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  • For you, Bloom ...

  • May you manifest your abundance! Feel the MAGICK!!!!!

    Icey Moonbeaming Love x

  • Hoping your move is going super well Sister Sun and praying that the sun is shining above you. Hugs and Love to the Little L's also. Eyes on the prize 🙂

  • Hi All-We're quite a bunch these days but thankfully we have the Pond when we need a supportive lift. I can't read each word as carefully as i would like but think I have the jest of what's happening with each of you.

    Icey x fingers the C is crossed off. I do hope you get relief from that pain soon. As far as the Sagg goes, seems he wasn't brave enough to tell the truth most likely a misguided attempt to not hurt you further. Karma my friend. Blmoon comes n goes but sure she hasnt forgotten you

    Bloom- so glad you have Boston for lots of hugs n kisses when you need them. its not easy to be a caretaker plus care for yourself. I do hope you can sneak in some me time

    Sunny- hope the new digs are just what the doctor ordered for all of you recuperate from these past few months. It takes time to settle in but sure it'll be worth it

    Me_ I'm healing at a tortoise pace but am improving. No stitches but a big lump will be out of work longer than I wanted & am a bit tired of myself already!! learning via UTube qigong it helps pass the time & I can move a bit too

    Group- deep breaths, let out the tension & negative stuff as you exhale & inhale lots of Love n Light

    Be well my friends


  • Greetings Lotus,

    Major ouch huh? I remember my son's 'lump' and 'bruise' very well. Nasty stuff. I am sorry that you are experiencing such a time. But ... you are doing something remarkable. I have a dear friend back home who studied this also. It is amazing just how different we can feel when we breathe the right way ... or, the full way ... that's more like it. Awareness of the body's energy system is powerful. I am not surprised that you are looking into something like this ... you are like Lady Phoenix (Laie) ... scientific .... medical ... minds are VERY drawn to body work. I just clicks for folks who tick like that. Anything that follows a system, a process, a diagram even jus appeals to minds that follow a scientific path. I love to witness that in people ... see what others are drawn to. Perhaps I cold research that for a career? LOL 🙂

    Anyway, I so hope you enjoy learning this and that it helps you.

    I am also praying that your healing is swift and full. Are you a bad patient too? There is seriously only so much lying around one can do before it stops being fun. I am at this point also ... my mind will snap if I don't find an 'out' soon. I am trapped in my home and I am going stir crazy. Think that's the bulk of my problem ... I have 'no' life just a heap of stress. What did Einstein have to say about insanity? Hmmmm .... living that definition to be sure. Catch 22's are no fun. I figure that this is yet another lesson in PATIENCE for me (seems my whole life has followed this one) and that everything happens in the time it's supposed to. Clearly, LOL, I am not that good at waiting for something to happen ... or change ... or .... trying to trust that the forces that be know what they're doing ... just wish it would hurry up a little because I need some help here! 🙂 Oh well ...

    As for the Sagg ... I am trying VERY hard NOT to think about him anymore but this is proving impossible. He said he didn't move back there solely because she was there but that just says she was a reason, doesn't it? His last statement was nasty and it was said in a tone and manner that was just mean. In my heart. I think you are right about his trying to not hurt me further. Karma? Hmmmm? Perhaps I should just stop talking about the Sagg all together? I cannot control anything he does, never could ... never wanted to. All I ever wanted was to be loved. Didn't think it would end like this.

    You are probably right about Blmoon also. I miss her and I do sincerely hope she is well .. and above all else, HAPPY.

    Thanks for all your well wishes, support and friendship. My soul appreciates YOU!

    Hoping your rest brings you what your body needs. Now ... you really do have to be a good patient and stop READING! ROFL .... LOL!!!!! You need to HEAL! And that is true. You DO! Go Heal!

    Loving Hugs and deep breaths of light back at ya,

    Icey Moonbeam x

  • Thank you Icey! You have helped me immensely as well! Thank you for the just pulls me in 🙂

    Oy vey, I say...sometimes things just don't make sense. AND I feel the wheel too...I sometimes think of it as a spiral, we keep swinging around but we are a little higher each time as we learn from our experiences. I know that my relationship with my Pisces has been my 'growing edge', as my hub has described it. Somehow this young man has pushed me through a lot of (sometimes very painful) life lessons...funny how all of our strengths and weaknesses combine to get us through these experiences.

    But knowing other beings out there...even we are connected through this etherial internet- has made me so much more aware of the higher qualities of existence. I am not able to do psychic readings etc. but I do FEEL very well, haha. And I can go into that heart space and FEEL the connection with essence, and it has communicated with me through feelings and a kind of knowing.

    I think we did talk about this before - the Pleideans Prophecy..(sp?). I'm not sure how to spell it or say it, and if I leave this page to find out on Google I will have to re-type all of this, lazy me. But, I have heard several chapters explained through a facebook friend, who posted it on her page. When I heard that, I knew that there was so MUCH more out there that we don't know about....that gives me courage to keep plugging through this messy time.

    I recently had to push through a huge challenge with the Pisces and his boys, and found that re-reading the levels of integration for the enneagram types helped me a lot. As a '2', I had to really really face my particular challenge, which is to be able to speak my truth with the understanding that this could shatter my relationship and cause someone to not love me anymore.

    Whew...but I was able to keep that in my mind as I spoke with him, even though I did get teary at one point. Miraculously, he called me about 24 hours later to tell my that he thought I was right. woah, that was very big for me. These little successes keep me on the path of understanding my own person!!

    We are off to Seattle area soon to visit for a week with our married daughter. She is playing a solo with her band, so off we go to support her and rave about her etc. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my hub can hold it together 🙂 I know he will totally enjoy being there, but airports are always a challenge for him.

    I hope that your starry special core self will be nourished by your own strength and connection to essence, and that you will find your center and know that that spark that is you is eternally loved and held in peace and light. We here certainly have experienced the goodness of your inner self.

    Holding you in light!


  • Oh Dear Bloom,

    Feeling is such a double edged sword ... with it we partake in the greatest gifts of all and with it, we shatter and fall and feel our life force leave us. "Calling All Angels", the song I have noted many times ... or maybe once (?) ... poses the exact conundrum ... do we take feeling and experiencing our life away and risk never knowing what love / joy / great things feel like? Tis a big question and 'feeling' is a BIG thing.

    Right now, in my today, I favour not feeing anything. Obviously I have not mastered much.

    You, however, are destined to be a strong feeler because you are a '2'. Did you really think you could be anything less? 🙂 You really do have a remarkable talent for holding perspective. This I admire about you abundantly. You have taught me a lot ... a real LOT ... especially in stepping back from our reactions to observe the bigger picture. Did you ever do counselling as part of your Degree? I am certain you would have HELPED so many lost souls find life perspective. It is definitely our gain that you are here teaching all of us ... and teaching us by example ... you don't get a better teacher than one who walks the talk. Love your gifts.

    Hmmm ... your Mr Pisces .... yes, he has certainly pushed you. Pushed big buttons and opened deep feelings locked deep inside. The fact that you can stand in the light of your own truth, no matter what lesson he has placed you in the centre of, is a mighty big testament to the BEINGYOU ARE! Dearest Bloom ... earthly words are pretty useless (and I am pretty good with words usually LOL) at describing the absolute BEAUTY and POTENTIAL of your incredible soul. WOW! You are seriously a "WOW". I hold so much respect for you Bloom; you ARE fabulous!

    Like you, my journey at the moment has forced me to stand in the light of my own self and face myself ... my locked away self ... with such honesty it's been painful. With the things I have experienced of late, there is nowhere to hide. I have been so vulnerable that I have felt exposed; that even if I wanted to, there is nowhere to run to anymore. I have faced true fear and I have looked myself in the eye and wondered about the being I have been and currently am. I have considered my faults and weaknesses and equally considered my goodness. I have wrestled with worthiness and, even yesterday, locked myself in my wardrobe, fell to my knees ad surrendered ... to what? I have no idea. I sobbed and felt so exposed ... from my insides out ... to whom? No idea either ... just to whoever would listen I suppose. I want so much for this ... whatever this is inside me ... pain? No, it's beyond pain ... don't know .. desperation? Maybe ... it's so much more than that too ... it's a layer of myself I have no description for ... anyway, I want so much for it to transform now. I want so very much to feel 'good' again. If I have to accept that my life is different now; then I DO!!!!!!!! But, please ... can we just get on with it???? Pleeeeeaaassssssssssssssse!

    Am off for another round at the Govt Dept so we can eat next week; or the kids can anyway (they don't give me enough for everyone). Will return ...


    Icey x

  • Round 2 ...

    Am hoping Seattle is wonderful ... for all of you. Is your hub able to take something that will help with the flying part? Lots of folk do need some assistance and that will ultimately help you also ... less stress for everyone is a very good thing. So happy for your daughter - be a proud Mum - I think that's joyous.

    Safe flights and happy travels to you.

    Liked your 'spiral' analogy - a wisdom staircase! Might adopt that. 🙂

    Your starry connection is very interesting Bloom ... particularly with the Pleiades! I was once told by a psychic that I was from there ... one of the stars in that sister group of very prettiness! Makes the soul sigh, doesn't it? To think we are starry essence. Love that ... a lot ... great expression! It certainly explains why I struggle so much down here ... not understanding people, not understanding why love doesn't motivate everyone and why I don't understand things like what happened to me. I just don't get it. Never have. I have always felt different and 'not from here' ... this might explain why ... just a little. As an aside, if you are checking out prophecies and such ... the Hopi Indian prophecy is interesting and, just the other day, I came across this amazing site that looks into your Mayan connection ... kind of like astrology as it's based on your birth date but it goes way, waaaaaaaaaaaay beyond that! I found that incredible! Would love to read the book they wrote .......... so so soooooooo amazing! Shall look for the link and post it here for you ... ALL of you! It's mind blowing. It even has personal year forecasts, much like Numerology, only ... different. Now there's a system I could delve into. I am such an Astrology junkie ... my best friend back home is constantly saying I should become one. LOL It's a hoot.

    As a funny, come ironic, aside to this ... I picked a book off my bookshelf yesterday to read ... guess what it is? It's "Astrology and the Seven Rays" by Bruno and Louise Huber and man is it ever hard to read. Am trying to interpret their diagrams in relation to their comments and sheesh ... think I need a degree in astrophysics to get through this one. LOL It's one of those "we know what we're talking about but can't explain it to you" books. Frustrating but jut so compelling. Am gong to attempt a bit more today ... and all in the quest for personal evolvement ... to look at myself even more closely ... what can ya say? LOL

    Happy today to you my ethereal sister of soul.

    Icey x

  • For you Bloom ... and any Enchanted Soul who may be interested ...

    The Mayan Oracle

    Can be found at or just type 'Mayan Oracle' into your browser ... find your Dreamspell Signature and ENJOY THE MAGIC OF REALIZING THE SELF!

    Big Love,

    Icey x

  • Thank you dear Icey. Perhaps I will look it up on my phone while waiting in the airport.

    You are doing the doesn't surprise me that you are made of starlight 🙂 That has been my feeling since the beginning and part of what makes YOU so compelling and strong. I wish I could send my Vermont therapist to you for a session...he is totally comfortable with where you are, he has lead me through a LOT. He may know the connection to the Mayan philosophy as well, since he has been many times to Peru and has had training in their spirit techniques. I will see if I can find his website and send it to you.

    Blessings to you and all here...I am off soon and probably won't be back on for a week. Apparently we will miss a big snow storm, so I will worry about my cats at home but will leave plenty of food and water if my cat sitters can't make it through!!

    Hugs from Bloom2

  • Icey and all,

    I hope this link will come through for the Essence Institute: happy viewing and contemplating. He is just wonderful!!

    Hugs from Bloom2

  • bloom2

    I took the sample test and it was right on! I had doubts at first since the answers often BOTH were true and hard to decide. What a great website. I have two websites I visit. You are wise to as well have a nurturing network around you

    we all need that! BLESSINGS!

  • Hiya Bloom,

    Wow ... when you said you were off to Seattle, I didn't think that meant like ... today! That's awesome! Have yourself a beautiful time ... and your hub also. My best to your daughter also. So fabulous ... ENJOY!

    Thanks for the link. I have to go to the hospital today but will look into it later. I wish I could have time with your Vermont man also. He certainly has an eclectic background ... I really like that.

    Yes, definitely doing a journey down here. Aren't we all hey? Trying to embrace mine.

    Your comments have touched my heart deeply Bloom ... blessings and love ad star dust to you. You have truly lifted me up today. Thank you. Speaking of starry loveliness ... have you ever seen the movie STARDUST? It's one of my favourites ... so filled with LOVE and the way the star glows when she's FEELING joy or love ... is exactly how I believe we look when we do also. LOVE that so very much!

    Happy, JOYOUS travels my friend. See you when you get back.

    Starry Hugs,

    Icey Moonbeam (becoming quite the galactic one now LOL) x x x

  • Greetings Blmoon,

    How are YOU? Hoping you have been well and happy and that life has been kind to you. Really lovely to see you here.

    So, what 'Type' are you?

    I am a '4'.

    Starry hugs,

    Icey x

  • Hello to you all,

    Sunshine finally able to get into my internet again. How I have missed my Pond family. I am really struggling with this move. Been moved out a week today, but 'i

    am still taking things out of the ld place and into the new. Sprained my ankle due to slipping on this ice and snow. I like winter, but I am soooo ready for this to be over. Anyway, I am going to get this old apartment cleaned and finished this weekend and then finally turn my attention to getting my new place in order. It is a nice place, but I have soooo many stairs to climb. 3 floors can be exhausting. Moving I realized just how much stuff I have, and I need to get rid of a lot of things. Also keep coming across things that belonged to Michael, or that he brought into the house, like a McDonald's bag of coffee creamers in the refrigerator, his electric razor, and other small items. Sentimental me...I haven't gotten rid of much of his stuff, just clothes, really. Other stuff I still keep, and will give to our kids when they are able to take care of them and realize the value (sentimental) of the items. I miss him, but 'I think he is still around, I hear Logan in his room sometimes saying, "Daddy". I want to do a collage of pictures for them for each of their rooms. I have a bunch of pictures of Michael with Lauren, but I have literally nothing of him with Logan. That makes me sad. Every kid deserves to have pictures of themselves with their parents. I don't have any childhood photos of me with my parents, but I have a couple of adult photos of me with each of them. 😞

    Trying to move on with life, but too much on the plate right now. I had my waking/sleeping EEG last monday, and I peeked at the technicians once or twice during the procedure. I caught them exchanging glances a couple of times that set me to worrying, particularly after one technician asked me immediately after one of those exchanged glances, "Ms. Lord, do you feel dizzy or lightheaded right now?" I was seeing swirling lights inside my head, and I was feeling glued to my chair, but not the kind of dizziness she was looking for I guess. That is something I guess I will find out on this coming monday when I go to see the neurologist. Next is the visit to the concussion doctor, which I have yet to schedule. Being stressed out and worrying about supporting my children, dipping into my retirement acct, and debating about putting my kids back into daycare so i can work is placing me in overwhelm mode, where I freeze and do nothing. Yikes! Calgon, take me AWAYYYYYY!!!!!!

    Icey, I am thinking of you a lot and hoping that you are finally seeing some blue skies. It might seem bleak right now, but soon, it will be real. I keep such great hopes for you. and I know you will soon find your way out of the maze. Know you have your friends behind you, watching your back. Blessings to you. And I hope you keep coming out to interact with us all.

    Bloom, I am keeping you in my thoughts too. You definitely have a lot on your plate. I see you getting through this with your usual strength and aplomb. You are such an inspiration to a lot of people, much more than you know.

    Lotus, I am happy to see you here too. I am keeping good thoughts in my heart for you. I feel so happy when I see you in your lake house and in your new life. I look forward to reading your posts and hearing what is going on with you. That makes me happy. Blessings to you.

    Laie, Quenkath, and LC, i am sending you all happy thoughts and hoping to see you all here soon.

    BlMoon, I am happy to see you are in here too. I have good thoughts for you and hoping things are going well for you and your family. Sometime, you and I need to have a talk. I want to ask you a couple of things. 🙂 Blessings to you.

    Well, must go back and finish cleaning the old place so it can be over. Wish me some good thoughts everyone.

    Love and light to everyone. I hope to be back soon, now that my internet is restored.


  • Dear Sister Sun ... hello and welcome back! So great to see you in here and able to be in touch with us. So lovely!

    I was super sorry to read about the ankle mishap - sure makes moving even tougher for you ... you poor love! Hope it is healing and I hope your nervous system is also. Moving house is right up there on the stress list so, hopefully, when night time rocks around, you can put your feet up and let your system calm down. Rest is pretty much the only thing that's going to help and what a catch 22 that is right? Rest ... move house? I do hope you take a few moments, have a long soak in a scented bath, curl up on the couch, just close your eyes and breathe deeply for a bit .. anything to just give your body time to stop, adjust and calm itself. Always sending your healing and light and all that you need wishes.

    As for the 'too much stuff' factor ... amazing just how complicated we can make our lives by all the stuff we pack into it. I found this too; with every move I have culled so much stuff only to discover how much more I accumulated on the way. I have put a moratorium on anything else sneaking in as I want to live life lighter. I am trying to sell off some things so we can survive but also, to simplify my life. Mind you, I still have 'stuff', just less of it which can only be a good thing. Am awaiting the kids leaving home as then ... even less 'stuff' LOL I imagine holding onto Michael's things must be so difficult; I am feeling for you. I do, however, think your idea of giving things to the kids to treasure from him is a FABULOUS idea. They will seriously appreciate it when the have grown. Make a lovely box that is customized to the child and write each of them a letter about their Dad and pop in the box to make their memories special ... a mini time capsule.

    Missing Michael? Oh definitely Sun ... my sweet friend ... how could you not? He IS your children's father, he IS someone you love, he IS a whole person removed from your life ... he IS so much. Of course you miss him ... be gentle to yourself here Sun ... bundle up all the good that was Michael and keep loving him. Keep this all in your heart and be comforted by the 'good'. Two people cannot fall in such deep love and not miss the other. I believe we aren't designed to not love ... but destined TO love.

    Have to head to the hospital for another appointment. Be back to write more. Having major surgery March 17th ... will fill you in when I get back.

    For now ....

    Big Starry Love,

    Icey x

  • I'm baaaaccckkk ....

    Now, where were we - it has been my experience so far that murmurs and looks between people taking scans, tests, bloods, whatever, is to be taken not so seriously by patients. Often, it is not as bad as we perceive things to be and really, it's up to the specialist to explain, review and address what may / may not have shown up. I have had so many tests of late and now have to have an ECG on my heart prior to surgery. In my last ultrasound, after 2 Dr's couldn't locate something and exchanged not only deep brow lines, they called 2 more Dr's in to see if they could. There were so many hushed tones, looks of concern and questions about pain, scars, etc; that I was a blithering mess at the time. Then, my mind had time to dwell on all the possible 'bad' things all this could mean. Don't do this to your beautiful self Sister Sun - wait until you are in front of your Dr and he explains everything to you. Although I was told I have a tumour and it is growing aggressively, it is benign. They, of course, told me last week that they won't confirm this completely until the time of surgery when the lab tests all the things they are removing. I am just filling this space inside me with healing light until then. Please do the same ... bring as much light into your areas of need as you can ... just keep doing it, ok? Am always holding your hand through the journey.

    I am having my right ovary removed and some areas around it and, if the left side or anywhere else looks questionable, more will come out. I am going to be in hospital for a week and then in recoup for 4 - 6 weeks. Not having keyhole surgery but a 15 - 20cm incision and open surgery instead; hence the big down time. Though, this will be confirmed when I see my specialist a few days beforehand; all things point to this option for now. I will be so relieved to not be in pain anymore and to know that nothing is growing inside me anymore too ... will be able to move forward knowing this is all over. Big preventative stuff now in motion for me because of my blood clot and my bloods have come back with some alarm bells for the anaesthetist ... may get referred to a haematologist as well. I so understand the stresses of medical life Sunshine ... we will both get there and be well forever more.

    Thanks for your kind and uplifting energy - you are very special. One of these days, you are right, I will find my way through the maze. It is a truly difficult space to be in right now but it has to get better ... GREAT THINGS HAPPEN TO GREAT PEOPLE. I do believe that. I so deserve great things for, if there's one thing I know, my soul is good ... and pure and in need of love. One day, this will be my reality. Thank you, again.

    I know that Blmoon will speak to you and hear your call Sister Sun; I am the only one she won't talk to. I know how much her assistance means to you, she will be here for you. Trust in that. Hope she brings you all you need.

    Take good care of yourself and those Little L's Sister Sun. I am always swooping around you, sprinkling moonbeams and stardust so your wishes come true. Look forward to seeing you here again!

    Starry Hugs and Angel Love my friend,

    Icey x

  • Starry Moonbeams all ...

  • SUNSHINE----My energy is limited right now. But you can ask. The universe is both calling for rest rest rest and is hitting us with visits to our past. How we are supposed to rest with that is a challenge! This is a universal energy forecast for Feb. so try not to take it personal---we all feel it! This is extra hard for you as well as me........we prefer moving mountains and resist down time. I surrender more now as I have learned that when I resist down time life sits me down---usually with a whack! I'm talking dumb accidents.....twisted ankles and bumps on the head etc. And at my age the body takes too long to heal. The only impression I get for you is this will be a time of intuition versus what others tell you---which by the way is also in the Feb. forecast for many as well. With he past visiting us it is a challenge to have faith in our present hard earned ability to be who we are and honor our gifts of intuition. It means some person or situation is going to push you to believe something that your gut says otherwise. Trust your gut. Also, it is ok for you to embrace help. You are fiercely independent and have strong will but the earth experience includes the body and your body gets disconnected at times from your will. A lot of your dream accomplishments and special service will not be realized until after your children have grown. I strongly get that you being close as possible to your children now is important. At least for the next five years. Spirit says later in life you will see why. If you have as well felt that in your gut beneath the fear of all your immediate concerns please listen to that. Navigating through the medical system and maintaining personal intuition is a challenge. The medical world is a serious place, often detached from intuition---it exists on statistics and facts and has less room for individual personal experience. Again, this plays into this time for embracing your unique like nobody else existence. About Michaels things, he says it is ok to toss items that pull you back to holding on to his earth existence as healing comes with embracing his new state of being. Keep some things but also toss things like his razor. BLESSINGS!

  • I am sorry to read that your energy is limited Blmoon. I am praying this passes quickly for you and that the rest and cam you are taking brings healing and light back to your beautiful self.

    Please look upon this image (hoping it posts ok lol) as a light blessing from my soul to yours. Asking the angelic ones and all your guides to be with you.

    Starry Hugs & Magickal Blessings,

    Icey x

    PS: Thank you ever so much for reaching out to my Sister Sun. I appreciate that especially given how you feel.

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