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  • And again ...

  • ICey, You always post the most gorgeous pictures. They seem to radiate a life of their own. Looking forward to getting a fresh start. missing having a routine in my life and just being able to “just BE”.

    You don’t have to listen to me and all my rubbish about Sagg. I’m prejudiced...he turned you and your life upside down.

    Lauren was so happy top be back at school., she got off the bus yesterday full of happiness and waving to her friends. Good on her.

    PRaying everyone is well and having a great new year 2014. Amazing how January is already gone, and Groundhogs day is approaching....Wow! time is flying by.

    Love you all. Going to lie down, have a terrible backache.

    Love Sunshine

  • Magic ...

  • Hi Sister Sun ...

    I truly appreciate this guy's art - love the colour, the light, the energy and the whole feel of his work. It would really be something to stand in front of his pieces and feel them for real, wouldn't it? Imagine owning an original???? Wow! So happy you like the pics Sun ... gives all of us something lovely to feel and dream about, doesn't it?

    Amen to your fresh start my dear friend ... I am holding that vision for you also ... very much so. It is time for change; good change and I am hoping that your new space gives you everything you wish for. Keeping everything crossed for you.

    Oh Sister Sun, I am sooo sorry if I sounded like I wasn't listening to our advice about the Sagg ... I WAS! I really was! It is a conundrum and something that actually eats away at me in my now. I think about what I should be doing all the time. My head Vs my Heart constantly. I am just going with my instinct on this one because I think how to deal with all this will become clearer as time goes on. I am learning to be more detached and, in that way, not get drawn into the up and down of anything. I cannot stop loving someone I have truly loved but I am not a puppet and nor am I hanging off his every word. Parts of me would love to hear him say something that will give me hope and then there is now a new part of me that is just doing the best she can in her day to day life ... trying to move forward and stop looking back. My reality is that I am never going to get back what I had and, as he lives so far away now, he is not going to just come back either. I just have to face this and keep going. Sometimes I don't do this very well but mostly, I am literally trying to get out of my own way so that something really GREAT can come my way. I have so deserved my something new and great! And that I do believe!

    I adore you my friend and I always take your advice into my soul. You are so right about so much and I have to stop supporting the Sagg. I don't want to know what he's doing or with whom ... my soul has been ripped apart enough. This is why if I can stay detached and keep emotion out of my communication, I will be able to protect myself. I do believe that all this will become much MUCH easier when I have something ... or even someone (who knows if ever?) ... else in my life. Having a different focus will change everything. I just need some new things to start happening!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank YOU for always supporting me. I am just so grateful.

    Am off to read my daily scopes on here now. It has been so uncanny just how accurate they have been. I do this religiously every day because it helps me to gain some perspective that I may not have held before. You should read yours also.

    Have a beautiful day Sister Sun ... angel hugs to you and the Little L's x x x

  • LOL Icey. I do sometimes read my scopes, but i never think they are more than generalizations.

    I think that you are doing just fine, and people like me should just let you do you. To everything, there is a season, and the seasons are changing slowly but surely. Feeling a lot of trepidation towards my own future...I know what thoughts could possibly be going through your lovely head.

    I really feel a lot of pride and love in you, you are an inspiration to me and I am learning from you.

    Blessings to you and I really see you in a good place a lot sooner than you think. Sending you lots of love and hugs.

    Got sinus troubles and headaches today. UGH! going to finish my school so I can go to bed early. LOL early for me will be about 2am.

    Love, Sunshine

  • Sister Sun ... I just wrote the longest post back to you, hit send and lost it all. Merc the jerk doesn't rock in till later this week ... so NOT fair! Icey is poking her tongue out, stamping her foot and making cauldron sparks fly!

    Will post this picture for you and return tonight to re-write my whole post again!!!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!!!!

    Loving Hugs for now,

    The Moonbeam x

  • Yes, I see we are starting to have our troubles with the postings... too much. Merc the jerk, eh?!? Probably so...Getting ready to move...looks like the bad weekend I postponed the move on is going to get us next weekend too...GAh!!!

    I need just a FEW days of warm sunlight, PuhLeeze!!! Snow cats and dogs AFTER I move!

    Headache still messing with me and sinuses. I am sending to the Universe for someone to be able to help me with this move. too much work.

    Love to everyone. I am thinking of you all. Blessings and Light!


  • Hi Everyone- A quick pop in to say I'm sorry for my absence I have a concussion from my car hatch falling on my head.Wonder what the Universe is trying to tell me? I'm not to be using the computer, watch tv or drive right now. I'm being 99% compliant. Out of work too for 3wks atleast. Each day a bit better. I'll check in once in awhile but will think of you & hope all is going well in the mean time.

    Good luck with your move Sunny



  • Oh Lotus ... OUCH! Oh you poor love -what a terrible thing to have happen to you. I am so sorry that you were hurt like this and I hope that you do as you have been told! Get lots and lots of rest so that your body can heal. Bet you've had the headache to end all headaches! You poor soul ... that's so nasty!

    Please take care of YOU and let 'G' and others help you also. Lie in bed and look out upon your beautiful lake and dream. May all the angels watch over you and bring healing and love to your sweet self.

    Will be thinking of you also and sending you wellness hugs across the sky.

    Blessings and Healing Sister Lotus,

    Icey x

    Now ... be good .... 🙂

  • Hey Sister Sun,

    My kids nabbed me for a walk (the boys and I go every night) and a swing. We have this new park where I live that has some swings and swings are my most favouritest thing you know!!!!! So, once we've done the 'walk' bit, we go swing. It's so awesome ... swinging under the stars! Love it. Only downside ... it makes for a challenging walk home as it's all UP HILL after this! Oh well ... the swinging is worth it! 🙂 Now I walk/run in the morn and walk and swing at night. Should be super fit quicker now, right? Just wish it were cooler.

    Just as you wish it were warmer! I am praying that the sun shall stream through long enough for you to be able to move more easily. Holding the vision! I have moved in all weather (minus snow of course) and it is NO fun moving in the heat either. Never care to do that again actually. Best plan my next moves for Autumn or Spring ... right? I feel for you but all will be well. You shall have your help! I would help you if I were there and afterwards, well ... we could plonk on the couch and laugh about our adventure! Once we got warmed up that is! LOL Sorry I can't be there in person but I shall be your spiritual moving buddy instead. Keep praying for assistance and it shall be sent to you. Holding you near and wishing for sun for you!

    I know this will sound nigh impossible but .... try to stop THINKING and just let ALLOWING in for a moment. Your headache is being impacted by your fear ad excessive worry and analysis of what if. Let them all go. Lie quietly, draw down light in whatever colour comes to your soul first through the top of your head ... let it fill your mind, your eyes, your cheeks, your ears, your mouth, down into your neck and then let it FLOW through you shoulders, arms, chest, rest in your heart, and continue its path all the way to your toes and out the soles of your feet into the Earth. Let that be the only thought inside you until you feel FILLED WITH COLOURED LIGHT. Let this heal you, bless you and bring you what you need. Repeat this over and over until you can feel it. If you fall asleep doing this; all the better ... for that will be a deep, healing and rest filled sleep. You need this. Deep breaths my beautiful friend. All will be well. Icey says so! 🙂

    Now ... onto all the other stuff I had messaged you on before ... please my dear Sister Sun ... people like me NEED people like YOU! Never doubt how much you mean to me. You hold so much wisdom and so much love inside you that this shines through when you offer guidance. I LOVE hearing (reading LOL) all that you say and I take it all into my soul. The way you have supported me and stood by my ide protecting me throughout this whole ordeal is just incredible and so deeply special to me. You hold such an important role in helping me move forward in this new journey that I haven't got a clue about. Whenever I feel lost or lonely or sad ... you are always there lifting me back up. I NEED YOU and all my enchanted friends because I cannot do any of this without you. I don't know which way to turn or how to get beyond the loss I have felt and it has been your light ... and the light of all here ... that has kept me going. I have wanted to quit and give up a few times. I have felt so broken and so lost in my heart and you have been there to make sure I continue to breathe. Without you, and all the ponders, doing this ... I just might not be here. Always believe that you are important and all that you say to me is important too.


    I feel as though I have turned a corner and that I am starting to move forward now BUT .... some days I just don't 'do' very well at all. Sometimes, I just can't stop looking back and being so very sad about losing the one person I so dearly loved on this planet. Sometimes, I wonder if I will ever have 'life' back in my being. And sometimes, I cry easily. I have cried myself to sleep a few times, begging whoever is listening to save me .. to help me move past all this pain and hurt and deep soul shredding. I have prayed and begged and given up in desperation. I have NEVER asked for help as I have of late. If I didn't have YOU ... or Blmoon ... or Lady Pheonix ... or Bloom .. or Lotus ... or LC ... or Sister Quenkath ... I would have not made it this far. So, am I doing just fine on my own? No. Actually, I am not. I am, however, much stronger when I have my Enchanted Super Heroes on my team. Then, I continue to face this path ... this lonely, sad path that will eventually become a happy, fulfilling and light filled life. Thank YOU for YOU ... and EVERYONE!

    I am just so grateful.

    I believe goodness and great things are due to those who deserve them. YOU and I (and all enchanted souls) DESERVE this ... and IN ABUNDANCE! Your life will be new again Sister Sun. You will find your spot in life's sunshine and you will glow and light up our night sky! I know, like I know this is truth! Bigger and better exists for YOU! Those who have suffered and those who have sacrificed and those whose hearts are pure ... they will have rewards. I completely believe this! One cannot have one side of life ONLY. The laws of balance state that this is so. I believe GREAT things are there for YOU ... for ALL of us. Most of all, my mantra of love always finds love to create even more love (remember that?) ... IS TRUTH! I believe that love will ALWAYS find love and CREATE more love! My soul believes this and I will accept nothing less now. I deserve that kind of love. So do YOU. So do we ALL. And it IS out there, awaiting us. It will come to us. Keep the faith Sister Sun. Together, you and I shall help each other keep the faith. It is there for us ... it is our right. It is WHO WE ARE!

    I am sending you so many wishes upon stars my dear friend.

    Angel Hugs to YOU and the Little L's.


    Icey x

  • Hi Icey,

    I so love your pictures. They really light up my day. I am happy to find you in better spirits, and yes, we all have good and bad days.

    Alas, I am afraid that my headaches appear to be a relapse of the flu. After I got the stuffy head and the headaches and queasy stomach again, I was like, “really??! Again?!? “ Dang it!! Might however be a combo of flu and stress, there was a vein throbbing so hard in my head last night, I had to get up and take 2 aspirins. Head still aches, maybe I will go and do as you say and go lie down and meditate upon all this. Definitely for a good day on moving day and for the special help I am asking for. We will see.

    I am right with you, Icey. We deserve the best and it will come to us. I really think this is the year for us both. Let’s keep thinking on that.

    You know you can count on us to be here for you, This is our Pond and we all support one another through anything.That is why such special people came to such a special place.

    We came for a reason...

    Blessings, but guess I have to get back to packing, moving day is in 2 days.

    Love to all,


  • Hi Sister Sun,

    I just saw some news and your weather was headlining again! It looks soooo cold and so frustrating ... they showed how many power lines were affected by the sheer weight of the snow and how many homes now have no power. Not good. I feel for you all as you face such bleak and unmanageable weather. One lady said "it had to stop now". Made me smile because they were my EXACT words today, too. This empty, lonely, void of stress and sadness has to stop also. I so get where that lady was coming from ... only, not about snow. All of our power is underground so we don't have power-line problems like yours ... not in newer neighbourhoods anyway. Hoping the sun breaks through for you this weekend Sunny ... keeping you in my prayers.

    I am not having a great day today - health wise. Had an appointment at the hospital and have another emergency one next Thursday also and I am finally going to have surgery! I am living on pain killers and they are making my stomach and liver feel awfully sick and not making his pain subside at all. Not fun. I actually crashed and went to bed all afternoon. So not like me. Still feeling 'off' and think something is really wrong. I have developed the worst dry mouth ever and, no amount of water helps ... it just makes me feel queasy. I am also displaying many symptoms associated with cervical / ovarian cancer and well ... not sure what to think anymore. I am going down hill very quickly with my health. Am thinking my stress levels are way too high also. I know you will understand this feeling Sister Sun. 🙂

    Life NEEDS to change .. for BOTH of us. I am starting to worry about myself and I never do that. My new life needs to hurry up because this is beyond hard now. Please! Please! Please!

    I have never been able to count on people like I do my Enchanted Family ... there are so many truly remarkable, inspiring, loving souls here ... BEAUTIFUL people with shining souls and open, giving, sincere hearts. I could never have wished for a greater group of friends to spend my journey with. I adore all of you.

    Am holding on to your goodness thoughts for this year Sister Sun and am sending you many more for you also. Am holding you in my heart for your health to improve asap and for complete HEALING to be yours NOW! Praying for you ...

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey x

  • For you Sister Sun ... be bathed in healing, blessings and delicate life bringing light! May all the angels hug you x x x

  • Icey & Sunny- Hope you feel better very soon. Sorry for these challenging times.

    Sending positive energy your way Sunny for your moving will be awesome once you're there!!



  • Hello Sunny, Icey and Lotus,

    Wow, lots of challenges here! Lotus ouch ouch ouch!! That must have really hurt!! Hope rest will take care of you. Now stop reading 🙂

    Sunny, I hope that people will come to help you move,,,no no no, you cannot try to do it on your own. I know you won't try. It is SO much work I know, I hope that even Lauren can get her stuff into boxes for you! Good luck and looks like the weather will hold out until Sunday night, at least in our town!

    Icey, I don't like hearing about emergency surgery...I do like hearing about swings and walking!! o my!! this needs to end soon!! I hope the dry mouth is from the med's...can you call to see if there is something you can do for that? It must be really annoying.

    I would HOPE that your doc's have checked for cervical and ovarian cancer !! Shame on them if they haven't! You just need to keep yourself hydrated and hopefully FED until Thursday, when we pray this icky stuff will be dealt with and you can begin to feel better. Crap....icky stuff, really Bloom?!? I have icky too, so there you go!!

    We got lots of snow, and I was able to let Boston run all by himself in the dog park today. Even though the snow was deeper than his little legs, he had fun and came when I combined "Come" with "Treat" Not sure he would do it if there wasn't a fence around the area, but at least we are beginning!!

    My hub is struggling a bit these days, I don't know why. So send us some healing vibes 🙂

    Hugs and positive light going out to you all,


  • Icey,

    Cancer?!?! OMG!!! I hope that this isn’t true. I hope that you are going to see some doctors about this to make sure that you are okay. And I hope that your surgery goes well. I am really worried about you and I am praying that all will be well for you. I am so appreciative that you can find time to send me some cheerful spirit from you even though you are having a hard time.

    Well, I am definitely thinking about you and praying that everything will be right. All this is just turning the corner, and you are right that having the Ponder family is really a blessing. l am holding you close, Icey. Big hugs.

    Big hugs for the rest of my Ponders and lots of love to you. Lets keep praying for Icey, Laie and Bloom2 and Lotus that they will blessed with good health and strength to heal from all their trials.

    I love you all.

    Love and Light


  • My Beautiful Friends Bloom, Lotus and Sun ...

    Hello to each of you.

    And hello, how are you and please COME BACK to our other Enchanted Souls. I miss you. I am worried about you also. Just please swoop by, even if just to let me know you are ok! Please! Will be sending out a moonbeam search party soon! Please just pop in.

    Lotus ... thanks for your thoughts. Challenging is one way to describe life ... not quite the word I'm using anymore. Hope you are beginning to feel better .... did you need stitches? One of my sons had this happen to him also. Someone went to close the boot but didn't see that he was getting his bag out at the same time and slammed it shut on his head. He claimed it was an accident but this child was never nice, not even to his own brother. Still, many moons ago now and my son was in agony for quite awhile ... massive bruise too ... very nasty stuff. So hope you are getting the rest you need and that 'G' has been good company for you. Now, as Bloom said, stop reading! LOL But please heal!!!!! Sending you Raphael and his merry band of healing angels x

    Bloom ... what can I say? Think your 'icky' needs to make a super quick exit also. I am just so sorry that so much is going on around, and to, you that you have to deal with. It's exhausting ... stress is exhausting. And as I know how this feels; I feel for you all the more. My heart goes out to you and sends you healing, love and prayers for miracles. Hoping your hub improves - you have more than enough to deal with already. Do you ever wonder why so much is sent our way to cope with??? And all at once???

    I personally don't know what to do anymore. I keep searching for an out but more keeps coming. I scream into my pillow and cry myself to sleep. I beg. I plead. I implore the universe to just stop ... just for awhile ... I PRAY! I don't know what else to do. Don't know where to go? What to say? Nothing is changing for the good. I keep holding onto mantras, I keep looking at that silver lining, I keep HOPING ... I keep reviewing my thoughts and responses ... I keep asking for help AND WHAT IS THE RESPONSE?????? Really?????? I don't know what to say anymore. When will it get better? This MUST stop NOW! I even 'let go' ... and still no help. Are my guides and upstairs folk away on holidays permanently or something? Why am I being abandoned? I just don't get it. What did I do to deserve all this? I really do BELIEVE that good people deserve GREAT things ... and I know IN MY SOUL that I am a good person and I am worthy and deserving of something good. Why am I being left to flounder in this darkness? And for so LONG? I never hurt others, I always think about others, my love for others is always genuine, I help wherever I can because I sincerely care. I don't ever hold an intention that would hurt someone. Even now, after all this Sagg keeps hurting me with, I never wish him ill. He has hurt me so deeply (found out yesterday that he IS with her and moved there to be with her and he told me in no uncertain terms that anything he did there was NONE OF MY BUSINESS) ... through it all, I have chosen love. I simply don't know what I have done to deserve being treated like this?

    There are no words for what I am on the inside anymore.

    I just want all the 'icky' to go away. I just want to find something good and allow my life to get better. Just what the H E L L is going on? Even Blmoon won't talk to me anymore. She won't even respond to my begging. I actually need some help. I am becoming frightened now ...

    Oh well ... whatever huh?

    Am so glad that you & Boston have gotten out, despite all that cold and snow! I probably wouldn't run anywhere without a 'treat' either. 🙂 LOL It is fabulous that you are both establishing a bond like this. Wishing you both great joy!

    Please know that I never stop thinking of you or sending you prayers for wellness, courage and happiness. Even I keep doing 3 deep breaths a day JUST FOR YOU! I am willing our universe to be kinder to you and for all those challenges to become feathers and float away. Hold onto that.

    Sister Sun ... you are so beautiful. I hope your headaches have melted away ... and I hope the sun is coming out!!! I am sending every positive vibe there is that your move goes swiftly and easily. The Little L's can each have their own special boxes (little ones) and can carry small things for you. They will love to help their Mummy.

    Now ... as for the big "C" word ... pretty sure I have been screened for this already and pretty sure all is clear there. My symptoms are probably all due to stress. My cup has runneth over for too long now and this is probably responsible for my health. The tumour has become super painful and needs to GO ... that will eliminate one stressor and that will be a positive start. Am sure, as is protocol, it will get sent to the lab for testing and all will be ok. I need this surgery. I cannot live on painkillers and I cannot move forward in this area of my life knowing it is growing and making me feel bad. Not giving the cancer thing any energy so please don't worry. It won't be.

    I do love you though.

    I do love all my Enchanted Saviours! You are all ANGELS!!!!!

    I will always take time out to send as much love as I can to each of you. It is my dearest wish that deep JOY be YOURS and hence, the sun is always shining in your lives. I am ALWAYS here for anyone ... any time ... any how ... I mean that so sincerely. I am always so blessed by this enchanted group of dazzlingly beautiful light beings that it is always a TRUE honour to send love back to each of you. I do believe that love always finds more love to create more love. I truly believe that and if I can be a part of doing that, then look at how blessed I am. If there's one thing I have in abundance ... it's love ... so very honoured to share it round.

    My heart is always wide open for you all.

    Please stay calm (I know, right? LOL) ... as calm as possible during your move. Eyes on the prize Sister Sun!!!! I tell myself this every morning on my treadmill! LOL EYES ON THE PRIZE! You and the little ones are going to be so happy and your life is going to change ... for the better ... and this IS GOING TO GET BETTER AND BETTER! Keep holding that!

    Angel Love & Angel Hugs to each gorgeous soul,

    Icey Moonbeam x


  • Blessings to you Icey! That is a beautiful photo.

    I don't know why the Universe sends such troubles to certain people either....or if it's the Universe, or whoever. It does seem to hit in bunches and why this is so, I don't know.

    Thank you for sending your healing thoughts my way and our way! Right back to you dear one. I am still awaiting news of my most recent x-ray. As of Friday morning, the hosp. in Boston hadn't received them yet so I am trying to stay positive.

    I am glad that /C/ has been not a concern for your doctors. We know that you would know if it were!! But having a tumor growing is so hard....I hope it comes out soon!! There is a saying 'That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger." My Pisces says that a lot....I personally hate the sentiment, although it may be true. It seems to focus on the negative as it slides into the positive. There are different ways of being strong, and not all have to do with overpowering others and always winning (which is I know the way that my Pisces sees that saying).

    My response to my illness and my hub's illness is a greater awareness of how many people care for us and a gentle push to me that I have to ask for help. I have learned a lot about being stronger that way, in a lifted up sort of way. I know it's different when it's a medical issue 'hurting' us and not someone else's actions hurting us, but to me, it's about my inner attitude. i know we are all different in this respect.

    I hope that you will be hearing soon about some arrangements Icey for the next steps for you as far as hosptial. I am thinking that might have to happen before you can get a job? But I don't know. I am lifting you up daily and listening to the stars....several are shining brightly on the horizon in our hemisphere...they are quite beautiful and steadfast!! The sunrise this morning was quite spectacular...those things do comfort me, that there is a big big universe out there that is a constant and that, no matter what, our true essence is made of stardust.

    Love and light and power to you,


  • Bloom to the rescue!

    Hi Bloom. You always hold such amazing thoughts and your 'attitude' ... well ... never have I known one like it. You have such a depth of character that your SPIRIT is so alive with light. You truly are remarkable and I am eternally grateful that you found your way to the enchanted pond ... so very grateful!

    I am not sure what to make of everything either and nor do I know who, or what, is responsible for sending anything our way. These days, I spend a lot of time contemplating lots of things ... fate, destiny, lessons, gifts, blessings, pain ... so many things. I am hoping to one day put things into perspective a bit. Wouldn't that be nice? 🙂 Fancy seeing the forest AND the trees????? Now that would be something.

    As to the 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' ... I would sincerely like to strangle the individual that coined that stupid phrase! What a load of rubbish. It's right up there for me with the other ridiculous comment ... 'you are never given more than you can cope with'. Really? REALLY??????? Love to spend time with the bright spark who thought that was a good idea. I'd like to think that my life wasn't about being given super hard stuff just to make me stronger or as something to cope with? Not a fan of either saying. When life is that hard, platitudes do not help. When one is pushed to breaking point over and over again, sayings have no meaning. What IS needed ... is HOPE. That, and some light ... rays of hope to keep the soul going; without that, well ... life is just too much then.

    Your Pisces ... I can see that great parallel between his personality and the outcome you mention. That makes sense ... for him. His challenge then? To integrate more 'YOU' type qualities in his life. Hope the distance helps him to discover this. Given his profession ... you would think so ... but we have lessons because we don't, right? Gotta lurv irony. hmmm? I applaud how you have adopted some of his strength and will though ... this is really going to help you. You really are amazing Bloom.

    Your illness is cruel, so is your hub's. You have both endured enough and now, for such wonderfully special beings, life needs to be kind and gentle and bring lightness and peace. Major life lessons over ... living ....and breathing ... and peace ... that's the plan. Yes, I can see where your thoughts and commitment are headed because agree and have seen this happen in my life also. If there's one thing that tragedy, illness, loss etc teaches us it's to look around us! To witness what is real in each moment and to realize who and what, counts. I have learnt the power behind asking for help too. I have never done this before and learning to ALLOW someone to help you has made me feel more vulnerable than I have ever imagined possible. At times, I have been overwhelmed by the negatives I associate with this ... like feeling helpless, humiliated, embarrassed, silly, weak and dependent. However, when I've witnessed that in myself, I've also seen great compassion and love in someone else. Quite the remarkable thing really ... so unexpected. Has taught me lots about how life is a wheel and we are constantly in motion and constantly seeing the of, the sides and the bottom of this wheel as we move through our lives. We never stay motionless and hence, nor does our life which I why we are constantly experiencing the 'all'. With one aspect to life, we inevitably meet the others. Doesn't mean I understand why things happen ... just that we get to see the GREAT in times of true darkness. And somehow, what we learn, forms and moulds us into wiser souls. And that's got to be a good thing, right?

    I look to the stars also. Somewhere ... out there ... is something wonderful waiting to greet each of us. Somewhere ... our path will meet it. I adored your expression of our true essence being made of stardust. Yes, totally adored that. What a wonderful thought. I love how you find comfort, Bloom ... you teach well. I have always been comforted by natural things also but ... mostly ... I hope a lot! Even now, when I am so lost and so lonely and so stuck ... I want to believe in that ... believe in hope and that something better is out there. If life is the wheel, then it has to swing and gather the 'good' also. ?????????????????????

    Sending you prayers and wishes for blessings by the starry sky full, Bloom. I love that you are here being the greatest ENCHANTED being ever.

    May peace, love and COURAGE be yours,

    Icey x

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