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  • Good morning all...back on the porch listening to the rain fall...THAT's been a while coming. AND, you are listening to a post 62-miler bicycle rider...woo hoo!!! My son helped me through it 🙂 Feels great to have that opportunity completed!

    AMused, hope that your open house was a good one and that seeds have been planted in someone's mind!! When is your son's try-out? I think that Laie gave the best advice ever! I hope things work out positively, but if not, there will be another door. As I read this morning here on Tarot...we have to listen to what the Universe is saying to us, and sometimes that is through what we perceive of as our own failures.

    Laie, how deee-lightful to watch your talented G-son! what a little powerhouse he is, wow!! A homerun out of the park every time, that has to be some very special talent!

    Sunshine, hope your day goes well today and that things come into alignment for you. You deserve it!!!

    I don't know what to expect with my reno...still awaiting the services of an electrician...via the contractor. I think I have just about everything done that I can do, so I keep visualizing the finished project and trying to relax into it.

    Now to make a list of all the phone calls I need to make to bring the future home!

    Sending light and love to you all, ICEY you are included in that!

    Hugs from Bloom


  • Failure makes the Most Excellent Teacher! And Bae- Bees we've earned those teaching PhD's!


    ( ' …. what we perceive of as our own failures.' Silly---Couldn't help myself Bloom!)

    Moonbeam --- let us know you haven't fallen asleep laying on the moss, gazing at the clouds ... just say a quick hello if you see this.

  • Good morning...Laie, yes, we are brilliant beyond all imaginings due to our VAST learning experiences!!

    Today, Mr. Bang Bang is coming to break up our cast iron tub, and the plumber will be here tomorrow to intall the new downstairs shower. So progress progress. Please send up love and light to our dog, Jasmine, who will be home alone in our bedroom with the a/c on, hiding out from all the noise! I feel badly for her but will try to make her as comfortable as possible.

    Lots of thunder and lightning here last night, but no hail...hope you escaped all that Sunny!!



  • Yes We Are, Cactuss and Good Morning to You! It'll be a hot steamy one and more T-storms on the way.

    I was just watching "Today" and they were reporting that this year is the first time that every country has sent female athletes to the Olympics. The focus was on Moslem women, in particular, the only female ( 100m sprinter) on the team from Afganhastan. In their history, only three women have ever competed. This sprinter gets a lot of flack from both men and women for not being a good Moslem, a good woman, for stepping outside her expected role. It would be wonderful if she medaled or came close just for those young women who harbor similar dreams. I'll be watching for her but, I'm just glad she has supportive parents and is there.

    Oh poor Jasmine! I hope she settles in quickly for it'll be a while. This is my only concern about the project too. How will the dogs be and how to confine them? Anyway, glad things are moving forward.

    Have a wonderful day! Many blessings to all the Pondees and hope your day runs smoothly!

    Peace & Joy!

    ~ Laie4

  • Hi all who rest by the pond,

    Reno sisters-I've finished & reno'd a home. There were times when I felt like we were playing the game Battleship. The big lesson was that things tool longer than planned & to expect the unexpected! It always came out great. LOL!! I guess a house is teaching me patience again this time regarding selling!

    Bloom- thanks for kudos, there were 8 couples at OH & I'm hoping 8 seeds were planted & watered. I agree Dan may have a lesson to learn but its hard to stand by & watch. He has had a tough struggle these last 4 yrs some due to his own actions but I do worry he may get bitter vs see the lesson. I planted the seed for rugby just in case & suggested he visualize too-its his life so its best he put in that effort for himself.

    Laie- congrats for G-son! Imagine how he feels each time he hits a HR?! Dan's aim to play college soccer is his own magnified by knowing his dad enjoyed watching him play & went to 99% of his games. Visualizaton will be good for both of us. Banter is a great word & you know when you're arguing..its not the same! Regarding me I may have some deep fear/worries I don't feel about letting go so I'm using affirmations to help. The house I choose to let go , people... its time to let go & I've parented in a way to prepare the guys for being on their own, guess I need to prepare myself for that day too.



  • many circles in our journeys!

    Amused, you sound so thoughtful and aware! I hope things go well for your son...when is the tryout? We can beam a stream of good thoughts and visualizations for him too.

    Letting go...hmmm...that is not something I am good at period. But, slowly we learn. I admire you for being willing to give up the house. What would your next step be when it sells? Are you going to stay in the same area and move into something smaller? are you thinking condo?

    The dog made it through okay, our daughter came and let her out in the afternoon, thanks for your concern. Some advise that you put the dogs into doggie day care when big things are happening. Don't know if that's an option for you Laie?

    The opening is framed, the floor coverings ripped progress. Today the shower is going in and they are moving the toilet. I always have so much fear about things...what will my husband do when he has to go to the b.r....and how long will it be that we have no toilet? I have two appointments today, so I will be out of the house for part of the time, so I don't think I will have a problem, but I worry about him. I have a couple of ideas to share with him about that, when he wakes up. I think planning is a good antidote to fear :)) And, living int he moment.

    I read somewhere how often good ideas come to us when we are in the shower. Does any one else experience that? (I can't even remember Laie if it was you who wrote that? I am brain dead here....) Apparently, moving water creates a negative ion field and that stimulates clear thinking. So ever onward we go, take showers freely :))

    That is interesting Laie about women in the Olympics. I will have to tune in to that. We have been keeping track of the Tour de France a bit, but that's been the most that I know.

    Hope everyone has a good day, and, as Icey says "Be Fabulous!"

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Morning!

    Cactus you must've been here while I was writing elsewhere. I hear you on the brain dead part. My mind seems to come and go a lot lately! I don't mind with family and it gives the kids another thing to laugh about but with strangers ... I feel like a fool when I forget the simplest things -- like words!! LOL! IDK on the shower although, I believe on water cleansing the auric field and how introspective we become when showering. As for the doggie day care, i recently posted that thought but said something like the cost and dogs disowning me. Hope the appts. go well and hubby doesn't need to "water' the garden. uh oh!

    Amused-- I agree with Cactus on your thoughtful awareness. It was a part of you recognizable immediately and I'm glad you came to the Pond because of that quality. What you write contributes to the Pond energy and helps everyone gathered in some way. I often sense a calmness from you and that in some odd form keeps me grounded. Yesterday I spent a good portion of the morning ' grabbing' photos a professional took of the state championship games. I'm still completely blown away by the skill these young kids displayed! The photographer captured moments that looked like they were photos of MLB! Yes, on top of other hits, g-son hit a HR every time --- I began to joke its a good thing because like the rest of the family he isn't Speedy Gonzales!

    Sunny --- Was wondering if you found another day care and in general how are things? How is the practice going for the piano competition? Hope the storms didn't cause you any trouble and that the rest of the week goes well.

    I'll second that--- Be fabulous Pondees! Keep receiving and believing!

    ~ Laie4

  • Hello.

    Remember me?

    Pretty sure I barely remember myself either anymore. LOL Sincerest of sorries dear ones. I am, however, so deeply reminded of truth and beauty and the expression of love that lives in our Enchanted Pond. WOW! There exists such a tangible shining light here and, as I have been surrounded by anything but for the last month, I am completely speechless to be back within its presence. None of this can be possible without the commitment to LOVE that each Enchanted Soul has made. My how I am beyond proud of the gorgeous company I am in here.

    Blessings Beautiful Ladies and Gentleman of the global Loving Winds ... blessings be with each of YOU!

    I have spent my evening reading all of your news and marvelling at your fabulous lives and beings. There is so much for me to respond to and even more for me to embrace and hold near to me but that must begin on another night ... more apologies.

    However, I must send out a huge belated Birthday wish to my Sister Sun. Sorry I missed your special day ... but know that no enchanted soul is never not connected to my soul. I wish for you everything you wish for you my sweet friend ... and then some. Happiest of new beginnings to you. And also for you my Bloom ... another opportunity to continue to blossom and reach your potential self so I hope your new beginning is filled with sweetness, joy and dreams coming true. Happy Birthday dear friend.

    Lady Laie ... LOVE U! What a divine soul you are. Your wisdom round here is inspiring and so deeply appreciated. Big Wow. I shall catch up with you properly asap ... promise ... I have more time coming up shortly. Hold onto your visions and always remember that you (and all that makes your life) are more than you perceive - continue to allow your heart to speak. Holding you near.

    Last Crusader ... sooooooooooooooooo LOVED your first poem. OMGoodness you incredible being ... what a gift. I almost shake with excitement for you and the potential you hold. You can tap into an aspect of your being like no other ... what a GIFT! I shall have 'words' with you about your messages when I have a bit more time this week (promise). Reading your words made me realize just how much I missed your spirit and light dude. Peek back in, ok? Hugs.

    Amused ... Lady Laie is spot on ... you have an enormous sense of peace about you ... and a calmness that comes not from resignation but, wisdom. I have learnt much about you over these last few pages and ADORE the soul you are. So very happy you joined us. New name awaits you ... will chat with you soon. Stay happy my friend - your son will be fine; he is well protected by Spirit. Blessings to you.

    Sister Sun ... the Beatles' song, "I get by with a little help from my friends" is playing in my head. Go play it, sing it and check out the lyrics closely. Then, remember that this includes Spirit ... friends watching over you. Ask for help my love ... remember that Spirit can only serve you when you call them. As always, I am always holding you close ... and the Little L's. Hugs all round at your place.

    Dear Bloom ... your reno tales are filled with energy (you too Laie!!!) 🙂 ... and brava to you on the 62 mile ride. Always and ever, YOU are fabulous. Be in touch real soon.

    Just before I go to bed ... hope all your wild weather calms down though, a storm is a great thing to clear stale energy and to usher in a cleansing and calmness. Hope it serves that purpose and all remain safe and protected where you are. I am in "freezing" mode ... LOL LOL LOL ... my freezing is like your late Spring probably ... LOL. And yes ... this Icey Moonbeam is loving it.

    See you all soon.

    May love hold you close and closer to the Pond.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • PS ... forgot to ask where this place is we are all meeting at??? Think you mentioned it Laie??? And you are soooooooo right, I am on a lear broom jet and so there! Time for us to all commit to this now and setting a date. I invite everyone here who wants to join in to work out what, when and where that this would suit you best and send this to the pond. Our collective energies will see it occur. I'm in!

    Let this JOy begin!

    Merry Magick,

    Icey x x x

  • LOL Icey! Your lear jet broom swooped in but I was elsewhere... LOL Better luck next time I guess.

    I am still praying that you are improving in your health.

    T-Storms have been rocking this area of Pennsylvania for a few days now. They woke Lauren last night around 4am, she was pretty shaken, we heard the lightning strike something. Yogi boy slept through the whole thing. LOL any other time he would have been up talking to himself anyway.

    Practicing as much as I can, got a block going on up there in the mind, can't seem to make any progress in my playing, trying not to get frustrated, so I am listening to positive affirmations and repeating them to myself. Something has gotta break this spell!!!

    Love and miss ya, Icey...come back soon.

    Laie, and Bloom, you two really keep me going when I am on empty sometimes, just reading what you have posted has a positive effect on me. Many hugs and thanks to you too. Always glad to see one of you here.

    Amused, you are a pretty great person, and I am glad you have found your way to our Enchanted Pond. Special souls come here to the Pond, welcome and looking forward to seeing more of you.

    No LC, I didn't forget about you and your fabulous poems. Hugs and love to you and your little ones.

    School is still kicking my rear up and down.

    oh, to be finished.....

    Love to you all, my Pondee friends.

  • Remember YOU? Crazy woman,lol! I'm so very, VERY glad you stopped by! Sincere thanks. No apologies necessary. I've felt your spirit here but sometimes thats an insubstantial feeling, too illusory. Thank you for a concrete glimpse, My Angel friend!

    Ah, perception … It would be nice to have a fuller view but I haven't delved into it. Any insights are most welcome, like a photograph done in vignette style, the sense of more leaves a fuzzy shadow around the edges.

    I mentioned New Orleans to make it easier for Sunny. I don't know but hope that the Double L's would be cared for so she could find time to gather. I've been there once for the Jazz/ Gospel Fest and it was wonderful! The trip was all women and we rented a place in Slidell across Pontchatrain. There is so much to do and see --- we'd have fun and Quen could be persuaded-- lol!

    Talk soon! Loved that you offered a different viewpoint of the storms!

    Sunny-- I'm also glad you popped in, was gearing up for a recon mission. LOL! No wonder your playing is suffering a bit. Life hasn't been running smoothly for you. We often set aside our desires to meet everyone else's and just to get through the day, some things naturally fall away. But, ya know what? This opportunity (competition) is still in the distance and it has offered you an opportunity to grow and learn beyond what ever limitations you believe are present. Personally, I believe in no limits and underneath all -- Don't You? Be good to yourself. Be patient with yourself. Rest in the knowing of how much you are loved and cherished. You have so much to look forward to and we're here to see your special journey and share your joy!

    Have a blessed weekend All! We are 'playing' this weekend with one sleepover g-son and Saturday off to the start of other g-son's regional championship games. Fun weekend!

    Love, Peace & Joy,


  • Good morning US friends and evening to Icey!

    I saw that you had posted the other morning Icey, but I could not get onto the forum for some HAPPY that you were here. You always drop moonbeams everywhere but kind of forgot to tell us about you, missy!!! Glad that you are enjoying your winter and hope so much that your health is also improving and that your family is doing well.

    Amused, it IS great that you have joined us, since each new person who sits by the pond adds so much! Still waiting to hear when your son will try out for the team!

    Sunny, I am glad to hear that you are practicing, I was wondering about that. I am not the musician in the family so I don't have any advice on that score (lol) but wonder if switching to another piece or just doing scales etc. for a few days will free up that 'block' that you are experiencing.

    Well, I am IN on the New Orleans get together!...sounds great to me!! Would love to see if Queenie there would be able to join us, though I am not sure I can keep up with her activities (Jello shots and pool boys, to name a few!!)

    Laie, sounds like G'son is doing so well and that you are all enjoying this special time! Hope the weather holds today for you and that he continues to hit a HR every game. Woo hoo!! Good luck on your house-work too! I keep forgetting to ask, is this work on your main home or your 'alternate' summer home :)))?

    We are progressing on the reno. The plumbers were here for 3 days, and we now have a working shower and toilet with a full plywood floor. It looks like all the rough plumbing is completed...what a big job that was, and two great guys working together. Very polite and quiet, so we lucked out there.

    I find that the increased chaos here sets me 'off' a bit more, however, and I have not been the nicest person to hubby, who seems to continue to be unable to follow two step directions. In other ways, he is fine, but I guess I let this get to me. I do have a friend I can let off steam with if I need to, but often, going out and doing some weeding or something outside the house seems to help get me back into a better state of mind, instead of fuming inside.

    As my Pisces told me, you are FREE, go away for a few days to a pet friendly hotel and go paint somewhere. I would like to get there in my head...but not quite there, lol!! I feel like I should be here to watch and make sure things go right and to be available to ask questions. Trying to stay positive :))

    This morning I am getting back on my bike for a little tune-up ride, so that should also help get my head straight.

    It's always great to check in here and get lifted up too!

    Sending hugs from Bloom


  • Hi All,

    I'm thankful today for making it to the Cape & back without getting stuck in weekend traffic at the bridge & before the rain began. Went there to celebrate the amazing life of an aunt who recently passed away.

    Sunshine- school? I admire you for taking on school with all you do in a day....I've thought about it but haven't taken the plunge. I may try an on line course this fall something light though like herbal remedies/ herbalist to start. I think I may do better in person. Keep'll happen & what a great feeling you'll have when it does

    Laie- sounds like you're having a championship summer, what fun!! I too an amazed at the lives of some athletes especially the women who over came so much to get to the Olympics

    Icearia- so happy to meet you. I agree that storms are cleansing. I love the feel of wind, its a time to let go & feel the negative leave & be refreshed with lots of positive energy

    Bloom- cycling 62 mls is quite a feat! Dan doesn't have the exact date yet but it'll be around 8/25- update when I know. House- people continue to look so I feel hopeful it will sell soon then I will buy a smaller home on a lake or pond with in 1/2 hr to work. A place to kayak, meditate, entertain or just be 😉

    Monday I say goodbye to my 30 yr old waterbed, x fingers the new mattress feels as good as it did in the show felt like a soft cloud that day......

    As always thanks for the healing lift here at the Pond

    Blessed Be


  • Good Sunday Morning!

    G-Son's game against VT. (?) was can cancelled last night due to rain. We're off this morning -- fingers crossed.

    Amused -- the dreaded ride to the Cape-ugh! But so worth it when celebrating a life well lived! Guess I didn't know you, Bloom and I live in the same area.

    Bloom -- The reno is on the main house and in 5years we Hope to put an addition on the other place. We set a 10year retirement plan for reno, sale, downsizing and then moving to a temporary place for a year. After a year or so, a permanent move to the other place.

    I've got to get moving -- don't want to be late!

    Blessings of L&L,


  • OH ---- OLympics >>>>>> Hometown girl, Biesel, took home a Silver last night! Woo HOO! Congratulations!

  • All I want is peace, a cool breeze on a warm day. a green meadow with rolling hills of soft grass....and trees. A cool drink in one hand a good book in the other, laying in a hammock with a beautiful girl by my side listening to the sound of the birdsong in the air and the wind. To work in the soil and to grow things in my garden, to eat the bounty that I can harvest on my own. To eat the first fresh peaches and strawberries and cream, to share them with my sons. I don't need the internet, as much as I love them, I don't need movies, or television. I don't need the nightly news to tell me that things are bad or that the earth is sick. I secretly wish that we could take a step back and look at things without an eye for "progress" and maybe see that what we have labled progress is simply the greed of industry. I appreciate the advances in science and medicine that the world has seen and wish it seemed to be leaps made simply for the betterment of mankind, but I know better. In this too, money has driven the industry, not philanthropy or the desire to better mankind. I am not a patriotic man. I believe in the foundations that the country I live in was built on, but I believe the weight of the corruption in our political system is crushing and crumbling that foundation to it's core. The violence, where is all of the anger coming from? Does the sanctity of life really men so little to so few? What wrongs we have done to each other in the past, as a race and as a people, is it not in the past? Do not all tenants of theology believe in the rite of forgiveness? Do not all religions tell you to love or ate the verly least respect all life? Judge no man by the color of his skin but by the strength of his character.Judge no person by their beliefs or their customs. SImply do not judge others, this is not for you to do, it is for a higher power than yours. Accept people for themselves , good or bad.If you do not like someone, simply do not keep their company. Believe me, not everyone likes you either, but thats ok, love yourself..and if you don't love yourself, learn to, cause you're going to be with yourself for your whole life.This world is beautiful, and big enough for all, but like small children we all must learn to share, make friends, and look out for one another. We must not tolerate bullies, no matter where they are. And we must begin to treat each other and this world with the kindness, compassion, and respect it deserves. Do not suffer a fool, and punish the wicked. Shine the light on the unjust and the cruel, and enjoy the sweet gifts of life...for it is fleeting.

  • LC, that was lovely! I totally agree, except maybe not the hammock for me.

    I was at a meeting yesterday with someone who echoed your remarks and talked about not judging must be that more people are beginning to understand that 🙂 And sooner is much better than later! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you always contribute something welcome and unique to our pond.

    Hugs from Bloom xo

  • LC! that is beautifully written, and it is so true. the world is full of judgemental, haters and so much anger. I share similar thoughts on how technology and progress has blessed as well as cursed. Once upon a time, things were simpler, and more benign, though there were the faint, low rumblings of what was to come. I for one, believe that things will get better, evil cannot continue to flourish in the world, the snapback is imminent and the evil will be pushed out. As Bloom said, People are slowly beginning to come around and this is where the snapback will happen.

    You are truly gifted, LC, and you are such an integral part of our Pond, it is special when you come and leave us such beauty. Keep believing, and keep preparing yourself, that which you seek is closer than you think.

    Hug your munchkins, and you be Blessed and have faith, my friend....

  • Good morning ponders!

    Hope all is well with you!

    Our renovation work's nice to have a day when no-one will be here! I hope 🙂 or...shall I hope someone comes and moves the project along? lol The floor tile is ordered and should be here by mid-august.

    I have another operation on my foot next week (Wednesday), so I feel like I have to make sure all is in order. At the beginning of the week, I will have to clean out the refrigerator and make some meals ahead of time, or make sure there is enough in there for a few easy days. It will be a Laurel and Hardy comedy show here for a few days, I am sure....the stroke patient caring for anesthetized one, all the while hammering and sawing is going on...yippee for change 🙂 Not to mention a now traumatized doggie....well, she will be happy to be in one place with me I am sure.

    Hope things are going well for you Amused! Sunny, hope this weekend brings some easy moments for you! LC, hope there is a hammock waiting for you this weekend. Laie...what is next with your G-son and YOUR reno!! woo hoo, all good things I hope! Icey, let us know how you are doing, other than enjoying your cooler weather!

    Love and light from Bloom


  • Hi All,

    Hope you're finding a cool spot along the banks of the pond, the heat's been tough to take.. Icey, I guess you're enjoying the cool. I'm thankful for a small window AC which helps to take out the humidity & life is easier for my son & Bella (dog) during the day.

    Bloom, good luck with your foot surgery. Speedy recovery.

    LC, love a hammock, a great place for R&R





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