Should i stay or should i go

  • Hello everyone i need some advice. I am aquarian. I have been dating this leo guy for over a year now. We are not really ina relationship but we are exclusive. I don't knwo him to have anyone else. Anyway the past ole year's he chose to go out with another female over me. That really hurt crushed me. He says it was just an outing buteverytime i remember ole years night i feel hurt. I feel like he gave this girl priority over me. I think i should end things with him because of this. I have forgiven him but i just can't seem to get past this. Plus he is not remorseful at all. What do u think i should do.

  • Have you sat down and shared this with him Aqua? Sometimes our men do need to see how they have hurt us to understand the impact of their actions. If he cant understand that you were hurt this deeply I dont think he can feel remorse. For him it may have been an outing. But its your feelings are what is imporant here and needs to be explained to him.

  • Thanks for your response...i really appreciate. I told him how i felt. He says it was nothing just an outing. But my thing is ole years night is a special night, if u choose to spend it with someone else over me then that person must mean something to u. I don't think he knows the depth of how much this hurt me. I'm also hurt because he was mad at me for my birthday...up to now i don't knwo why andhe didn't even call me on that day. To me i just need to forget him. I feel like he is not making me see that he wants to be with me.

  • That could work too... Plan to move on and forget.. some times the old saying proves true...."Absence makes the heart grow fonder" Maybe he'll see that you are serious and that the way you felt about this is serious. Worst case scenario on moving on is that you find someone new and better 🙂 Or you enjoy your life.

    No offense to the men here that are different, but lately I wonder if men have any kind of clue!!!!!! Do they only think with the "boys downstairs"? LOL because lately it just seems like lots of men have been dismissive about the way us ladies feel. My 5 year old even told me yesterday that it makes her angry and sad when daddy ignores her... and I know he doesnt mean it when he does... but at 5 she already sees men for what they are LOL

  • oh and i hit reply to quick... It already sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders and you know what to do.., Follow your inuition 🙂

  • Hello there, your Leo guy is the complementary opposite sign of you Aquarius. Although relationship between a Aquarius and a Leo can be difficult, your Leo guy can show you how to make choices that please the self rather than for an ideal. This way, you can build emotional self-confidence to decide if you should stay with him because your are happy or leave the relationship if you are unhappy. Good Luck.

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