• Hi anyone! I have been told by my trusted tarot reader that i am "blocked" she cant see forward in my cards and thinks there is something working against me. It was not like this a few months back and my life and work is moving along OK (not great but OK).

    My question is can anyone see what is causing this ? and how i can clear it ?? what should i do ? maybe someone else can see ahead ? If you can please can you do a reading for me!! thanks! I am moving office and wanted to know how business is going to be in the new place ??

    Thanks to anyone who has time to help xx

  • I'm not a psychic but thought my 2 cents might help. I've had a psychic tell me she can't see into the future about a topic I asked about. She said that can mean (1) whatever needs to happen hasn't happened yet; (2) the person is in such a state of confusion that anything goes so they can't see ahead until you make some decisive action (I guess that really goes back to 1), or (3) the spirits or whatever don't want you to know yet for whatever reason.

    Is your tarot reader suggesting you have a curse on you? If so, I'd run. Definitely get a second opinion. When I did tarot reading for myself I never got a blocked response. I often got the message, "This is not the time to ask. Try again in a few weeks." Even then the cards gave advice on how to proceed during the Hanging Man time. Maybe if you wait a bit things will become clear.

  • PS. I've found that tarot is good at giving advice, not so much with predictions.

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  • You may also want to consider that maybe you aren't so much blocked as the answer is not yet set. Your actions today and tomorrow may affect what is to lie further into the future perhaps you are at a real crossroads that will decide the rest. If not I agree with tenchi2go if they are indicating a curse or something sounds like a scam.

  • It sounds like you have interference. When a REPUTABLE Psychic gives you a prediction and a timeframe that goes along with that particular prediction; and, lets say.....Eight weeks have past and the said prediction did not come into fruition yet; the following situations can throw the prediction off:

    1. Sickness ( in regard to the other party)

    2. More than one individual is causing delays so that progress is hindered.

    3.Karmic Debt. YOU or the other party might have to learn a spititual lesson before YOU enter the next stage of your life.

    4. The Guides or the Psychic chose not to tell you everything; for, YOU might alter the outcome of what the universe has in store for the other party. When we interfer in other peoples lives, you alter the path, you could CAUSE Death or Injury to another person. Disrupting that path causes unforseen problems.

    I had a tarot reading done by a Spiritual Advisor last Summer. This woman saw ALL of the employees who were causing delays so that my Exboyfriend could not make changes in the company. I have EIGHT Embecilic, Lowclass, Morons who are holding up the predictions. So far it has been almost a year, and I NOW see the predictions coming into frution. My Ex is not a religious person; therefore, it is going to take awhile for him to finally realize that he is going to have to ask the universe to help him. I feel that when he has his back up against the wall, and it becomes Expedient Means, THEN he is going to use his spiritual resources. Some crazy SHI*T has happened to him since I left his company. He has to pay this Karmic Debt in order for him to grow spritual.

    I came to this realization this week. I had the privilege of conversing with Sapphire 21 and she told me that the Guides did not want her snoopping around where she did not belong and that it was my Exboyfriends situation NOT mines. I think that the Guides know that I love him so much and that I would be so determined in protecting him from the upcoming situations.

    Just my TWO cents.....:)

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