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  • Good luck Emergence with Reiki! I did level 1 and really enjoyed it! I hope it is helping you with your days and your past challenges. Great support at the pond!


  • Hi Sisters,

    I talked to my internet boyfriend today of 14 years and he said he wanted to come down here, I fumbled around, getting out of it, then he said why don't I just come down there and we get married and then you won't have any problems seeing me. Well I had a loss for words. All the sudden we changed the subject. I was wowed, but didn't want him to know.

    Blessings, Toni

  • Dear Tonib,

    I read your post. W@OW taken by surprise, huh? I am not sure if your internet boyfriend was teasing you or not. But it is a proposal to think about.

    Spend some more time by the Pond to help collect your thoughts.



  • Deat Tonib,

    I read your post. WOW taken by surprise, huh? I am not sure if your internet boyfriend was teasing you or not. But it is a propsal to think about.

    Spend some more time by the Pond to help collect your thoughts.



  • Dear Sunshine,

    What type of weather are we having in the Steel City? When I sat down to design something for your sweetpea it was cold weather. So I did something in a warmer fabric. Now the weather is much warmer and I decided to scratch my previous creation. So I picked a lighter fabric and now we are back to cold weather. I wish the weather would make its mind up. I can't decide which fabric to go with...perplexing situation. Help make the decision.

    I went back into the " Soulmates Part 2 " I could not find your email so here is mine again: I still need to know Lauren's size. Is she a size 4 ?I got Sweetpea's( Logan ) size from the entry picture.



  • This post is deleted!

  • Happy Mothers Day to all My Queenie Sistas!!

    Rooster, Thank you, LAuren is an 8, Logan is a 6.

    Have a great day everyone!!

    Love you all

  • 333Tanya,

    What a beautiful family! You are so fortunate. I hope you have a great Mother's day! I am going to go to Church and then spend the day playing the piano (haven't played in ages, school keeps me too busy) and order pizza for the kids. I just need a quiet uncomplicated day.

    Have a great day!!


  • Hi QuenKath (I finally got your name correct.LOL)

    Glad to see you, been missing you! Love our new pond!! Hope you have a great Mother's Day!!!


  • Yes, Rooster,

    we have some crazy weather, Lauren was to attend a birthday party, too cold and rainy, for outdoors, heard nothing, so I assumed they cancelled it.

    It's crazy, well let's hope summer is better. I got your e-mail address this time before they deleted it. Will e-mail you soon.

    Have a nice day, Happy MOther's Day!!! Many blessings to you!



    I hope you all know how loved and appreciated you are for everything you have done and everything that is yet to be. Enjoy the day that celebrates You for the hardest, most rewarding "job" you'll ever do!

  • Thanks Laie4, the photo is beautiful!

    Happy Mother's Day to you and all the pond people. Whether we are moms or have moms, or help to lift up our friends as if we are their moms, it's a day to celebrate mom-ishness!

    Hugs to all,


  • Happy Mothers day to all our enchanted pond sistas

    I have been away way too long...again. Love the new thread. Hope to get some time later to read all the postings thus far. For the moment just wanted to share ...

    Steps to Happiness

    Everybody knows:

    You can’t be all things to all people.

    You can’t do all things at once.

    You can’t do all things equally well.

    You can’t do all things better than everyone else.

    Your humanity is showing just like everyone else’s.


    You have to find out who you are, and be that.

    You have to decide what comes first, and do that.

    You have to discover your strengths, and use them.

    You have to learn not to compete with others,

    Because no one else is in the contest of being you.


    You will have learned to accept your own uniqueness.

    You will have learned to set priorities and make decisions.

    You will have learned to give yourself the respect that is due.

    And you’ll be a most vital mortal.

    Dare To Believe:

    That you are a wonderful, unique person.

    That you are a once-in-all-history event.

    That it is more than a right, it is your duty, to be who you are.

    That life is not a problem to solve, but a gift to be cherished.

    And you’ll be able to stay one up on what used to get you down.

    • Unknown -

    Angel hugs and blessings to all

  • Hope this link takes you to "No Charge" by Melba Montgomery

    A tribute to all Mothers

    brought tears to my eyes.

  • Dear Mommies Everywhere,

    Happy MOther's Day. I hope everyone can enjoy this day of,relax, no cooking and no mommy's duties.



  • Happy Mother's Day to all!

    “Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.”

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Ooops....

    Hope the allow this one then!! 🙂

  • Thanks Rooster. My daughter is working for BP Oil right now planning the future of the oil spill. She is making very good money, except this is just a temporary job, it will help until she finds a permanent job. She is making 86 a hour.

  • But I miss her, she works too much.



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