The Enchanted Pond

  • Hi all, been off for a while, but thinking of you all.

    Icey, I pray that you are in good health and having great things going on with you and your family. I expect to see you on your lear jet broom soon swooping in to grace this Pond with your presence.

    Glad to hear Bloom that you are back at work. Happy to hear that you are continuing to get better. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Laie, praying that you are feeling better soon. You have a lot going on you are one busy woman. Hugs to the King and a speedy recovery. Funny, I was having dizzy spells off and on yesterday.

    LC what a poem, sounds like Halloween. You definitely have a gift. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for positive things to go on in your life, you deserve good things to come your way.

    Hi Lotus, I have been in the process of shaking off negativity too, and having an emotional roller coaster going. Interesting, feeling change in the air...seeing the leaves changing is really nice, chill in the air, Pennsylvania is really getting into the fall mode.

    Well everyone, tomorrow I go to the orthopedic doc and with xrays of my arm and neck, we'll see if I get to lose all this stuff...however, the concussion seems to be keeping me on the mend slowly. Having dizzy spells and some headaches, looks as if I cannot drive or go back to work before end of the year. In vestibular therapy once a week now to address dizziness, but I wonder how much is brain injury triggered and how much is due to the changes happening? Trying to talk to my Angels to figure it out and not be stressed about finances and all that other related stuff that comes from being out of work.

    Much to be done here. My sister is still here and really helps with the children. I'm glad she is here.

    The kids are doing well, Logan is really progressing and really coming out of his world more. Lauren is still feisty and really intelligent. Preteen time is upon us. Yikes!

    I send love and blessings to everyone and will talk again soon.

  • Hi Sunny!

    Its so great that Tanja has been able to continue her stay to help you & the Double L's out. The kids must love it! Boy, what an experience this has been for you! The first thing I thought of when I read you were going through VT was what about cranialsacro therapy? There may not be a lot of support for that so maybe just some gentle manipulation from a chiropractor or PT. its worth looking into a relaxing of the physical ... After I had a rear-end car accident, the PT person surprised herself when she released an artery (cerebral, carotid??). Anyway, just a thought. I can't remember what you said about your CT ... like bleeds, swelling etc. but I do remember you hit the side of your head by the scrapes and such. Please don't lose hope and stress- There are so many unknowns and variables with these types of injury.


    ~ Laie

  • Laie,

    Craniosacral therapy?? I looked it up, sounds like something I need to try. I dont want to keep all this going on. I'm going to look into this and see if anyone is in the area, thanks for the suggestion. Well, tomorrow I see the doc to see if I can lose the cast and neck brace.

    LOve and light to everyone.

  • G'Morning! I'm so glad you responded. Late last night I kept feeling tension in your mid thoracic region and upwards and lots of swirling around your head. The swirling part is a little hard to describe .... like too many thoughts without solutions. Does that make sense? I thought of you right before heading off to bed and woke up early with you on my mind. Your Spirit must be seeking ... (stop waking me up -- ROFL!) Believe and Trust, Sunny. Hope the cast comes off -- That'll be such a relief! Have a restful day. ( ((( Laie ))))

  • Hi to the pond people!

    Sunny, hope that you had a good visit with the doc and that the cast came off. I have heard about cranial sacral therapy too, and hope that it might be helpful for you. It's been a long haul for you, wow wow. Glad that your sister is with you and that the kids are doing well.

    Laie, busy you! Wow, your reno is really moving!! I'm impressed. Hope the King is doing okay and that you will be able to be home to a new kitchen and bath!

    I got the okay yesterday to keep my foot in the water if I want and to start riding my bike. That is great! The toe is still swollen and a little sore, but the doc says it is on track. On Tuesday I have to have a needle aspiration done on another body part, you all can guess which part. So keep me in your thoughts and prayers please. I visualizing that it is just a cyst and that it will be fine, but I can feel that little niggling hole in my stomach. I am taking most of this day to try to finish up my painting in the bathrooms and install the new towel racks etc. with my handy new little drill. woo hoo, power tools.

    Lotus, hope that you are going full speed ahead! Sounds like you and Laie are on track together, how great!!! How are your classes going? I know some of them were only for one night, but they sounded like a lot of fun. Are you still running in this suddenly fall like today!!

    LC, hope that you are doing well. Will you make any appearances with your Batman costume this season? I think I remember that you visited children as the masked crusader before.

    Icey, hope all is well with you.

    Hugs from Bloom


  • Hi to everyone 😉


    I'll keep you in my thoughts on Tues, send some Reiki your way too. I hope all goes well.

    Bet you can't wait to get out & go for ride, I hope you have a colorful route.Can you wiggle your toe for more motion or if the joint fixed straight?

    Did you finish the bathrooms? How awesome to have a project completed

    My classes are going well. Two more this month 🙂 I'm running atleast 2 times /week & have several races planned w my friend Judy. Just trying to put myself out there, have fun & meet new people. My house remains on the market, some interested parties........ After tryouts the coach decided not to add players but said come back & try in the spring. Dan trains daily & is working on classes- thats the carrot he needs to remain focused on classes.



  • Swoop and swish ...

    Hello Enchanted Souls!

    Cannot believe the changes ... on Tarot, here at the pond and in all individual souls. Just goes to show, one should never turn one's back for long. Took me ages to work out how to find my pond ... naughty LOL LOL LOL

    So delightful to see everyone here and even more heart-warming to see how forward eevryone has become - in their inner landscape, projects, life journey and hearts. I did so LOVE that! There is nothing like a dose of healthy Enchantment. Brava to all of you!

    LC - ok dude - what's this one all about? 🙂 Really? To be honest, I did feel uneasy about this last poem and to be even more honest ... wondered what point you were trying to make. I have always embraced you completely. You know that. I love you for your light side and for those shadows you retreat to as well. I believe in your GOODNESS, your KINDNESS and your SESITIVITY TO HUMANITY. Life is the bed of roses; complete with its thorns and crappy stems and so ... I believe in everything that makes up your life. Was this poem a threat? Was that what you wanted us to realize? I get how angry one can become when all one senses around one is let-downs and disappointments and a sense of emptiness. We all cross that path regularly. We have all been at the screaming at the Universe stage and we have all felt confused and sad ... deeply sad - beyond deeply sad even. As I have explained before; this is what connects us all here. This is the bridge of compassion and the hand of love. It is why the pond holds enchantment.

    I, like all your friends here, will hold you till you run out of tears dear one. We will still be here when the sun comes up and we will never turn when the sun sets either. In us, you can find hope ... with us, you can follow your soul.

    It just takes some trust on your part.

    And some acceptance.

    There will always be a little boy smiling out from behind your words Last Crusader ... and I will always be smiling back at him.

    Hoping your world is a little brighter because of that.

    Now ... bring back the other guy ... dude! LOL LOL LOL

    Loving Hugs to you ... and your real little men!

    Ladies ... wooHOOT to you all!!!! Some mighty feminine power riding lear broom jets here to be sure!

    Sister Sunshine ... willing the Universe to be kind to you and for answers and solutions and HEALING to come to you now. Everything crossed for you my love. So happy to also read that your sister has stayed on and can help all three of you out. What an angel she IS! Lady Laie has offered you an enormous opening into the light - hoping you can part those clouds for yourself now and get what is needed. I am going to add to the suggestion pool by offering BACH FLOWER REMEDIES. Such dynamite rescue these little bottles are. Have a read in one of your rare spare moments and see if any of them FEEL helpful to you. I am a firm believer in Mother Earth and all she offers us. My other piece of sageness ... lol ... don't think too much. Don't over-think. When we are searching for something - an answer, a solution, a way out, the what if's, the why's - we end up doing more harm to an already overwhelmed system. Here is where practicing meditation; even for only 5 minutes a day if 5 minutes is all we can manage, is your best friend. This, coupled with Nature ... winning combination. It is the as above with so below part of life. Meditation will slow your system down and give your physical self the space it needs to repair itself. Not to mention all the benefits for mental, spiritual and etheric YOU as well. Healing must occur on all levels of being, not just the physical. To do this, one's system must be given quiet, time and an influx of universal help. Release expectations and block out excessive thinking. Even if all you achieve is falling asleep ... it's all worthwhile. Eventually, through training, those 5 minutes will definitely act like the value of 50. Sooooooo young lady ... off to quiet land you go. Use what is already around you to heal. You will always have me holding you near and willing the Powers that Be to look after you. Hugs Sunshine!

  • Hiya Bloom2!

    2 Bloom or not 2 Bloom huh?


    Luv it!!!!!

    Well ... happy return to work for you. Your Enchanted Sisters have held some sage advice for you and I hope that there is an abundance of healing going on at your place too ... for you & hubby.

    Back to biking and everything??? Well .. WOW-EE for you Sister. That's just incredible. Hoping you will, however, continue to listen to your physical self and take cues seriously. Rest when necessary and forget the have to's until you have. We all want your recuperation to be lasting ya know.

    Your soak tub sounds very indulgent my dear ... how cool is that! I take it your reno's are at an end then? Such a lovely transition for you and your hub. Now you can both get on with the business of enjoying life once more and I bet gratitude takes on a whole new meaning right? It certainly would for me ... no bathrooms and kitchen ... could NOT do that with rent-a-crowd here ... LOL ... Lordy no thanks ... as just a couple ... well, easier to be sure. Hope every time you walk into your new spaces that they fill you with joy ...complete and utter joy. Celebrate with the bubbly ... bubbles in the tub and bubbles in the glass.

    Sounds as though your Mr. Pisces has found a moment to spend time with his kids - great news. So happy he shared his happy time with you also. I am sure the kids loved having you around again. I did like this. One of life's nice moments.

    As for your New England colour ... I am soooooooooo envious! We have all of our leaves returning to trees now, the days are hotting up and Summer is not far away. I do like Spring but, unlike all of you, it would seem that I have not been bitten with the same gusto for evolution. I am holding onto the Wintery Self I think ... still preparing for whatever it is that may be coming my way. Perhaps it is the divide in our hemispheres that is not affording me the same excitement for newness just yet? Don't know. I am, as always, enormously thrilled when I hear newness has arrived for you all. It's wonderful. LOVE change ... it is a VERY good thing. Long may it sweep you all up and enfold you in happiness. Swoop and Swish, right? LOL

    Keep taking care of your good self Bloom.

    So lovely to read you here. Hugs and Love to hub too.

    Lotus my dear ... HELLO!

    You are the epitome of Spring I think. Your appreciation for your life is incredible to share in and I thank you most sincerely for all of it. Love reading about what's happening for you and how it all makes you feel. This, as you know, is the one true path to self discovery. Kudos to you.

    Abundantly happy to hear that your boys will both be together with you, and each-other again, soon. How very special. Hoping that this is a melting pot of happy moments and loving times. Thought your son working with beer pretty darn cool actually. Boy, he would have many friends here LOL LOL LOL!!!! Aussies and Beer - somewhat a winning combination ROFL! I, however, NEVER partake ... once bitten and lessons learned my love LOL!

    I can see that Dan has learnt much from you. If he can self motivate, then he learnt from the best. Blessings and blessings be his as he works towards his goal. I adore his spirit. You have done well. Yes ... YOU have done well.

    And going for a run 2x a week also you say! Thou art nuts. Lots and lots of love in that of course LOL!!!! I hold a life long philosophy on running ... one only runs if one is being chased. All else is futile! LOLOL and LOL! I often slow down when driving and ask friends of mine that I see jogging along who's chasing them! Good for a laugh ... for both of us! They know me well and you, well ... you would LOVE our fair Arwyn Grace (aka MoT) ... she's a runner also! I wish you every happiness with this pursuit.

    I am beginning to think that between you, Arwyn and Bloom, I'm going to need to invest in skateboards ... and PADDING ... just to keep up! HA! Now, that'll be the day baybee!!!!

    Glad your courses are also bringing you joy and, like Lady Laie, I was expecting some SOLD news as I also got an interested party from one of your Home Opens. Hmmm? Perhaps it is on its way now? Everything crossed for you and "Sold! Sold! SOLD!" it is!!!!! You already have everything in motion; your intent most important of all, so the Universe should be responding quickly I would think. Every best wish Sister Lotus!!!!

    Keep being Fabulous Lotus!

    Love your spirit!

    Hugs and Love.

  • And to my beautiful, fair Lady Laie ...

    Hello Toots!

    Now, if you think you can escape the Icey Monnbeam, thou hast best think again??? Nyahahahahahahah!!!!!! I am so not done on the naming front yet my love. No sir-ee! Be ye warned ... I am merely picking my target ... and awaiting my date. All for a purpose ya know!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

    I love you muchly Sister!

    Not so thrilled to read that you are unwell and that the Prince has been in hospital. What's up with that?????? How is HE and how are YOU????? You are scaring me Laie ... please let us know how you both are! Please! I shall not rest till all be well. Sending the wings of a thousand angels to both your sides. Wear your charm!

    And your reno's have just begun? Lucky you! Hope all is going smoothly and all remains stress free. It's one of life's most exciting moments though isn't it ... getting to CREATE the space for the SOUL! Adore that so much ... kinda why I am soooooo into interior design and why I am happy to have a new job in that area. I'm very good at spending other peoples' money LOL! Am considering going back to get a Degree in it ... very considering only at this point. Would be happy working on my own in that arena to be sure. For now ... I'm busy planning the decorating of our new home and enjoying myself no end. Things are lear jetting along with it all ... hoping it will be finished end of October. Yay!

    I always at 'peace' when I read of your busy-ness with your sweet family. Somehow, it is EXACTLY right. You surrounded by all that LOVE ... just fills me with peace. Ironic I know, right? Busy and peace ... not ususally at the same time ... but for YOU ... I feel this way. You are the Sun in their world - all will always gravitate towards and around you. Just how it should be. Wishing you so many happy times. Really happy times. Thought your Grandson's acclamation about Salad Bars was priceless ... bless him!

    Congrats on getting through the festivities and ritual. Sometimes, life is a blur. I almost feel as though you have lived through a physical accleration actually ... it has all the hallmarks of shifting universal time. This is a serious transition and I offer you a pearl LOL too ... allow the body to find its equillibrium by itself. Your spiritual ascent is asking your physical evolution to catch up ... you are being assisted and it is your allowance of the process that will see the two merge back into sync. I would expect these moments to occur at other times too ... particularly when the mind is full and during routine ... propelling you into the new you. And this new you is an assimilated self.

    Truly breath-taking my gorgeous friend.

    Keep being the beautiful shining soul you are Lady Laie!!!!

    Angel Hugs to you & the Prince.

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • Good morning Icey,

    Thanks for your marathon posting! I also have finally found the link on Tarot to the community is kind of buried there!!

    Nice that you are enjoying your new job and helping people spend their money - how fun is that? How is your own new house progressing? And what news on your tribe - is your bird still with you? (sorry I have forgotten his name...William? lol)

    My life is calm compared to most here - probably due to my advanced age, lol - however still feels stressful to me, trying to complete all the related tasks of the house and getting ready for winter outside. I hope in the next few days to get out on my bike and I hope that will help my feelings of overwhelm-ment (what is the noun for that?)

    I do have some fun with a small group of friends who are studying Italian. This is our second year, so I am moving slowly through a lot of grammar - pronouns and tenses are always a challenge in another language!

    Always good to hear from you!

    Hugs from Bloom xo

  • Hi Lotus,

    Your spirit is so positive! That's great about your courses and your running. Also, great that you are running with your friend. Did you ever run with a dog? that always looks like fun to me. There is a young woman in our neighborhood who runs with her dog, and started when the dog was a puppy. I know it takes time to get that combo going.

    Good to hear about Dan, and that he is still focused on his studies. He must be a great athlete - like his mom!! I find that having an event in the future helps to get me out there to practice. Do you feel the same. Thanks for your suggestions about my toe. Yes there was a pin in there, so I can only move it at the joint with the foot. Thanks for the healing light and thinking of me today.

    Hope your house does move - nice that Icey sees an interested buyer. Maybe you are going to have to start packing soon!!

    I thought of you and Laie with that house-fire in Ashland yesterday. Luckily no one was hurt.

    Have a great week!

    Hugs from Bloom xo

  • Good morning to all ponders!

    Laie, hope your days are fun, since they are so busy! Nice to have some sunny days around here to get stuff done. Hope your and the King are doing better!

    What colors have you decided on for your kitchen and bath??

    Hugs from Bloom xo

  • Good morning Sunshine!

    Another week, and you now castless!! That is great news. I hope that your sister will keep you going. Glad that she is helping with organization. I bet the little L's are happy to have auntie nearby. And how goes the piano playing? I think of you when my hub sits down at his piano too - such a happy way to rehab!!

    Hugs from Bloom xo

  • Don't worry Icey, I'm not preparing to go on a killing rampage....yet, lol. The poem was just an ode to one of my favorite movies, "john Carpenter's HALLOWEEN" . And No unfortunately, the Dark Knight will not be rising this year, I am not in the physical condition I need to be in to be the Batman this year, I refuse to give the kids a out of shape hero, so I will find other ways to volunteer for the kiddies on this holiday. I think my oldest son (he's sixteen and already bigger than me!) may be dressing up as Spider-man for them though. I am so proud 🙂

  • HI LC,

    That's great news! I'm glad to hear that you will be helping out with the kids on Halloween. How fun that your son will also be following in your footsteps! sounds like a great family tradition - you have passed along something special to the boys. I would be proud too!

    My father was a great lover of Halloween and enjoyed handing out candy and tricks more than anyone else I know. It was so funny to watch him perform! The young at heart! :)))

    Enjoy the holiday!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Wow! hid the way here, took me forever to find my way back in...I agree, Icey, naughty

    I am so glad to see everyone in here, I am a pretty happy camper without my cast and neckbrace, freedom is sweet, and I am having to learn how to be positive again, somehow being negative has reared its ugly head for me, and I need my sunshiney self back. Guess since I am not able to drive nor work for the remainder of this year, I need to do things I haven't had time for before. Bloom2, glad you have so much great going on. Getting back on your bike must definitely be making you smile. Know that you and your sweet hubby have my best wishes.

    LC, you are one fascinating fellow, and I am happy to see that you are still doing cool things with kids for Halloween. Wow! You have a 16 yr old?!?! Already?!?! They grow up fast, don't they? It's gratifying to see them grow up to be awesome people, but it is sad too, because they aren't kids anymore. You keep on being an awesome person, and just like Icey said, we all have your back.

    Laie, I am praying for healing to come to you and your handsome Prince. You have a busy life and it is really grand to be with the family. You are Blessed, and that makes for some power, lady. I will be thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers. I think you are right about the swirling thoughts in my head, I sometimes have difficulty remembering things, names and events sometimes, and the dizziness keeps me feeling low and not myself. The negative clouds are soaking in too, amazing you can see all that, I needed to know so I can work on shedding all that. Thanks for that. 🙂

    Lotus, you are spreading such sunshine around here, and I am happily soaking it up, because this sunshine is a little dim right now. Reading your posts makes me smile. You are such an upbeat person, and I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers too. I am so glad you are here. 🙂

    Icey, thanks for the nice thoughts. I am trying to soak all I can from our Pond, I was anxious about finding my way back in, I thought they had taken it away, for a hot minute...Laie described what's going on with me perfectly, sometimes I can't put it into thoughts. I noticed you haven't said anything about how you are feeling. I am thinking and praying for you to get better. You lift all our spirits when you pop in. You know we all have your back too, just like you told LC. Next time you pop in , I will be planning on my journey to regain "Sunshine" but improved to be well underway. She is lost somewhere under all this adversity... :(.

    You are all in my thoughts and I send you all much love.

    Light and Love,


  • In High School I was voted most likely to grow up and become Norman Bates.....wonder what they would say if they could see me now......and what they would think if they knew how right they almost were.

  • Woah, LC! That sounds like a fun high school attribute! Hopefully you are completely integrated, and Norman and Norma are well balanced!!! Nice pic 🙂

    Have a great day, all Ponders!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Hi All!!

    Wow! I just felt the after shock from an earthquake that happened in ME!! I have continued to run, picking up the pace to beat dusk....must be helping cuz I ran my fastest time last Sun- 9 min mls! It was a pub run so there is beer at the end 🙂 Keeping up w down sizing while I wait for house to sell...gave to charity an amazing amount of things- kinda embarrassing how much a family can accumulate in 20+ yrs! I've been selling a few things on Craigslist...its amazing what other people can use & I feel good they get a bargain & I have empty spaces! It was very sad for me but I decided to find a nice home for my chickens..I have too much to do on my own & w cold weather I wasn't sure I'd have enough time to care for them. I hope to get more when I move & settle in. My boys are doing well...Kevin did fantastic on GRE & has good chance of being accepted to Boston grad schools...I'd love that plus he could keep his job part time & go nites...maybe get a Fellowship. Pat is applying to job for after his Indianna job ends in Nov.....he could end up anywhere in the country. With so many things in the air I must admit my energy & spirits falter a bit some days but I get back up & forge ahead.......I just feel as if everything will fall into place sooner than later...

    Laie hope you're feeling better. Have you finished your reno? Do your grandchildren play soccer? I miss those days w my boys

    Sunshine- Hoping you're back greeting each day sunny side up!!! Have you tried Cranio- sacral therapy?Taking a motto from AA "one day at a time" for healing. What an amazing gift of time to spend with your sister & children....for this time you aren't torn between work , school & your family try to savor these times despite the reason you have them

    LC -enjoy Halloween. How fun to watch your son enjoy the night even at 16

    Just thinking about Norman........ I'm checking behind my shower curtain!!

    Bloom- how is your toe? Are you playing this little piggy & wiggling it? Hope your test went well.

    I have started to jog a bit w Bella. In her earlier days she was so excited she'd turn & look back at me & we'd trip each other. Now she fades quicker than me so I run then walk jog w her.

    Icey- back to school for interior design sounds fun!! I love being a physical therapist but think Int designing sounds interesting & a lot of fun! Amazing how a new color or a few pillows, vases, etc can change the look of a room & not always cost a lot of money. Running was something I started 5 years ago for stress relief & I hated it but kept at it & now I look forward to it...not so easy w winter on its way & I don't like treadmills so unless its icey I run outside

    Saw a quote today I think worth sharing : You can't wait for the storm to be over, you have to learn to dance in the rain" ......I'm going to keep dancing who wants to join me??!!



  • Norman Bates, LC? I don't think you are that dark of a character, LOL.

    Lotus, you have a lot going on right now, so hard to downsize, I know, been there. I hope everything is getting better.

    Everyone else I certainly expect you all to be getting ready for winter. Icey, I know it is finally getting warmer there. The winter is coming to get us, muahahahahaha!

    Bloom2, thinking about you. Hope things are coming along great for you.

    Me trying to be more positive and rearing up to get back into the swing of things. Working on it. The doctor who evaluated my arm wrist and hand yesterday told me he didn't think I could make it into the piano competition I wanted to get into next year, but it ain't over until I say uncle...Working on my attitude and working that weak left hand, that aphasia is kicking up, I almost wrote right hand instead of left, 😞

    Love and Blessings to you all.

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