The Enchanted Pond

  • Lady Laie, that writing was truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    I appreciate what being a date keeper might be like, wow....that is something that you have described very well. I love the picture you drew with your words about how you all sat by the grave with lawn chairs, coolers and kids playing, that is so great!! Very different than my long suffering forebears!! (dubbed as 'God's Frozen Chosen'). But as you say, life is a continuation from birth to death and wonderful in your family.

    Unlike you, Lady Q and Icey, I didn't know either of my grandmothers well, and in fact, my mother's mother died before I was born. I am a little jealous of your stories!!! IT's wonderful that you have all had that continued love in your life, for better or for worse lol

    Lifting you up today Laie, and hope that the cooler weather will refresh your spirit.

    Hugs to you,

    Bloom/ Cactuss

  • Sunshine,

    wow, good for you for giving away the baby clothes. I remember doing that also and feeling weepy. Your kids are growing up and that is also something to celebrate!! Hope your school year begins well and that you have been having a good summer semester yourself!


    Bloom xoxo<3

  • Thanks Tanya...wonderful email. I have seen that before too but it's nice to feel it here in our connection. I marvel at how you all can post stuff here, pictures, Shatz's links, etc. I have no luck with that, but I use a Mac...not sure that makes the difference!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    Bloom/ Cactuss xoxox333 weee!

  • Thanks Quenkath sista!! Yes, I miss biking when I don't do it, and I do enjoy the freedom and the views while churning those legs! But I was able to get some yard work accomplished yesterday after taking my sick kitty to the vet's and I probably would have not been able to do that had I ridden in the morning, so it's all good!!

    I will be back on the bike tomorrow though, as now I think I start getting fat when I don't ride...believe me THAT is a good motivation too. Riding for a charity seems to be the better motivation however, so yes, I think I have found the right combination for me!!

    Enjoy your very fun times with friends and pah-tees!! If we get together, I will have to take a nap in the afternoon so I can keep up with you'all!!!

    Hugs to you!

    Cactuss/ Bloom xoxoxox

  • Hi Icey,

    Thanks for the bubbles! I had a good day, minus the cycling, so thanks!!

    I understand about the ocean. Although I love the beach, I have a very healthy respect for the sea and used to feel quite cautious when we sailed, thinking about all the different aspects of safety. My husband is a true safety man and has it X6 compared to me!!

    I have a vague trace memory of drowning in another life, actually though, falling through the ice and, although it doesn't keep me from the water (unlike you, I am a water sign through and through, lol) I am always careful while feeling blessed by the water as well.

    I live in a state with small mountains to the west, and many beautiful vista's here, but I love driving to New Hampshire and Vermont for the fantastic and majestic mountains of strength up there. I love them all.

    I also love the sky and many stars. The book called "The Shack" had a description of the sky that I will never forget, with all the stars and planets bursting with color and dancing with joy....that is a picture I won't soon forget.

    WEll, today I'm going with my hubby to an air show. He is BIG aviation buff, so it should be fun to hear him talk about everything. I always cry at air shows and horse shows....the marvel of it all really moves me! I used to lease a horse and have always felt close to them, but also respect their power and their desire to please....a truly wonderful gift of the beast.

    I hope that you will have a wonderful are already in it, and we are just beginning ours. When does spring come for you, soon?

    Hugs and lots of love to you Icey, xoxox

    Bloom/ cactuss

  • Laie, I keep forgetting to say that yes, it is the Brother Cadfael series that I am re-reading...ah, the cozy mystery, right up my alley for the end of summer reading. Love that series!



  • Cactuss/bloom, The Shack oh wow, omy I forgot about that book, I just loved it..You just opened a part of me that I forgotten....I'm in la la land..i opened this page and all i seen was the Shack!!!

    hello all will be back soon..

  • Sweet! Shatz....yes it was a great book!! Lots to think about there!


    Bloom/ Cactuss

  • Hello all the beautiful ladies of the pond,

    Haven't been on in a couple of days and as usual when I returned, I see the pond has been full of love, laughter and beautiful souls.

    Icy, you are amazing, serendipity, I fee so honored that you did that for me. Thank-you so very, very much. You are so full of love and kindness it just seems to spill over all of the time, and I thank God that I am one of the lucky ones, there to receive it. I hold my cup out to receive the energy you give me and the healing I get from you, and of course the courage. It seems you, in your own special way, always get and give me the message that I am on the right path. It seems I have developed an attitude lately, I am moving up, either stay, or go with me, but please don't get in my way, because I'll go right thru ya. For some reason, I know I am going somewhere, not sure where yet, but it won't be long and I think I'll know.

    Also I wanted to tell you that I seen a Falcon, the other day on my walks, he leads me right down the drive to the road, or he leads me back in when I'm done. I know this is another part of the hawk family, and I did look him up in the animal speaks book, the same message. Seems I must have a lot of things coming my way, hope they are all good.

    Lady Laie, I am still laying low, and this Merc. RX is a buger, have broken a couple of things yesterday when I was cleaning out my display cabinets, Wouldn't have happened if I would have been paying attention, but as usual, it took the breaking to make me slow down. It's just a job that I hate to do and wanted to get it done, so hurry I did. Just material things thou, so no real harm done. At least it wasn't my heart, or arm or anything lasting. So far, so lucky thou, staying close to home, good time to do my second spring cleaning, if I don't break anything else.

    Shatz, as usual, your beautiful sense of humor holds you up, but I'll tell you one thing, I've been busy and haven't been here as much in the last couple of weeks, but there had better be a pool boy left for me, you and quen had better leave me a good one, or I'll give you both a double dose of booze in your jello shots, and when you both pass out, I'll take them all.

    Cactuss, keep riding honey, I'm still walking, pretty soon we'll have the strongest legs in America, and will be so skinny, not sure where this is going, Guess we'll have to wait and see HUH?,,, It's amazing to me thou, all the thinking a person can get done when they are doing these alone tthings, badda boom, an answer to a problem just pops into our heads when are able to think things out. But sometimes the bigger problem is, do we want to know or even like the answer.

    Love you all, sorry icy that it took me so long to thank-you, I copied it out and as usual, read it when I'm feeling a little down, and sorry it took so long to send blessing and hope to all of my pond friends. I do sneak in every once in awhile and set on my favorite rock, my husband doesn't come with me as much anymore, but I do feel him there, and the other half of my rock is still empty.


  • Soon Gem soonnnnnnn, you will have love again..You are on a beautiful journey with yourself right now..I know your heart aches as mine does at times..Hang on to all of us...'Oh,

    I know its not the same..But knowing that you have met these beautiful Angels at the pond, we can all lift each other up, even if it is through words..

    As we both know words can touch our hearts,as your words have touched mine..

    I love you Gem




  • Laie, Just thinking of you...



    peace,light,love and manny blessings


    To all of you at the beautiful pond ending you a big huggggggggggggggg


    ride the wavessssssssssssssssssss

  • Iceeeeeee,moonbeammmmmmmmmmmm

    is it okay to use the pics that you have posted, i should have asked first before posting one on the abundance thread...

    thanks sweet iceeeeeeeeyyyyyy for who you are...Hugs all around your family..Took some more pics on our way to the circus "KOOZA" thought of you will post some soon..

    peace,light,love and blessings



    this was one of the pool boys q had played with drinking her jellooooo shots, she didn't know i snuck the picture........

    here you go queen QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ






  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • lol Shatz...that is a great picture!! My kitty (actually my grand-pet) has those same colors but she is long haired....but, of course...those ARE my bike riding shoes. Thank you :)))

    I did get out for a ride yesterday between the rain storms, so that was good. My next goal is to do a century ride (100 miles in one day)...I work better with a goal 🙂

    I will be going back to work on August 31 so I am enjoying the last week of summer.

    I also have to get going on finding a mother of the bride dress....what color should I choose?? The bridesmaids are wearing a nice pink...shall I do a purple or a's an October wedding next year. help!! (Gold and yellow are not my colors)

    Hugs from Bloom xoxox

  • wow, what a shot of a pool boy!! Shatz you are too much with all your pictures!!

  • Gemmy, you are doing so well! Good for you! You are an inspiration to me 🙂

    Hugs to you,

    xoxoxo Bloom

  • Shatz

    Your are just to beautiful, your words, your beautiful pictures, your kindness, yes, I hope it's soon that I will be able to share some of my life with, I say some, because not ready to share all, but then as you say, I'm on a journey with me right now, But then when things get going the wrong way, I go to the enchanted pond, and listen and read, and that take the lonely sting out of me for awhile. Your right, words can make or break a person, and I've been blessed to hear only kindness here, it has made me and my life so very much easier.

    Now, the pool boy picture, what a catch huh?? I really can't elaborate on that one much. Have fun with him girls, as for me, I'm going for another walk in a little while, that picture gives me a lot of incentive.

    Shatz are you in Canada, if so what end, Not to be prying, just wondered if you ever cross over into upper Mich. or are at the Detroit don't have to tell me if you feel you don't want to, I could be wrong too, you may not be in Canada at all.


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