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  • Hi all.

    I haven't been in for a while. I had a serious car accident last thursday, rolled my truck 3 times, I was thrown out and lived to tell about it....The Angels protected me the entire time. They were with me, and told me it would be ok, it wasnt my time to go. I am hurt but I am alive.

  • Sunny,

    wow wow...sending you love and light!!

    Glad you are okay and thanks for posting this here. You have been in my thoughts and prayers!

    Hugs form Bloom xo

  • HI Amused,

    Yes, we are using our small air conditioners for the same reason! A friend mentioned that this is our 5th heat wave this summer here in MA, where temps have been over 90 for more than three days. Did you get any rain in that storm last night? We were driving through some wild weather on the way home from NH last night...but everyone was careful, so no accidents. Thanks for your good wishes on my surgery! I have nothing but positive hopes for it all.

    Laie, how did you make out with that storm? I wonder if you were in the middle of it!!? At least my grass is looking green....but soon I won't be able to mow the lawn 🙂

    Hugs, from Bloom xo

  • Sunny

    Sounds like a very difficult & scary time for you. Hope you're ok & wish you speedy recovery.

    Love & Light


  • Hi Bloom,

    What an amazing summer....5th heat wave! The weeds in my gardens are loving it!! Sunday afternoon was a strange with dark clouds & wind which eventually lead rain for several hrs. We did need it.

    Again, good luck with your foot surgery & stay cool 🙂



  • doing okay now. I have a broken arm (left) also my dominant hand 😞 broken vertebra in my neck (C7) , severe concussion, face got roadrash and lost about 1/3 of the hair line on my right side. bumps and briuses all over right side of body. face swollen 3x size. I look a hot mess, but live. I was thrown from the truck and saved by the Angels. They told me it wasn't my time to go, and from what I heard about the accident site, that was true. Also telling me that i was saved is the fact that the airbags weren't deployed in the vehicle, though the trigger for them works fine. Truck is munched! Airbags were still in the reservoirs...still working! Angels!!!! no one can tell me that they don't exist!! They have facilitated my every push yesterday to complete my business before my Mother, daughter and brother leave Sunday. Now i just need to get a new vehicle, please help me ask the angels for the gift of a new vehicle so that I can get prepared to continue the changes that have been started in these last few days. I will never for one second doubt that they are here to help us....most people thrown from a flipping vehicle do not survive...but here

    i sit at my keyboard after such a devastating accident with what is considered only moderate injuries. Everyone from the police to the medical staff is incredulous. Not me...I know why.

    Blessings to you all. I hope that this will help someone who may not know for sure that there are really ANGELS out there that love us and will protect us when it is necessary. I love all of you, and am happy to be here telling you all about this experience. The pain I suffer with the injuries pales in comparison to my new knowledge about Angels and what they can do.

    Blessings and Light to you all.....


  • Sunny --- I started to read and had to turn away! I'm so thankful your here with us!!! I'm going to light a candle this evening and send all those blessing you so graciously sent right back, GF. LOL---Coming your way tonight loaded in Reiki! Big, But Gentle HUGS!!

  • I stopped by for a quick moment only to do this ....


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES go out to ......... drum roll ......


    Where ever you are on your Lear today Bae Bee ---- Hope its as Wonderful as U!

    xoxox ~ Laie4

  • Sunny , Sounds like a lot to go through. So glad you're here to tell us your story. Take care of yourself. Speedy recovery. Your experience must have given you a new hope having the Angels help you through it.

    Bloom, Hope your foot heals quickly & you're back on the bike before long

    Icearia- Happy birthday!!

    Laie- how's the reno going? Any more championships?



  • Well well well, Ms. Sunny!! you are a miracle for sure! Thanks for sharing your story and wow, what a story. So happy that yes! you are here, and even though you say the injuries are moderate, they sound tough to live with. I am happy that your family was able to come to help and my goodness!! you sound in such a good place. Angels, for sure!!! Sending you light and love. Hope you never got that cracked windshield fixed then!!

    HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS ICEY!!! Wishing you well on your special day!

    I am doing well with my foot and getting around a bit on my crutches. Still dizzy and nauseous from the anesthesia but otherwise OK!! My hub is trying his hardest and we both have to be patient with his memory. Angels must be here too, because I am not getting angry :)) Thanks for your good wishes Amused and hope things are going well for you Soccer try outs soon for you son, right? I think it's later this month?

    Love and light to all, peace to the pond!

    Bloom xoxo

  • Happy Birthday Icey!

    Have a wonderful day.

    Doing better, slowly healing. Found out I clipped another car in accident. She wasn't hurt, now she is....just praying that all works out as it should.

    Love my pond peeps. talk later.

  • Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes ... would love to tell you that my new year has begun well but ... it's been interesting to be sure. What a week! If anyone knows how or why this Universe unfolds as it does, I would love to hear it! And, as a last ta-da to my week,I lost my job today.

    Sister Sunshine ... OMG! You're not having a flash week either huh? LOL And I mean that with love ... you poor thing. What I love the absolute most about you is your resilience and your ability to see the 'good' when you must be feeling anything but. VERY glad that you are HERE and able to tell us all of your accident and, are you protected by Angels? Heavens YES! Yes, YOU are! Like Bloom, I can FEEL your belief through your post and I can sense your unwaivering spirit from here. I do so love that about you. Let all that strength and inner spunk that you have arisen with you since the accident continue to keep you shining. You will always have everyone's love round here and, together, we all send you healing, loving light. I, personally, am so grateful the Angels brought you back to us. Love you.

    And sweet Bloom ... what a pair you & hub are making ... learning patience and compassion and how to move forward - literally. LOL I was so very sorry to read about your surgery and I hope that what needed to be done, is now done and life shall continue to bloom over and over for you. Hoping Hub's recovery is still moving forward and that together, you see the love that exists within the one for the other. Hugs and Love to you. Healing love your way also.

    Beloved Lady Laie ... oh how you fill my heart with things other than what it feels right now. Thanks so much for swooping in and thinking of me. Your wishes are being held in my soul. Love you.

    Beautiful Amused ... I still haven't christened you with a pond name yet have I? LOL I will ... promise. Hoping you are well, happy and finding the joy that surrounds you every moment. You are quite a special addition to our peace filled pond and I hold so much gratitude for you being sent our way. I find your energy so calming and light and necessary here. Keep being YOU! Hugs.

    Last Crusader ... I do need to re-read all you wrote last time but, as you well understand through your own trials, I have to focus on finding a way to feed my family next week. I do want you to know that I see the light within you and I am watching it grow brighter all the time ... keep allowing it OUT. I hold you, as always, in my heart as you journey towards your potential. I never stop wishing the wonderful to be with you. Know that, ok? I, as are all of us, am here for you when you need me to be (and at any time for any reason) ... all at the pond are connected via the soul. When one calls, all come closer. Wishing that you are finding the going easier for you now ... and I love you too dude! I love your courage, depth of being and bright soul. When time allows, I shall write more - to ALL OF YOU!

    May all of you keep the pond's light within you as you continue your personal stories this week. I am right where you are, holding your hands, whispering my love. Remember that when you need it most.

    Loving Angel Moonbeaming icey Hugs.

  • Hi All,

    Not my best day, so glad I stopped by the Pond. Icey your message was just what I needed to boost me up & help me get back on the merry-go-round of life 🙂

    wishing you all Love & Light to face the days' challenges & come out with a smile & inner peace.

    Some days its giant steps forward, some days its baby steps...but forward is all that counts.



  • Icey, I am sorry for the loss of your job, and know that I am praying for you and keep you in my thoughts.

    Another day is dawning, another moon shall rise

    we get a little older, each day a little more wise

    our hearts grow a little deeper, our souls will blossom too

    with each passing day rejoice! For our lives begin anew.

  • Icey!

    Happy to find you here at the Pond, but I am so sorry you lost your job, that doesn't make for a wonderful week. I have been worrying about you and your health, praying all will be well for you. You know the drill; "when one door closes,another opens." The Angels have something else for you, and I bet it won't be very long before they manifest to you what it is. You bring joy to us with your loving kind words, and the Angels will do the same, as do we.

    Bloom, I hope you are recuperating well, sending you Blessings and healing light.

    Laie, Thanks for your beautiful soul and the loving words you give us when you are here. YOu and Icey keep the Pond full of love and peace.

    Amused, you have a wonderful nature about you, and it makes me happy to have you at our special Pond. You bring some added life and it is really wonderful...

    LC, Glad that you are popping in to spend time with your "other" family. We are here and care about you, don't forget to come and be here when times get tough. I;m trying harder to get better at that.

    Time for this accident-battered body to go rest again. Will talk to you all again.

    Love to you all.



  • Sunshine, Did you see the thread for you? lots of good vibs & prayers are being sent your way.

    You're right in saying one door closes & one opens- I just try not to get caught as the door closes, man that stinks!!



  • Hello fellow ponders,

    Lots happening here, wow.

    Dear Icey, losing your job on your new year. That is such a total bummer...I am sorry to hear that too, not what needs to happen for you right now. I do hope another door opens for you. Or a book opens to you? I know that is not a quick money maker right now, but I am wondering if that is part of the change for you? Don' t know...but just a thought. The Universe allows...right? That's all I know! Kind of not helpful right now I guess 😞

    Amused, thanks for your input here and hope that better days are coming for you!

    Sunny, glad you are healing, and hope that things work out for you. sounds complicated...sending you love and light!

    LC, nice to hear from you and hear your support for Icey. Hope is the thing with feathers...

    Lady Laie, summer's rain...hope things were okay for you with all the storms.

    My foot is healing and I am, I have to say, extraordinarily well rested. My husband, on the other hand, is very tired with cooking and cleaning. He says it takes a lot of time. yup. But it won't be long before I will be able to help. He has been very sweet, and a few surprising people have dropped off food for us, which was an unexpected pleasure!

    We can all use love and light and I am sending some along with moonbeams!

    xo Bloom

  • Wow! What a wonderful lift for my aching see such an outpouring of love and well wishes from so many...My family had to leave today to return to New Orleans, my heart aches, and I am sad, and scared, because I can barely do anything for myself and these kids...guess we will muddle through job will give me medical leave with pay, (wow) so money will not be the worst problem. Blessings to them....However, I will need to get another vehicle and that is a scary proposition. Thanks for the prayers and the love I feel here at our lovely Pond. I think it will be allright, I have to believe my Angels when they said it would be. Big hugs to all of you and Love and healing light upon us all.


  • Oh Sunny, hang in there!! I'm glad your family was able to help. I am willing to bet that there are some people close to you who would love to look for a new vehicle for you....maybe someone in your church? I have a friend who would leap onto the computer and search away for a house...a shop is her mantra!...I imagine you would just have to ask for a few friends to look around for maybe five recommendations, and then you could check them out on line and then have someone take you to see 3 of them? I don't know if that would work, but maybe it gives you some ideas.

    Sending you love and light xoxoxoxox


  • Good Idea, Bloom...I am sure I can find someone. Sure am missing my family now, the kids especially, because there was someone else in the house besides us. Such a novelty for them...

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