Born During a Mercury Retrograde?

  • I was born 3 days before Mercury went direct in June--so the second retrograde of the year. Struggled with the retrogrades til I got smart and planned correctly for them (clean house, end unfinished business, research what I want to begin but save off from beginning til the retro's over:)

    Seems for me--I start feeling the retrograde a good week or three BEFORE it starts.

    On the good side, though by the time it's beginning the glitches are flying fast and furious--by mid-retrograde, just when it's starting to hit others full-force--it's already lightening up on me:)

    By the time it's almost over--seems MY retrograde has passed and things are opening up again!

    Curious how others born during Mercury retrograde periods experience life and the retrograde periods. Share?

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