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  • Well hello there AURORA ... my swirling, coloured magical friend ... or; should it be ... Greetings Oh Whirl(wind) ... daughter of the loving cleansing winds??????? 🙂 LOL

    Thank you for pointing out the INTENTION factor. A friend back home recently reminded me of this also. Taking this as a sign. She reminded me to also go grab all my crystals, light a candle and sit amongst them all and talk to Spirit. I have been working on what do I want for some time now. It is more difficult to answer than it would seem ... I am extremely mindful of how easy it is to manifest more of that which we do NOT want. Working at keeping my intentions clear ... I don't actually feel like I am making any choices; other than my focus on looking good (LOL) and to maintain my choice of remaining LOVE. Perhaps new circumstances and some new experiences turning up will help to give me more opportunities to choose more for my life?

    Did smile at the 'Starry' ... 🙂 I am starting to feel very celestial. LOL Love that x

    Hoping many feathers are floating to you and that love surrounds you completely.

    Starry Magic x

  • Hi all,

    I got that portable EEG today, will be looking like the Bride of Frankenstein for the next 48 hours. Electrodes sticking out of my forehead, all over my scalp and my chest, with a portable machine strapped to me. Think I will be staying in for the next 48 hours, I look a fright. Kids aren’t happy with it. HArd to sleep with all this on me, but it will be over soon.

    Going to tally up my credits and see how soon I can graduate and be done with it.

    I am going to take a couple weeks to get this house cleaned up, I fear, it is not clean. Kids like it, though.

    I am still unpacking, but not for the next 2 days.

    Glad to see you all Icey, BlMoon and JoyLily. I am trying to get school done, just popped in to say hi.

    Talk to you all later. Love you all.


  • Thankfully, Merc goes the right way again in 2 days! Keep missing all these posts.

  • I'm posting John Edwards news letter today...ENJOY! BLESSINGS!



    You are reading this today because you want to become more empowered, learn, and grow. We all come together, whether it be here reading the newsletter, or weekly on EVOLVE, or even on Facebook or Twitter to connect and understand the lessons in our life. My goal is to assist you, and provide you with insights that will help you evolve through whatever is on your path and journey.

    I recently received a tweet from someone who said, “Do you promise that I will evolve?”

    My immediate response was, “That’s up to you.”

    Last month’s newsletter was talking about using your intuition to make informed decisions, not allowing your life to “just” unfold, but to trust your intuition and allow it to guide you. Easier said than done, especially if principles of fear and change hamper your ability to move in any direction.

    Time Heals All Wounds...

    Does it? We hear the adage, but can it really? I say the answer is ‘yes,’ but wounds can heal correctly or incorrectly, in keeping with the health care analogy. I think wounds can heal in life as well, if we honor them and validate their causes, as well as their meaning in our lives. Most importantly, we need to learn from them. So, hear I am compelled to add in yet another adage, “history repeats itself”…we need to learn, not just from world history, but also from our personal history.

    Gregg Braden wrote a book called Fractal Time, and I find it compelling and fascinating. He talks about universal patterns in our world, and how we can look to the past to understand the future. Smart I say! I believe that there are universal patterns that teach us lessons and we blend those patterns with the family programming that we were raised with. And then we pass that down. People repeat mistakes that their parents made, even though, as children, they hated the fact that their parents made the choices they did. Sociological, biological, and energetic factors help to shape our lives, but our choices are our own. Think about this hard. PEOPLE CANNOT MAKE OUR OWN CHOICES – only we can.

    Look Up For Help

    Being a student of Astrology, I really encourage you to take the time to find an astrologer that you resonate with, someone who speaks to you from their soul, who can also be an additional member of your earthly team of light workers.

    In January, I had the Universe introduce me to a young guy, David Palmer, who calls himself The LEO KING. His enthusiastic approach to using Astrology and his daily horoscopes “speak” to you and I know you will resonate with the message. Astrology is his only “tool” he uses to step into “his” channel. Check him out - or follow him on Twitter @theleokingdom.

    Astrologers can explain that the planets above and their various rotations have clearly delineated patterns, and during those patterns, there are the “themes” that will arise on our planet, and in your life. There’s a debate among astrologers as to whether we are acting out what the planets dictate in some way, or if the planets are solely mirroring what we do here – either way, IT’S PRETTY ACCURATE! As NOT being an astrologer, but an interested student of all things energetic, I think it’s a complicated mixture that yields to our free will and choices.

    When those “celestial seasonings” hit the “broth of your life,” it is you that determines what “dishes” will be made and served in your own family kitchen and dining room. Make no mistake, there will always be food in the kitchen cooking.

    The Planets align in certain ways that planetary opportunities for reflection arise and give us all the chances to learn and be challenged. In our education, we learn that the importance of studying history is so that mankind does not make the same mistakes. But do we? Again, we revisit history in this newsletter alone, that old adage, “does history repeat itself?” I believe it does… or it might. But we have some control of how we learn from it: free will.

    Is it predestined that we are doomed to repeat the past? NO! You might disagree as you think about yourself or someone you know. Why do people fall into patterns of behavior that are undesirable or harmful in some ways to them? Why are there ruts of repetitiveness that shape our future? Why can’t people seem to break out from this?

    Patterns. The patterns of energy that we learn are very much like the language we speak verbally. We are taught by those who have come before us and that shapes our world. Depending on where you live, you might call the square box that takes you from floor-to-floor in a building a “lift,” while others an “elevator.” Depending on country, state, and family, we learn our accepted form of verbal language.

    We all speak energy as well. We learn patterns of how to communicate with each other from those who are around us, and that continues throughout our entire life. I speak of being aware of who is in your energy as that person can influence your thoughts, and therefore your outcomes. I instruct folks to be in balance in all areas of their lives to own their own power, to make intuitive choices. As most are evolving to do this, I wanted this newsletter to force you to focus on your patterns and understanding of how, why, and who you are, and what patterns are in your energy? What patterns are you knowingly, or unknowingly, passing down? There’s no better movie to show patterns of dysfunctional behavior than this year’s AUGUST OSAGE COUNTY! If you saw it, you are shaking your head right now in understanding.

    If you have thought about your circumstance, and where you are on your current line of probability in your life, than you know that you cannot change the history. But you can change your perspective about it, and THAT can shape and shift your future. DON’T BE A VICTIM OF OTHER PEOPLE'S CHOICES!

    For the people that are so stuck, cannot bear to see the forest through the trees, never mind the beauty in a blade of grass, what of them? Are some people just so heavily laden with all of it that they just cannot make a change? I believe the answer is NO.

    Ninjas of Negativity

    For years, I would read the comments on my Facebook page and just shake my head, as there seems to be a collective group of invisible negativity warriors. I call them NEGATIVE NINJAS!

    I post a positive quote, and they respond with a comment or paragraph about how their life is crap, has been, always will be, and the world is out to get them. Others might post a passive-aggressive comment that states, “oh that’s nice for you, but for me in the real world, that doesn’t really apply.”

    There have been some very real moments of stress in my office between Katrina and I where I wanted her to DELETE the page. It stresses me to read some of the negative comments as it doesn’t meet or match the intent of what I am doing and who I am. Not going to lie, I am SO happy that the folks that follow me on Twitter don’t seem to follow that same current of consciousness. Not a lot of Negative Ninjas on Twitter! I know the visual of negative thoughts in ninja costumes is great… my Guides gave it to me!

    Now, save the emails, posts and tweets telling me that I should not listen to the few in the minority out of over 600,000 people. I’m showing my personal and human side when I say that there are moments when it is really good that Katrina WON'T give up my password to the Facebook account.

    I am using these people as objective examples of their negative patterns and yes, I’m painting their posts with a broad brushstroke on purpose. We have all encountered that energy online or in life where everyone has an excuse, or its always somebody’s fault…it is never them getting out from behind their own circumstances and making a difference in their next step. They become a prisoner to their own thoughts, while life is happening all around them, and they are willingly not participating. They embody the principles of a victim, and life happens TO them and never FOR them.

    Those Facebook users whom only attack, vent their opinions or spew their judgment while accusing yours, are only affirming the negative. If you are NOT on my Facebook page, there’s a whole show going on their appearing sometimes daily. “NEGATIVE NINJAS ATTACK EVOLVERS,” lol. But, seriously, if you are not on my Facebook page – it is worth it to read some of people’s social Tourette syndrome. Sometimes, I wish I can call a few of these folks and record it for EVOLVE… now that would be reality television at its best.

    Higher Authority

    If you have read my materials before, you know that I have a very powerful relationship with a team of energies on the Other Side that I call ‘THE BOYS’… or my ‘TEAM’. After meeting Kathy Eldon, I appreciate the term “team spirit” that she coined when talking about the loss of her son, Dan. She has been a friend to me, a recurring guest on EVOLVE with JOHN EDWARD and a crowd favorite. Her powerful spirit of giving is infectious. (Please check her out: a greater energy and spirit on the Earth is hard to be found and check out her book IN THE HEART OF LIFE)

    So I asked my guides,

    JE: “Why do people fall into the same patterns?”

    GUIDES: “Patterns help give us the reset button and shape the positive of our future…at least in theory.”

    My immediate visual was of me as a kid playing a video game. If I didn’t like how I performed, I just reset the game. I would want an additional chance to get it better, to do it right. Wouldn’t life be so great if we could reset situations? The answer is…we need to learn from it, we need to get to the core foundation of the lesson. Otherwise, the Universe will keep leaving us behind and putting us in the same situations in the hopes that we can evolve to the next lesson. Guess what? Even when you pass your lesson, there are still mini quizzes and reminders along the way to review what it is you learned. An addict is always an addict, even when they are clean and sober for 30 years. The issue is still there, although dormant. They will always be faced with the choice of using whatever their addiction calls to.

    JE: But why do so many people make recurring mistakes? Bad decisions? Laziness? Is it in our DNA?

    GUIDES: They showed me schoolbooks.

    We are taught in history classes all about timelines and to learn the facts of the past, but not the behavioral and social patterning. For example, Hitler…nobody told me that Hitler was a Taurus, had his moon in Capricorn, and Libra was his rising sign (I did some digging and this is what I was able to find out online).

    But looking up what all that means would give you a below-the-surface understanding of how one man could enact such large changes on a planet. We understand the MAN behind the MONSTER. Each one of us has man, monster and Saint in us. Understanding our patterns in our own history will help us to understand how we somehow manifest similar patterns (having your astrological chart done will help REALLY understand this). Clearly, there are other Taureans out there, with their moon in Capricorn and Libra as their rising sign…and they didn’t make the choices that Hitler made.

    Now, Hitler is an extreme example, as Mother Theresa, or Ghandi, or whoever else you want to look at. But this newsletter - or newsnovel as Katrina will occasionally refer to them - is not about the leaders of society. I want this to be an exploration and examination of YOU.

    Look at where you are currently at in your life and think about how YOU actively allowed yourself to get here. Try hard NOT to assign blame, with full knowing that other people’s energy and choices helped you to make your own. Try to be accountable for what you said, did, and created to manifest the current position of your life and own it. If you can do any of that, you can take the next step to move forward.

    If you are stuck on the repeating thoughts that THIS person did X, Y and Z to me and that’s why 1, 2 and 3 happened, then you need to visualize yourself like the DEVIL card in the Tarot – chained and bound to the darker side of our soul. But like that card, the chains that hang around our necks are wide enough for us to take them off.

    BY NO MEANS am I trying to minimize your experiences. Quite the opposite actually; I want to throw them a parade, name them, honor them, give them their due and allow you to release them to where they should be… history. I want you to see the patterns on your line of probability that helped to get you here, both positively and negatively, and own your part in them.

    Look to see where patterns in your past helped to shape your present and how we can shift those patterns to alter the future for yourself and those you impact. Let’s learn from our histories, and evolve through them with information and understanding.

    When we understand what’s happening within us, we can affect great change around us and in our world.

    Thanks for spending some time here with me reading, and thinking. I hope that this has provoked some questions that you will dig for understanding yourself a little bit more. This newsletter was originally 11 pages longer – so there will be a thematic continuance in the March newsletter.

    I will leave you with a sneak peek to think about. If a blue box called a TARDIS landed in your backyard and a timey-wimey time-traveling man who calls himself “The Doctor” stepped out and invited you in and said he could take you anywhere in the world…WHERE WOULD YOU GO?

    This was a question that was asked of me last year during an event. I couldn’t answer it then, but I will in MARCH’s newsletter. See ya on EVOLVE!

    Check out EVOLVE w/ JOHN EDWARD only on

    All the best,


  • Hi There Aurora the Whirl (wind) teacher,

    Thank YOU so much for posting this today (well ... your today, my yesterday LOL). I have read this through a few times now and can see that I will be reading this many more times too ... just to garnish what the message behind the message is for me. I am certain that everyone here will see and resonate with something different in his newsletter because of where we are each at on our evolutionary spiral. And isn't that the true beauty and gift of spiritual messages? I do so like that - makes for interesting discussions with others, doesn't it?

    Throughout the depth and breadth of my experiences in the last few months, I have spent great amounts of time looking into my 'lessons' in all of this. Searching for recurring patterns and holding myself truly accountable for my role in everything in life. If there is one thing I am adamant about ... it's our integrity. One cannot hold integrity without accountability. I could possibly write forever on all the things I have come to realize during this time but I think the most difficult to reconcile is the fine line between whose lessons they really are and how much one may have contributed to them. Some would term this 'victim'; but that assigns blame and fine lines in the comprehension of life lessons are not about blame ... only awareness. Much like taking on someone else's illnesses or pain or even energy. It is the balancing act between what we OWN and what is another's. Has given me much to think about and sort through. It is exceptionally difficult to accept responsibility when things / people / whatever appears in our path that we do not believe we could have ever seen coming, or avoided, or controlled or partook in to begin with. How then do we respond to life events and people so that we do not assign blame or adopt any guilt and still keep our self intact ... keeping our soul protected from such extreme hur?

    So much more to say ... have to head out and come back ... again ... trip number 5 for m day. Back shortly ...

    Starre x.

  • So many missing letters ... hope you worked the words out? So frustrating this computer. But then; it is old and it is all I have soooooo ... working with it.

    In light of my earlier thoughts, his comment of: "Think about this hard. PEOPLE CANNOT MAKE OUR OWN CHOICES – only we can" were also challenging to integrate. If the only choice we have is how we respond to something, then people most certainly DO inflict their choices upon others thereby limiting choices for others. If, however, we co-create our lives, then that just makes this all the more difficult to reconcile.

    In order to embrace a life lesson, one must first SEE the life lesson and then, UNDERSTAND the life lesson. When we are not privy to what this is, how then are CHOICES made? JE lists 'intuition' as his premise - of following it but intuition is somewhat illusive when swept into the heart of an extreme life experience. There is naught one can do apart from respond. It is certainly an interesting paradox and not, an absolute, as he infers.

    JE is an interesting being. I had the opportunity to see him live when he came to Australia several years ago now. I went in with one perception and came out with another. Never thought that would've happened ... but it did. It was a shame that he felt the need to 'preach to the converted' as it were by spending 95% of his time justifying what he does to his critics; none of whom had just paid lots of money to be in the room. From this newsletter, I see that this is a pattern he himself has not discarded yet.

    He has made some powerful and empowering statements in this newsletter and I am so grateful to you Blmoon ... oops ... Aurora Whirl (Wind) ... 🙂 .... for posting this. It does, indeed, consider the very things I had just posted about and will help me to continue to question what is my reality and WHY? As appealing as it is, I don't actually run away from the 'hard' stuff ... and some days, I soooooo WANT to (lol) but that doesn't serve me well at all, does it? I continue to face my shadow self, my broken heart, my sad lonely soul and my role in my life. I seek ... for that is who I am in truth ... I seek to understand. I am not always accepting but I OWN my stuff. I question and question some more to break down what 'appears' into what is truth and then ask HOW in its application to my path. Reallllllllllllllly hard stuff to do; especially when one is hurting but I am trying - and I am LEARNING. I don't see the bigger context of my life ... not in the way you can ... and this is what I think most people struggle with. I don't think we avoid looking at life lessons or the patterns emerging in our life but, rather, we miss out on the bigger picture which helps put things in perspective ... in their true context and then, well ... life takes on a whole new meaning then, doesn't it? Hindsight is one thing ... true sight another. I think we are all learning how to apply WISDOM in the best way we know how at the time. That is the benefit of hindsight ... of learning from history ... world and/or personal.

    And where does 'surrender' fall amidst all this? What role does it have? How can one remain in the flow of universal energy if one is needing to ACT always? One, by nature, contradicts the other. I have wondered about this, especially in light of something you said to me ... 'that if I keep my energy calm and protected, then I will reman in the FLOW. There is nothing I need to push or make happen or do. What I need will come to me." How then, does this principle of JE's work? What effect does TRUST in GUIDANCE have? How does one trust Spirit? Does this mean there is a bigger design for our lives? Or not? We've all been aware of the adage "let go to let in" ... if action and making choices are our credo, then can we ever surrender ... let go of the moment / past / future so that something greater (?) can reach us? So may swirling thoughts ... no judgement ... just thoughts. Is there really a future coming to us? Are we experiencing everything we do so that the 'next' thing we need to experience can come to us? If so, how do they all connect? What is it we have, if we ascribe to it, agreed to by coming here?

    Hmmm? My instincts, my inner tuition compels me to keep LOVING; despite what is around me or coming to (as in 'for') me ... not because I am trying to be 'good' and most certainly not because I want to be a martyr. Far from it ... I just want to be true to me. I am just allowing what the strongest force inside me is to come forth. And it IS d a m n hard! My first response is not love and light. In all honesty, depending on the experience, it is the furthest first response I could ever hold BUT it IS the one thing ... the core thing ... that I am brought back to over and over again. Why? No idea. Above all else, I have learnt how LOVING and TRUSTING (be this naivety or not) a being I really am. It silences me actually for I didn't think it was possible to BE this and definitely not in light of my last few months. I hope that my love finds love and creates more love ... somewhere on this planet. All I know is that this is my choice yet it is not within my reality ... and, if JE is right, our choices create our reality. Paradox?

    I did, however, really enjoy his proposal of a time machine and the question 'where in the world you would go'. I am interested in what his response was. I am interested in what EVERYONE'S response to this would be? Did you hold an answer Blmoon? I am also intrigued as to WHY he has posed this? What inference about ourselves exists in this response? This reminds me of something I am fond of doing ... have always been fascinated with ... that of "What IF ... The Butterfly Effect" What if the CHOICES you made in the past were different? What if you chose Path A and not C? What life would you be living now? We would all be experiencing something different if we made different choices, right? Would it be a more truthful life than the one we chose? NO comparisons or better than's or judgements about a good or bad choice or life ... just a curiosity about WHAT WE MIGHT HAVE CHOSEN TO EXPERIENCE ... and then, why we DIDN'T????????? Now that fascinates me. Not linking this to regret or guilt or anything negative at all; just a seriously close look at how one moment of choice has created a set path. Is this why some of us experience life changing things ... to set us back on a path we have strayed from? And that thought sits in the pit of my stomach.

    Here's why ...

    Last year, around the time of my birthday, I went to see a medium. Knew nothing about her, had never heard of her, but went with an open heart ... and mind. The first thing she said to me (after she told me how beautiful and calm my energy was and how I was like someone's favourite Nun ... you know, se said, the one that makes you feel cherished and at peace in your soul when they are around? Made me laugh but it made me remember my favourite Nun from Primary School LOL) was ... I was so far off my path in life that I had to make HUGE, drastic changes if I was to ever get back on it. She explained that I had lost my way completely ... that I was virtually living a life that I was never meant to be living. A big ... VERY big thing to say. I had to make major changes, massive changes ... not little ones, to get back on the path of why I am really here. She never said what changes, just that they were HUGE and had to happen. Who would have thought, almost 8 weeks later to the day, everything in my life would be flipped upside down? Never saw it coming ... not these things. I thought she was referring to jobs, spiritual gifts, even my desire to be the hermit but not being allowed to this time round LOL .. you know ... that stuff??? Not ... tear my soul to shreds and leave me shattered with no idea what to do next? And then point ... FOR WHAT PURPOSE? None of these things were MY CHOICE either. So, difficult to feel empowered much? And when choice is not yours? What then? If our CHOICES are part of the bigger of our lives / purpose ... then why was mine wrong? If I wasn't meant to be on this path; then why was I? And then we ask ... WHAT PAT AM I MEANT TO BE ON????? Particularly, WHY did I have to lose what I did?

    I DO BELIEVE in a life plan. I do. I don't believe for one moment, that our lives are random nor meaningless. No, I FEEL the so much more. It is there. I also believe in INTENTION and all the ways of manifestation. I see these connections and I trust that they are TRUTH. It's the APPLICATION of all this I think we all need some help with. That's what I would love to see the JE's of this world begin doing. Drop the judgements and just help. That does not equate to 'do my choices for me' ... not at all. It refers to showing the way ... leading others to find this connection for themselves. Self discovery is just that ... self discovery. Those that know how - well - their light is more valuable than I think they can ever realize. This is not about the 'ego' knowing good things are coming to them, it's about the SOUL being SUPPORTED ... about directing the heart ... of shining light so that another's light begins to join the collective light. Why else are we all sharing a planet? If we are truly all connected (and I believe we are), then it's so important to act like that. To CHOOSE that path.

    This medium worried me; not in a frantic what the h e l l kind of way but, in making me feel as though my life choices to date were bad ... for me. I couldn't even imagine my life without the things I LOVED the most in it an, because I believed I was loved like that back, I never thought that would be something I would need to give up and for the sake of what??????? The void I am in now? The holding pattern ... yes much like an airport, I am in a holding grid. TRUST SPIRIT! TRUST THERE IS A PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE! Let the future unfold. Quite the quandary really, isn't it?

    I would dearly love to know HOW you did it, Aurora ... my whirlwind friend? How did you reconcile everything? How did you surrender and how did Spirit then unfold your future? Did you actively DO or did you let it flow to you? Did it flow to you? You are a divine teacher Blmoon ... you know that, right? We all are. Whilst one experience is never the same as another's; it is in understanding the process that we all learn. Spiritual platitudes are meaningless without experience / wisdom as one's guide. It is one thing to say what we 'should' be doing, another; entirely, to explore HOW. There is no ONE way ... for there is no ONE type of soul ... and there is the reality of SELF DISCOVERY ... and then there is sharing. And that is the premise for everything. To see, and feel, our connection to all, is not gong to occur if we all remain isolated.

    Please know ... everyone ... this is NOT finger pointing, or ranting, or anything negative at all ... just zillions of thoughts about the thoughts put forth. My only intent is to find truth and meaning ... and love. I am not interested in anything else; my soul is not designed like that. I believe that is why this Enchanted space is so incredibly unique and VERY special ... we are free to explore our own truths and discover the self inside our soul ... the one that calls us with passion and dreams to come forth into the light ... the light of our unique truth ... and we do so with LOVE ... and, in this intention, we create MORE LOVE! This is the place to shine ... and it's why I FEEL all the BEAUTY that is ALL OF YOU.

    Keep shining one and all.

    Starry Magic Galore x x x

  • Yay! Going to get this contraption off me today. Been sick as well, got another cold again, as does my little ones. We can’t seem to miss anything coming by us this winter. We have never been so sick all the time before.

    Icey, How are you? I am thinking about you a lot, and keeping you in prayers.Soon, the weather will be changing, that will be a good thing all around. I hope you are getting out with your girlfriends and having a good time sometimes. You need to get out and away from the scene at home for a bit of a diversion.

    I am making my kids a higher priority and not spending so much time brooding over my lack of practice on my piano. It is apparent that that is not where I must spend my time right now. So I am going to do just that.

    Thanks for posting this, BlMoon. I tried to read it all, but eyes not good right now, and too sick, will attack it again later when I feel better.

    Everyone else, have a wonderful day. I am going to go rest myself more before I go get this thing off of me.

    I love you and have a wonderful day. Thinking of you all.


  • ICY...VICTIM IS AS VICTIM DOES. YOU ARE A VICTIM.....I DO NOT CARE HOW MANY BOWS YOU PUT ON THAT TURD.....HOW NICE YOU ACT OR HOW MUCH YOU SAY THE RIGHT THINGS.......YOU LIVE A LIE. YOU DO NOT FEEL BLESSED AND YOU ARE SO ANGRY IT OVERWHELMS. DO YOU FEEL THE CAPITALS!!!!!! BECAUSE THAT IS HOW YOUR ENERGY EXPLODES OFF THE PAGE AND HITS ME! YOU ARE A DOUBTING THOMAS. YOU WANT TO BELIEVE BUT YOU WANT PROOF, PROOF, PROOF. YOU SEE THE NEGATIVE IN EVERY THING THAT WOULD OTHERWISE FORCE YOU TO BE OPEN . FAITH. FAITH FAITH. NO ONE GETS PROOF BEYOND THEIR OWN FAITH. if you really think you are not as INTENSE as you really are you need to get tested for mental illness. NO one is going to do it for you, that is the whole point of the John Edwards rant...which by the way is a rant without the ANGER you rant with. I honestly do not know what to tell knock down every helping hand. AND your anger is just plain MANIC. JESUS, MARY, JOSEPH! someone SLAP ME NEXT TIME are one stubborn brick wall and I need to walk away. BLESSINGS! ps.....since John Edwards and the rest of them disappoint you....then who ARE your mentors...who do you look up to? Because that is essential....a network of strength around you. Sunshine shared one with me. And in a instant I knew why she has great strength even when weak. I have several ......who are yours? Do you have mentors? Or do you pick at everything in a doubting Thomas way until you prove your TRUTH that nobody can help you....victim IS as victim does!


    I know you so want security for yourself and family but Spirit is pushing you to just BE with them as much as possible. You are right now where you are meant to be. Live in the moment with them. Trust your intuition....I know you do not want to feel judged as a bum ; ). But follow your intuition and the rest will come. And thank you for posting.....your peaceful strong energy is divine .........I enjoyed it. Woke up to a push the boulder day! Then ICY'S John said it's negative doubters that just make you question why you bother! I want you to know even though you do not purge on here I am AWARE the things you walk through. You do not walk alone! BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks BlMoon. I had a feeling you probably knew what’s going on.... Michael is sharing, eh? 🙂

    He is around. Logan apparently sees him a lot. I don’t see him, but I sometimes feel he is here.

    Thanks for the reassurance. I will try to worry less.

    Hope your day is awesome.

    Love and Light,


  • Dearest Blmoon,

    I am going to continue to choose to LOVE YOU.

    I am also going to choose to not let you or anyone take away my light. I did not deserve your abusive post and what you have said is uncalled for ... here at the pond or anywhere. Please do not feel as though you have a right to judge, condemn and hurt others as you please. Your anger here is well and truly felt ... shouty capitals and all; and it is completely unwarranted. It is not nice to treat people like that, so please be mindful of the choices you are making when responding to others.

    You said in an earlier post that you liked differences of opinion, debate ... as long as people weren't attacking people personally.

    We each hold a mirror up to the other and I am grateful to be given one reflection to help me see myself more clearly.

    I stand in the light of my truth and I know how I wrote my post and it was NOT in the manner you have accused me of. Far from it.

    Do I have a mentor? I had actually counted YOU as one.

    I wish you well Blmoon and I thank you for your whirlwind time here at the pond. It was a pleasure having you here.

    P.S. It is really sad that you woke up to a boulder of a day and I hope it goes away swiftly for you but I did not deserve to be on the receiving end of your frustration or fury. There is a level of civility, compassion and kindness needed on this forum ... towards everyone.

    Starry Magic to you always,

    Icearia x

  • Good morning all....

    Icey and Blmoon, what a time on here....I hope there will be calm after all of this lively back and forth!

    Sunny, I hope that wearing all of your electrodes have provided you and your doctors with the information needed so that you can move beyond your current health status. But, wow...considering you have been sick AND moved to a new place AND cleaned your own place, AND taken care of kiddo's who have been sick, I would say WOO HOO, when you are feeling better, look out world!!

    Lotus, hope you are also feeling better from your fall. I hope your pond is showing a little melting and that PLEASE may spring be on the way!

    LC, thinking of you!

    On the Bloom2 front, we are doing okay! Boston the dog continues to delight us! I have been trying to add coconut oil to my hub's meals since I have read that it helps with dementia. He seems to have significant ups and downs which appear to me to be related to how tired he is. That makes sense....but...I guess I am greedy and want him to be better all the time. However, am learning much better how to be accepting and helpful and loving, and not feeling frustrated at how things are.

    Our two local women's colleges both have their spring bulb shows these two weeks, so I am looking forward to strolling through green houses and being surrounded by flower fragrance, I have also been able to complete some paintings and send them in for printing to make cards for my church's conference. I am also making plans to go with friends to Boston for the day to spend time in two art museums. Can't wait!!

    May we enjoy our life journeys, no matter how many challenges we day at a time.

    Hugs from Bloom2

  • Dear Enchanted Souls,

    Wow! After years of sharing hearts it is incredibly special to still be together and to have met so many new souls along the way also. I am deeply grateful for each of YOU. What extraordinary beings you all are and what extraordinary lives you are all experiencing. Thank you for sharing yourself with me and with each other. The Enchanted Pond has been the most magical, soul felt place of all ... where love and kindness have paved the way and where each of you have shone so brightly. You all fill me with awe and deep joy.

    It is time for The Enchanted Pond to close now.

    Thank you for your love. No being who came here will ever be forgotten and no being will ever leave my soul.

    Something weird happened with my username at ... but 'Lear Broom Jet' is me, Icey. Truly weird.

    Lotus and LC ... I do so hope you look back here to find me. I shall await you.

    May all your lives bring you deep peace, abundant fulfillment and so much LOVE! May Blessings go with you always and remember ... Love always finds more Love in order to create even more LOVE!

    From my soul ... I love you.

    Icey Moonbeam ... recently aka Lear broom Jet x x x

  • ICY

    I know who I am! And you only are nice when no one confronts you.....your post to me was very intense. It was. And I had already asked you not to do that to me anymore.....I am honest about boundaries. Pushing a boulder up a hill had nothing to do with my response....I gave you another chance......gave you my boundaries and you ignored them and your energy was painful. You remind me of a child who doesn't get her way and so kicks the game board and goes home. So you are closing the if you owned it? You believe in no one trust no one unless they agree with you.. And I knew you would only praise me but then have to create a lie out of me because that's what you do. Do not send me blessings that are not real. I know the difference. Now you are on a broom, really? And you are going to pretend that has no meaning? You mock in a silent way. LIE. You pick a silent fight with folks who can take it so you can release that huge keg of anger and intense emotion you sit on. My post back at you was VERY called can lie all you want to yourself. I could have ignored you. But perhaps the message was not really for you. But for others who with their big hearts have too much fear of not raising the sword when they get clear intuitions of being offended or know in their gut there is a lie between what someone says and does. You say terrible things about spiritual truths then throw out a bunch of nice words to pretend it never happened. . Confrontation is not all bad.

    I am a peacemaker but I will not play blind into anothers's lie. You can be sure I will not cross paths with your broom again. I am not being out of love with fact it is loving myself and those who may not see how loving themselves and protecting themselves at times means they must carry a sword big as their heart.

  • PS..before closing reread this whole thread. I just did! You had great insight about your marriage several years ago......your inability to devote your energy to one man? Your knowing this lie was going to bite you in the end. You said many times you knew you were living a lie you could not stop. Is this your anger?

  • Bloom!

    Nice to see you here. It is always a pleasure to read your bright, cheery posts.

    I have been trying to slowly increase what i can do, but tempered with a new awareness that if I am overwhelmed, I stop. Some days, I move mountains, other days, I move molehills. I am setting my goals on dealing with my sweet peas and helping them to progress. I have been preoccupied with work, school, personal life and they have been getting lost in the shuffle. Now, I have less things to deal with, so I have to make sure to fill that time with them. I am also trying not to stress over things that could derail things for me.

    I am keeping you and your hubby in my thoughts and prayers, the coconut oil is a good thing to try, also trying to switch your diet to more alkaline foods instead of acidic ones may be a great help too. I will find a link I saw some time ago and send it to you. You are such a loving person, your hubby is very lucky. Boston seems to be a great addition to your family. Dogs are wonderful creatures.

    I can hardly wait for spring either. DONE WITH SNOW!!!

    Have a wonderful day.


  • TO all our enchanted pond folks, I love you all, have a wonderful day/night.

    Blessings and Light,


  • oh sunshine! I love your vibe..........STRENGTH. I just spent two days in icu with my husband. He had a heart attack but all is good right now. I so need sleep! BLESSINGS TO YOU !

  • Wow! Sorry to hear that BlMoon. I hope he gets better soon. That is hard.

    Rest your nerves.



  • I'll rest mine if you rest yours ; )

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