisfy me because if that

    were the case I would be happy by now. but alot is missing & I agree with worrying also

    which is'nt good at all, Something I am constantly working on with myself,

    But now I think i worry about not worrying lmao, You see ?

    But its a day at a time effort. My ultimate Goal Is to Be Humble, Thats All I want

    Is To be humble and happy._

  • Addie,

    Your worrying has some root cause, it could be a mental scar from when you were young, it could be psychological, it could be a biological imbalance, what I do not know, but I know you have been seeking answers for many things for a while. The thing is to get to the root cause of you worries, and obsessions, obsession is too strong of a word but you know what I mean.

    Anyway, there are two forms of conditions, acute, and chronic. Acute can be treated and it goes away, chronic can only be managed. With physical health we understand that well, bronchitis is typically acute, whereas asthma is typically chronic (but neither always one or the other).

    In mental health, they seem to concentrate on chronic problems, and therefore we view all mental health treatment as dealing with people who are always gonna be having problems (read: people with mental disorders). This is unfortunate, since where mental health really does wonders is with acute problems, or chronic problems that are rather easily remedied (read: not mental disorders). What you are dealing with with your constant worries, and your thing that swings between I wanna be rich / I wanna live in a grass hut and save all the villagers, is something I think that can be dealt with rather easily. (I am not making fun of you, understand that, I will do that some other time). I am not a professional, so I can not begin to tell you what the root cause is, but my intuition tells me it is from trauma of some sort. This does not have to be anything extreme, and it typically is not, and is therefore easily dealt with. I tell you this because, this whole deal causes you a great deal of anxiety, you are not sure what to do about it, and you have been looking for some answers, for some time.

    My suggestions at this time are this...

    First look up a hypnotherapists in your area, meaning a real professional with a MD, a PhD, a MSW, or a Masters in Counseling or a Masters in Psychology, who uses hypnotherapy as a treatment tool, these people are not the magic show people, and they do not do Jedi mind tricks, it is just a very quick way to over come the cycle that you have gotten caught up in.

    Second is to find a counselor if the hypnotherapy sounds to "out there" for you, and this approach takes longer, but can also be quite effective.

    You are not crazy, and there is not something very wrong with you, not at all, but you are hitting this brick wall and can not get past it, and that is frustrating the heck out of you, I can feel that. Sports psychology people, are the best example of what I am trying to explain, they help clients get past mental blocks so the clients can go further, you know the "be the ball thing", that is all you are looking to really do with yourself, is to get rid of the mental block so you can excel.

    Birth charts, and readings, and crystals are all well and good, but this one is a mental block. Humility is good, but being humble I am not sure is going to bring you happiness, it sounds to me to be more of I give up, and if I live the life of a monk, then finally I will achieve happiness. Conversely, I see your happiness as coming from excelling and achieving, and living a vibrant life. If I felt that being a cloistered nun, or a Peace Corps person was your path I would just agree with you, but I see that way of life for you as being very very unsatisfying.

    The dream I think, is quite possibly about you more than you know. I get the feeling it was you showing the present day you around your home. The child was your child, and the relationship you saw between the you of the future and the child is the one you would have, and exactly what you wish you had with your mother, but do not. Bad role models, and relationships that we wish could be more, can be a positive, and can be instructive. You will notice the house was not a grass hut, and the house was a home and not just a house. It was also a pretty nice place energy wise, and on the eyes. I see that as what you will have, not magically, but what you will eventually have if you get this mental block removed.

    You are indeed constantly working on yourself, but I feel that you feel you have not gotten very far, and are quite frustrated. The key is to enlist some professional help, so you can excel. The thing blocking you is something you need to figure out what it is, and then deal with it, and I am not sure you can do that all by yourself. I suppose you could, but it may take five years, whereas counseling may take 1 to 2 years, whereas hypnotherapy may take 1 to 4 months. That is pretty much what I am getting for your current state of things. I hope that gives you some insight for dealing with where you are at, and I hope you understand what I am talking about is removing a mental block (like sports psychology), and not a put your straight jacket on and gimme some pills type of thing (like lock me up and throw away the key). Are you kosher with what I am getting at? I suppose it is quite personal, but it is at the root of the very thing you have asked for any guidance about. You been at it awhile, and are more than a little frustrated, so I figured I would cut to the chase, get down to brass tacks.

  • Brian,

    Ummmmm.., No I can't relate to that & I'd rather pass i dont think thats for me haha.

    I've studied psychology and Im sure I know when a person needs

    psychological treatment lol, Its nothing I had a problem with during

    my childhood either didnt have much to worry about.

    I think of worrying as something all humans are generally

    conditioned to, you know what I mean ? We each have a conscious and

    we worry about various things ex: I noticed a friend kept mentioning he hoped his

    friend makes her flight home safely. Its Being Prepared But not Paranoid

    Thats the situation with me, As far as me saving a whole villiage lmao, I just understand

    I have a unique calling in life 'To Help' & Its something that I want to Do

    Im not asking anyone will my efforts be successful, Because thiers were'nt successful

    so of course thier gonna tell me my efforts will be unsuccessful. Its reasonable doubt

    that kill alot of peoples dreams. My worrying is my motivation and lack [my gift & curse]

    As Far as Moving forward In my life ? A Mental Block Holding me back ?

    Well, Im not so sure about that..My mentality is my strongest assest.

    I feel its apart of Gods Plans that things will happen on time, in time and with time

    when my time is ready. The lessons that I am Now learning I know I can One day

    Share them with another, I know my life has been put on hold because 4 months ago

    I didnt even recongnize the feeling of even sitting down lol , It was to the point my my mind and body was'nt resting and our minds NEED TO rest to absorb new information

    it got to the point i could no longer understand what god was trying to tell me BECAUSE

    I was too caught up in 'LIVING WITH NO DIRECTION'

    so when my life SLOWED down

    by the Universe plans I knew that I had some learning to do & thats what im doing

    now until my next assignment is given to me so NOW I AM AT A BLOCK.

    I know that I dont need psychological treatment, No matter how much My desires crave

    a Gucci bag ect. My desires are well trained, I would agree when there are people

    who have'nt paid their rent, and sacrifising food on the table for a purse THEN

    thats considered a pyschological disorder lol You know ? But If I did know a girl

    who did, I would say...Its Fine! You're from the City and fashion is THE BIGGEST DEAL

    EVVVEERRR! lol.

  • brian

    By The Way...Could you explain more about

    the section where you are saying that im 'Frustrated and Hav'ent gotten far' ?

    Oh and me seeking answers; Do you have any idea, what you would be

    referring to ? Im just got a little lost.. was that reguarded towards me ?


  • Addie,

    I am not going to try and change your conceptions of what real psychology is or is not. My view of it is it helps normal people, but they have moved away from that and try to use normal people strategies on people with mental disorders, and the criminally insane. The field of Psychology has been destroyed mostly before either you or I were born, but not entirely, there are still people doing "life coaching", "sports psychology", and "normal people counseling" still. Too bad you think of it as "One Who Flew Over The Coo Coos Nest", especially when you could benefit from what can be done for normal people.

    You summed it all up with your "you know when a person needs psychological treatment", basically saying they have had a mental heart attack and they need treatment. No mention of preventative medicine, like tweaking your thought process, so you can be a better you, it is all about mental illness to you.

    I never said you needed psychological treatment, as you are not psychological ill, what I told you was you needed your thought process tweaked. The same field deals with that, like a MD deals with both a cold or a heart attack; but they are two different things entirely. Your mental process can be tweaked by you, it can be tweaked by hypnotherapy (plenty of people use that to quit smoking, to lose weight, to stop biting their fingernails, when nothing else has worked, and it can be tweaked by counseling (what is basically you exploring yourself, the professional is their to guide you). How you go about it is your choice, I just made suggestions which you can take or leave, and you really do not need to defend yourself to me. I do not think you are mentally ill or anything like that, I was only saying that you could benefit from some of the things the field offers for every day people.

    Remember, there are plenty of professional athletes, actors, musicians, models, high powered business people, and so on, who got where they are at through a lot of hard work, and being independent. But they use "sports psychology", "or personal improvement psychology", to get even better, so they have that extra competitive edge. That is what I was suggesting, not a rubber room, a straight jacket, and a hand full of pills.

    Personal trainers for people who work out, life coaches for people looking to do better in their personal and professional life, and even rabbis, priests, ministers, or imams for people looking to do better in their spiritual life, are used everyday by talented, smart, independent people. It is hardly a sign weakness to employ people to help you in such ways. I am always surprised by people that take such offense to a suggestion of having their thought processes tweaked for their betterment, but that is really the fault of the professionals in the field of psychology who have destroyed the potential of helping everyday people in favor of "rehabilitating" the Ted Bundys of the world (which is silly).

    I was just trying to be helpful, sorry you took offense.

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