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  • Hello all.

    Been trying to rest and get myself together. Feeling all the love from you all and the beauty of our Pond makes me peaceful. The new cast is blue and getting in my way, but I ought not to complain...I could easily be somewhere other than here, if not for my Angels...Went to the concussion clinic today and was advised to lay out of school for 3 months. Having trouble concentrating, and not sleeping, put on new meds and have to go to a clinic to deal with my dizziness and a counselor to deal with my new found fear of driving. Also getting a special brain scan for concussion, seeing what is up with my brain. May be down for a while, it seems...

    time to think about my life and situation, hmmmm.

    piano is affected, keep calling my left hand my right hand, I'm all backwards....:'(

    Please keep me in your thoughts. I will prevail....Kids are doing well, Lauren starts 6th grade, Logan is in 2nd, tomorrow... my sister Tanya is here and is really helping me with the kids. They love her and I appreciate her being here and helping. I can recover better. Blessings to all of you my Pond family. I pray that you all will have healing and peace, and much love from me and the Universe.

  • Sunny

    Check out that cast girl!!! Hope you're feeling better each day. Having kids in school will hopefully give you some quiet time...although when I look back it seems like someone was always needing last minute supplies or help with homework! Got so I dreaded Sun nite!! Glad your sister can help out- what abundance to have family to support you. Thinking of you & yours sending prayers your way



  • Hi Lotus,

    Thanks for the well wishes. I am feeling better, though I still feel woozy and off balance at times. My sister is a clean fanatic and she is always cleaning. She is nice to have around and great having someone to talk to. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    Namaste, Sunshine

  • Love and Light to everyone at our Pond. Lucky is my family, Isaac didn't damage Mom's home and they had no electricity for a couple of days. But everyone is well. Living there I just cannot do...too much stress for me.

    Everyone who celebrates Labor day...have a wonderful holiday.



  • Morning!

    Glad your family didn't have Issac trouble! On the news some folks from there were stating That's It! They were leaving, awfully hard to do tho in this economy. Blue cast: just not your color, lol! Let Lauren go crazy with one of those bedazzler thingies ---if you're stuck with it, Let it shine! Glad Tanya is there and hope the memory lapses have lessened.

    I've been busy writing ceremonies and wanted to just pop in briefly. The weather has been beautifulI, even got to lounge on the beach yesterday. We're having a BBQ today so I wanted to stop in while I had a moment.

    Hope all is well with everyone. Bloom, hope you and hubby are okay. Looks like you haven't been here in a while.


  • Nights in white satin, never reaching the end,

    Letters I've written, never meaning to send.

    Beauty I'd always missed with these eyes before.

    Just what the truth is, I can't say anymore.

    'Cos I love you, yes I love you, oh how I love you.

    Gazing at people, some hand in hand,

    Just what I'm going through they can't understand.

    Some try to tell me, thoughts they cannot defend,

    Just what you want to be, you will be in the end.

    And I love you, yes I love you,

    Oh how I love you, oh how I love you.

    Nights in white satin, never reaching the end,

    Letters I've written, never meaning to send.

    Beauty I've always missed, with these eyes before.

    Just what the truth is, I can't say anymore.

    'Cos I love you, yes I love you,

    Oh how I love you, oh how I love you.

    'Cos I love you, yes I love you,

    Oh how I love you, oh how I love you.

    Breath deep

    The gathering gloom

    Watch lights fade

    From every room

    Bedsitter people

    Look back and lament

    Another day's useless

    ENERGY spent

    Impassioned lovers

    Wrestle as one

    Lonely man cries for love

    And has none

    New mother picks up

    And suckles her son

    Senior citizens

    Wish they were young

    Cold hearted orb

    That rules the night

    Removes the colours

    From our sight

    Red is gray and

    Yellow white

    But we decide

    Which is right


    Which is an Illusion

  • Hi Last Crusader,

    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE. LOVE!!! Nights in White Satin...It is the best! Fancy you putting that out here! You have a beautiful gift, and sometimes what you write brings me to tears. It is so heartfelt. You know we all have your back and pray for you to be Blessed. Keep opening your heart and soon you will find your heart's desire, and probably where you least expect it.

    Love and Light to you and your little sweetpeas.


  • Hi everyone,

    Bloom asked me to let you know she isn't here because she forgot her password, and hasn't been able to reset it yet. Let's help her to remember, she is doing great and the foot is healing.

    Love to all of you...


  • LC, you absolutely nailed the moody blues with that poem! gotta wonder if you've got a touch of the Celtic in ya : ) saw this the other day, don't remember who by ... without mud, no lotus.

  • icky, sticky day. remnants of isaac passing thru. the wind was strong early this morning and woke me. i really needed the sleep and even took a melatonin last night. sigh

    spent all day writing yesterday..,. the day went by, i forgot to eat, thankfully my lil'girl nudged me at 5:40p ... poor things are usually fed by 4. closed the computer, fed the pups and went to a goddess group. it was fun meeting new people and trying something new, psychometry. i think i tried that before but didn't like it, this time it flowed easily. the highlight for me was watching my daughter try it and confirm/affirm Trust in Herself. she did very well!

    receive & believe!

  • sunny, thanks for the message about bloom! sending u healing light. xoxo

  • HI All,

    Hope everyone is doing well, lots of busy energy amongst us

    We had quite a bit of rain yesterday & today, so balmy, but air seems to be cooler now. Better for sleeping 🙂

    Dan's back at college& house back in order. Bella is having a hard time, barks at any noise, I think its so quiet she's hearing loud music to drown out the crickets & owls. I'm keeping busy with life's usual tasks & signed up for a few 1 nite classes to try new things. Fall is my favorite season so I look forward to being outdoors. Each season brings changes & new things -I'm ready for the new. Open House Sun - x fingers!

    Sunny, Hoping each day gets easier for you



  • Hi everyone! I'm back but needed to change everything to get back on, including my I hope that I can still get on easily. I have been asking admin for the password re-set email for about 3 weeks, but my new screen name and avitar.

    SO, Sunny, glad that your sister is there to help. How are the kids doing after their first few weeks of school? Are they still able to attend the same schools, or has Lauren moved up to a middle school?

    Laie, sound like you are busy with your ceremonies and other goddess events! The mornings here are a getting a little cooler, which is welcome.

    Icey, hope the new job is working out...sounds like getting to know the inventory will be fun.

    LC, wow, new avatar for you too! Hope your boys are doing well and that you know we always hold the torch for you here, wishing you blessings and light.

    Lotus, I think I got bumped out here just as you came into your new name. How did the soccer try-out go for your son? I may have missed your posting on that. Hope your new one shot courses are fun. What did you sign up for? Are you still biking, swimming and running??

    Our reno work is almost done! WOO HOO...I haven't made the final payments yet, in fact, I get dizzy just thinking about the $$. We had to completely overhaul both the electrical and plumbing systems here, what a job!! We have a new electrical service and the electrical board (just like on TV :)) is also new - or perhaps that means the same thing in electrical talk, I am not sure!

    The Zen bathroom is fab, the shoji doors went up yesterday and my contractor put cherry wood around the opening. It looks better than I ever imagined! Still waiting for the vanities to be complete so they can be plumbed, but the shower door came yesterday so I am so looking forward to taking a shower this morning without having to lay down multiple layers of towels on the floor.

    My foot is healing, but a little more slowly than I expected. The pin got pulled out of my foot on Wed., so it's been sore since then. I see, however, that my toe has resumed it's rightful place in the toe lineup, so huzzah for the human body and all of it's wonderful processes! Baby steps for sure! I may still be out of work for a few more weeks, awaiting the doctor's okay. Work has had many changes over the summer, according to my work friends, so I am blessed to be able to be out while all those changes settle in.

    Hope you all enjoy the weekend. Has anyone heard from Forest Walker? I keep thinking of her and hoping she is doing well. Lotus, she was another ponder who was trying to sell her house. Hope she was able to do that. Sending her love and light, and to you too!!



  • Welcome back Bloom!! A Zen bath sounds great, perhaps a place to go when overwhelmed by the $$$. Thanks for asking about Dan, haven't heard from him, he is to call Sun eve. I signed up for Brazilian BBQ, soap making & Infused oil making- for home made beauty products, lotions, creams etc with herbs. Thinking about crochet 2 nites in Nov- winter seems like a good time to learn & working with yarns may be cozy

    Hope all is well with fellow ponders.



  • Hi Lotus, Thank you!

    Holding Dan in the light! How far away is his college from home? Hope Bella AND you are adjusting to the quiet.

    Those courses sound fun. wow, I have never heard of Brazilian BBQ, sounds like it might be delicious! The others sound like fun too. I know how to do a crochet chain but have never been very good at making anything with crochet. That should be a fun class!

    Yes, the Zen bathroom will be a good getaway from stresses. Maybe a few candles will help!

    Hope you made out okay with all the rain, if you got any last night. We did okay - we had a tornado watch here but no warning. It must have worn itself out as it crossed the country...sending love and light to those who experienced the heavy winds.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!



  • Hi All,

    A quick peak at the pond to take a few deep breaths & feel the calm I find here, strange energy around me these days. Hope everyone is doing ok.



  • Sometimes I get so tired, but I just can't sleep

    I feel so sleepy, I feel so weak

    I lay down lonely, counting all of my heart beats

    my mind full of visions, of a love that's so deep

    Dark hair and blue eyes, and lips so sweet

    but it's all just in my mind and I still can't fall asleep

    so I just lay here wishing that I could live in my dreams

  • Hi all,

    I am doing well at the moment, had a splitting headache today all day, dizziness and headaches keep after me. But the kids are doing well, and I am grateful for my sister Tanja being here to help.

    I hope you all are doing well, I sure miss this place, got to pop in more often. I passed my courses this term despite being out for 3 weeks. Don't try to spend too much time on the computer these days, getting headaches. But I plan to pop in and say hi to everyone. Wishing the best for you all. now I have to get a new car soon, wish me luck...

  • Hi All,

    LC -when I read your poetry the emotion I feel is amazing. You have quite a way with words

    Sunshine- good to hear from you 🙂 Best of luck w car shopping-think Abundance!! Be kind to yourself during this healing process, your body & mind have a lot to do. Also, be patient w yourself as you begin to drive again, perhaps starting during times when traffic is less & short trips would be easiest & most satisfying. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! May the love that surrounds you thru your children & sister continue to help you heal.

    I read an affirmation on another thread that I'm using especially re my house selling-"I expect the best without any expectation at all" I added NOW!! Perhaps it may speak to some of you



  • Thanks lotus, I will use that affirmation for that and other things.

    Off and on good days , today I walked about 2 miles. It felt nice to be out but I did get tired. Exercise more, i must.

    Blessings and love to you all. See you soon.


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