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  • Hi-dee Ho One and All!

    Well, now THAT'S a POOL BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm with the Q ... Oh MY is right!!!!!!!! Triple 3 Tanya, now we're talkin'!!!!!!! Bless YOU!

    Thanks everyone for your sweet messages and chirpy ways. Ya know??? In order to see beauty, to feel love and to wonder about mystery ... one must first acknowledge these things within and about, the self. And so ... to all the loving beauty that glows within the enchanted pond ... I celebrate YOU!

    Hey Prince Poet ... so very happy to have you back. Where u been dude???????? Destiny is that part of life we hold once we learn to get out of our own way. I'm learning that one day by day. Think you are too. Annnnnd ...

    Before the dawn, it's true, we've got to have the dark.

    But did you know that doesn't mean the heart has lost its spark?

    For deep within you there lives a place that I will call your soul.

    And it contains only light and love to lift your heart and make it whole.

    Lovely that you are back Mr. Pisces.

    Annnnd ... I have to share a funny quickly because I have a tonne of stuff that needs doing ... I had to nick out today to buy el hubbio a Father's Day pressie (as that time is nigh) and, I realized I left the house without any earrings in. Sooooooo ... I popped into one of my favourite shops (Lady Laie will know the one ... same place angel wings come from) and bought some ... as ya do ... but, not just any old ones .... something VERY 'me' and VERY right. Can you guess?????????

    Come closer ...

    I bought ....

    witches on broomsticks!!!!!!!

    Art thou laughing yet????? It's me, Moonbeam on lear broom jet going wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee around the stars!!!!!!

    Always know that love always finds love and together, it creates more love.

    Today, may there be much LOVE for you!!!!

    Your Ice-eeeee Moonbeam!!!!!!!

  • Oh ... The Shack huh? So interesting that this book has made its way here. There is a web site On it you will find a number of professional book reviews and some ... BY ME! One of which is ... The Shack! I have also had the greatest pleasure to review all 4 Twilight Series books. Edward? Oh Edward? Wherefore art my Edward????? I am currently doing the Anastasia Series ... the first is up there.

    Angel Hugs and Happy Days Folks!!!!

    Ice x

  • Ok ... I know I said I had to go .... but ... Edward always gets my heart racing and I had to give you all one more site to go play on.

    In here, we are good at re-naming things and, for those of you who, like me, are curious as to names (I have books and books on them) you might otherwise go by ... here is a site where you can do two names for yourself ... one is a Fairy Name Generator. The other, a Vampire Name Generator. Both huge fun!

    Go to (then, you should see the vampire one on her site. If not, replace the word fairy with vampire. Then ... if you do this ... copy and paste here so I can see what you got. Please.

    Here's mine ...

    As a Fairy I am: Oak Icefilter. She is a bone chilling bringer of justice to the vulnerable. She lives in forests of oak and lime trees and is only seen on Midsummer's Eve. She decorates herself with leaves and berries and has icy blue butterfly wings.

    As a Vampire ... well ... The Great Archives determine that I have gone by the identity: DUCHESS of THE GHASTLY. Known in some parts of the world as: Scourge of Blood. The Great Archives Record: thirsty, unstoppable and viscious.

    There you go. As a vampire, I suck! Ha ha ha ha ha but, how's having ICE in my Fairy name???? Too cool.

    Look forward to yours,


  • Hi all,

    Yes, I read the Shack a while ago....really liked it after kind of letting go of reality after the first few chapters. Icey, I will go look at your review...and try to find my fairy and vampire name. I have enjoyed reading the Rick Riordan (sp?) series with my friend's boys.

    Q, my coloring is very light (reddish undertones to my hair if I don't dye it blond...but it's probably white under there in many spots, lol). I will think about silver. I got purple nail polish on my toes the other day just to check it out with my skin tone, and it looks okay.

    Gemmy, I get down for a few days at a time too. I missed whatever posting started the talk about moving, but I hope that the process works for you. It's always nice to think that we have a choice.

    Sunshine, woo hoo...where is the cougar in me, let it out 🙂 rofl

    Lady Laie, so much happening for you. Sending you hugs!!

    Off to do a long ride today and then tackle the cellar clean up one more time. I'll be thinking of Laie and her little shovel while I'm down there!!

    DD, yes, there is dark before dawn, love your poetry!

    Hugs to all,

    Bloom xoxox

  • Okay Icey,

    Here are may names:

    Your fairy is called Feather Goblinglitter

    She is a bringer of riches and wealth.

    She lives in high places where the clouds meet the earth.

    She is only seen in the light of a shooting star.

    She wears pale blue like the sky. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.

    My vampire name is:

    Sorceress of The Arctic

    Known in some parts of the world as:

    Curse of The Tormented

    The Great Archives Record:

    A soul in torment and tumult - hell of their own making!

    Yoiks...I know nothing about vampires, nor, I guess, do I know much about fairies. I like that there is a reference to birds in my fairy name, since when I paint, ALWAYS do birds reveal themselves. A tumult and torture of my own making,,,I guess that is d a m true as well.

    Can't wait to see others' avatars...

    Bloom xoxo


    Your fairy is called Buttercup Goblinweb

    She is a bringer of riches and wealth.

    She lives in clover fields where fairy rings grow.

    She is only seen in the mist of an early morning.

    She wears bright clover green. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.


    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:

    Countess of All Russia

    Known in some parts of the world as:

    Lioness of The Winged Death

    The Great Archives Record:

    Comes on silent wings in the night and wraps a deadly cloak about the victim; impartial as a die, unyielding as stone.

    Sending all lots of LOVE!

    XOXOXO333Tanya AKA:Buttercup Goblinweb and The Countess of All Russia 😉 !!!

  • wow Tanya...did those pictures come on the web too? I must have missed them!! You are gorgeous in both names 🙂


  • Thanks cactuss. No, I googled "green fairy image and Russian Countess image" to get the pictures. 🙂

    Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • Bloom here are some images I found for you. Hope you like them 😉 !


    thanks for the links you beautiful Fairy...........(((hugs)

    Your fairy is called Feather Hailfly

    She is a protector of the lonely.

    She lives in high places where the clouds meet the earth.

    She is only seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky.

    She wears pale blue like the sky. She has cheery turquoise wings like a butterfly.

    Couldn't find any pics on her ummmm, but I might have one in my pic

    The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:

    Selene Vigée-Lebrun

    Known in some parts of the world as:

    Mother of The Tormented

    The Great Archives Record:

    A soul in torment and tumult - hell of their own making!

    WOW, WOW..UMMM..?

    Now for the Vampire..



    can't wait to see everyones.

    peace and love


  • O My Shatz ... how GORGEOUS are YOU! Your picture is amazing. Love it! Love your names too. I know the vampire one is a tad dark to put in the pond but hey, to each of us is a dark and light side and the shadow is never to be feared ... right? Well, ok ... maybe just a little then ... lol lol lol

    Tanya x3 ... woohoo girl! All of Russia huh? Wow! Impressive! The girl in the pic looks like she'd do all that too. Loved the fairy ... such a pretty soul you are!

    Bloom ... oh ... your fairy name and description is so perfectly YOU. Absolutely adore it! As for the gown ... silver is perfect. Keep the purple for the nails!!!! Great combo ... so deeply spiritual too! Otherwise, I suggest a very dark purple ... no lavender, or lilac or soft shade but a deep purple and then sparkly nail-polish. Orrrr .... green. It will be Autumn then yes? How about emerald velvet? Even though I see the softest watercolours around you when you paint; I feel you need to wear much stronger colours ... colours with depth and strength to them ... not bolds or primaries ... just deep hues. Will look fabulous. Ever considered a red? I adored that birds show up in your watercolours. Have you ever seen Jeanne Carbonetti's books? In Banff I saw the greatest watercolour picture of a bear. It took my breath away and if I had a spare few thousands ... would've bought it! You'll have to post some pics of your art ... I would LOVE to see them!!!!! Oh .. Spring will sprung for us in September. If you could call it Spring. Here, we go from mild to flaming HOT ... no inbetween.

    And now ... I remember Laie's travel comments from an earlier post and, although her analytical questions were many, she has a point ... bless you Nanna!!!! LOL So ... I am going to make a proposal.



    Here's why ...

    It is CHEAP.

    It has beaches.

    It has POOL BOYS! For real!

    The shopping is good.

    Hotels are cheap and lovely.

    People are friendly.

    Sunsets supposed to be spectacular.

    Both our dollars are worth more there.

    Here's when ...

    July next year.

    We will all have a whole year to work on the cost.

    Here's why ...

    It is your summer holidays and my winter.

    Bali is not as hot or humid or yukky weathered in July / August.

    So ... that's my proposal.

    Sending you all the sparkliest fairy dust to wish upon all your starry skies.

    Ice - eeeeeee

  • Eat,pray love comes to mind ,,the book that is

    good to see you again moon beam..................................................

    love the earings your wearing............

    hugs sheila

  • Icey!! Witches on broomsticks?!?! OMG!! That is so funny!! Bet they look fabulous. I think admin deleted the address for the faerie site, get my tarot name and the numbers with it and send it to the mail site that is hot and rhymes with dot plus the last "kom". Bali sounds like a great idea, will research and see what i need to do to get there. July is my birth month, what a great gift to myself, LOL.

    Hi all my lovely Sistas and our resident Dark and Handsome!! Lauren starts school in one more day, logan is Monday, but we are going on Thursday so he can see the classrooms and acquaint himself with his new teachers. Monday, I am going to work late so that I can see him go to class for the first time!!!!! I am excited and sad at the same time! No More Babies! 😞

  • Tanya, I'm smiling...thanks for the fairy images...lovely!!!

    Bloom xoxo

  • Sunshine, wishing you a sunny good day on Thursday for your daughter's first day. Good idea to take Logan in early. I hope they are really looking forward to going.

    Icey...Bali, woo hhoo...I'd love it! I will try to put in some pics of a couple birds that came to me while painting. When I was doing these, often I would turn the page over and, with a few strokes, add a beak or feet, and there they were.

  • well, okay, that didn't work! boo hoo, I don't know how you guys do it!! no pics for me

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