The Enchanted Pond

  • Snobbery is not tolerated here either, chicksa!

  • You are an angel QuenKath and I love you!

    Always and forever,

    Your Icey x

  • Yoohoo ... where's my post?

  • Thank you Icey! I love you too! And so it ends....

  • People hide behind a monitor to be rude, hurtful and disgusting. Sad for them.

  • Yes, don't they just ... that's why those of you like this are better suited elsewhere. The pond is a sacred, special place filled with love, light and very GOOD people with BEAUTIFUL hearts and souls. Those who choose to bring whatever agenda they have in here need to leave - their bad energy becomes glowingly obvious within this uplifting place and I have always preferred NOT to inflict that upon my special group of loving souls. You, and those like you, are welcome to start your own thread and hang out together. There was NO need for you to respond to my beloved Sister QuenKath in the manner you did, Znl. To then have the audacity to write something like you have above just highlights that you are better suited to a different thread. I don't really know why you came to this magical place to begin with but, you were treated warmly and with kindness when you did for that is who we are. Perhaps you don't remember that?

    The Enchanted Pond is no place for anything other than love.

    May Blessings always be yours as you journey through your life, Znl.

    Icey x

  • Hi All, looks like the Pond has changed. I'm still limited in computer usage so reading back many posts to understand what's up isn't possible. hope everyone is well. I'm gradually recovering but slower than I expected. Patience is the ongoing lesson!! I do hope some of my pond friends see this & say hi

    Love n Light


  • Lotus,

    We have been wondering where you are. I wrote back months ago for you to find me. look for me at sunshine7959. At that hotmail site with a dot and com. I was hoping I would find you and LC both to tell you what is up. Hit me up, dear one.

    Love and light,


  • HI Sunshine Sent you an email x2 , not sure getting thru. maybe i ended up in your trash bin like Oscar the Groouch!!!!

  • Hi


    Try it again, sunshine7959-@-hotmail-.-com.

  • Leave out the dashes. I hope you get this before they delete it.

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