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  • Happy Birthday Sunshine!! Wishing you a year filled with love, laughter, good health & prosperity

    Blessed Be

  • Good morning all ponders,

    Summer is really in gear here on my side of the pond. I wonder what the temps are for you Icey?! I hope you are enjoying the cooler temps there.

    Reno is deeply underway...the deconstruction man, who I have named Mr. Bang Bang, has been an incredibly strong and neat worker.

    Our upstairs room now has no ceiling and most of the walls are down...the floor is cut out where the bathroom will be leaving only the rough boards underneath. It is quite something. Yesterday he took down the ceiling with all the insulation and I saw some straw up there. I asked him about it and he said at one time, pigeons wiggled their way into the attic crawl space and made a nest there. Wow, this is going to be quite a new place...eventually.

    Meanwhile we have company, a barely existing toilet and shower, no wall on the b.r., and today the city is cutting off our water for repairs to the water line. Our house is stuffed with boxes of stuff...we are camping out indoors.

    I am glad I didn't know what this would be like, since I would have been dreading it...but my family is doing okay. Luckily, our outside seating areas are set up and we have functional, I am just holding on to the blessings and looking forward to the finished product!!

    Hope everyone is doing well and....who has the next birthday?!

    Hugs from Bloom xo

  • Morning!

    I should be in the shower -- off to see my 'high priestess' -- lol! She always mixes up some concoction for this 'do. But, Cactuss, your post brought me here -- Wow! Such a lot being done ... thats exactly how I described it -- camping indoors -- to hubby when he started whining about how I'm planning to set up a temporary kitchen, bath & bedroom. Plus, he shouldn't complain -- he'll be off to work! Love the Mr Bang Bang comment!

    We picked out our tile and put a deposit down on the appliances. Second refrigerator purchase in a few days! Saturday the other house's refrig died and we had to purchase a one which lead to a washer. LOL! Make sense? The washer has been awful and after 5 years of fighting with it well.... I came here yesterday and NOW the refrig is working again after I ran to 2 of the kids houses and filled their freezer and a new one arrives tomorrow. Weird.

    I think next birthday is under a month away..... Queen of the West Wind's.

    Have a blessed day!


  • Hi everyone! thanks so much for the birthday wishes, I tried to keep it peaceful. with so much insanity going on, I just wanted to "be quiet". Trying to not wish for too much, I want a lot...LOL

    Certainly been missing all of you and love coming to the Pond, even if I just sit and ponder things for a while. Bloom...sounds like you have lots of activity going on at your house. I pray it comes out exactly what you want and more. Whew!

    Thanks Laie, I keep wondering what I am supposed to be learning from all this adversity, but whatever it is, I am seeking to find out. It certainly has been over 2 years, eh? Some day, I hope to meet all of you wonderful friends who have really helped me through some really hard times and encouraging me all the time. you too, Laie, seem to have a lot going on and I pray for all to be well for you and your family...:)

    Amused! You have a lot going on too...we are all some really busy people! I pray for your success in everything you are doing in your life. So nice to have you at our beautiful Pond.

    There are more people, but they seem to be invisible right now. so we just send them our love and Blessings and pray that we get to hear from them soon.

    ICEY!!!! Where art thou, oh Queenie of the Lear broom-jet? Sending you blessings and healing energy for you to prevail over everything that is challenging you.

    LC!!! Hugs and many prayers and Blessings for you and your little ones too. We keep you in our thoughts, so keep letting us know how you are....

    Much love and Blessings to everyone.



  • Morning!

    The appliances arrived yesterday and the delivery men did a great job bringing everything in. My oldest son came by just as they began and he fiddled with the frig computer and got it set up. I dislike all these gadgets everywhere --- Can't I just have straight forward item that doesn't Tell me to Do Something? ding ding, shut the door ding ding turn off timer ding ding put on seatbelt ding ding ... I even had my phone tell me I wasn't doing it right --- Geez, she joined the kids & hubby! : > ) All I want is to plug something in and it works. Extras mean extra stuff to break as far as I'm concern, lol!

    Hubby didn't listen to the salesman about hooking up the washer and when I tried to inject that day he blew me off too. Well, the guys couldn't hook up the washer, the salesman had a Valid point so hubby has created work for himself this weekend. ( we're working on active listening : D )

    Tile samples arrived in the mail yesterday also. They are the right shape & sizes of what we wanted to compare but aren't the correct color/items that we wanted to see. Not helpful. We have another appt. this week and we are to get prices for these tiles. Wonder if the prices will be in line with what we want or based on these expensive samples we were sent.? Hubby went to the vanity cabinet appt. alone and chose two door styles. I've a feeling he likes the more expensive one so we are going to give them a decision on that also. It is necessary to make the home marketable but I can't get over the feeling of waste .... At least I found someone who will take everything there now.

    Sunny ... I've often wondered why we struggle and always come back to that we must have signed on for these lessons. The image of a ladder always comes to mind, each rung that we climb, leads us higher, sometimes we slip back but with every climb we slip less and it becomes easier to climb. Individually that explanation works for me but collectively, sigh, idk ... group consciousness comes into play. Think I hear protest of I didn't sign on for THIS! lol! Anyway, so yes, surrounding ourselves with those who have only our best interest at heart must work too. I still look forward to all of us meeting! Maybe the Big Easy should be the place so someone could watch the Double L's? It still is a long way for Icey but I've a feeling she'd be on her Lear in a heart beat And we'd have to let Quen know or we'd hear the angry crack of stilettos marching down the street! : > ))

    Reaching through and across the miles sending loving energy to all Pond Sprites! Have a wonderful weekend!

    ~ Laie4

  • Good morning!

    Laie, great that your appliances have arrived AND that the refrig. could be put in place. I know what you mean about bells bells bells...our refrig has the icemaker, which hasn't been hooked up yet, so I imagine that will be more opportunities for bells 🙂 Great that your son was on hand to help!

    I went to a tile place and they helped me set everything up and will also install everything. When all the stars align..

    Yes, I like your thoughts about a ladder. I guess the lessons are not always easy, but we keep trying to climb. We had an incident that has been developing, unbeknown to us, with our neighbor next door. It involved the animal control office, she called to report on one of our cats. Anyway, it doesn't look like it was our cat but the very obsequious and judgmental officer showed up about 4 hours after he said he would a result of a threat of a $50 per day fine for delays in getting rabies shot for one of our most feral cats that I take care of, I got bitten in the thumb joint as I squashed the poor kitty into the carrier after a 3 hours chase around the house. I had to go to doc for's not too bad but the whole principle of the thing irks me...but I am staying cool with the neighbor until I can speak rationaly about the whole thing, and not react to their beagles, who bark continuously when they are chained outside for a few hours at a time, per dog...ahh, you can see that little resentment rising even now, lol

    Reno for us is on hold due to waiting for the electrician. There is a lot of dust around, I just washed the kitchen floor to try to control some of it.

    How is everyone faring in the heat? I hate to see what our electric bill will look like after these air conditioners have been running...oy vey!

    I did ride my bike 60 miles in the heat yesterday...when I started it wasn't too bad, but when I ended it was 94 degrees. I called the rescue wagon (my hub) who managed to meet me . I felt like I could have ridden the 7 more miles home but I was feeling a little dizzy and didn't want to risk it. I am thinking I may have to revise my plan to do 100 miles in an event next Sunday if it is this hot. I figure I can do the 100 miles in the fall...maybe when it's cooler. Well, I have the option to decide that day, so that will be okay.

    Any advice is always appreciated!!

    Hugs from Bloom


  • Bloom, It has been hot and humid and it was wise of you to recognize your limit and call hubby. I've heard there should be a break in the weather but then back up for the weekend. Who knows? Still, if you enjoy the cooler weather, pushing yourself now might be turning this into a task driven goal instead of a pleasurable one. Give it some more thought.

    Icey, woke with you on my mind this morning. Hope all is okay.

    Wishing everyone else a light hearted Monday!

  • Good morning all!

    Yes, I have decided to do the 62 mile ride on Sunday, Laie...although I felt strong the other day, the heat was just brutal...not sure it would be the best thing to do with my body and live to enjoy the rest of the summer, lol! Once I decided that, I talked to my son, and he was okay with it too. It doesn't mean that we won't eventually do a 100 mile ride, but maybe in the FALL when it's cooler, lol

    I am going out early this am to weed...goodness, those weeds do a number on the garden...and life, right?!

    Blessings to all, beautiful sky this morning ❤


  • Hi Bloom!

    I came to post and spotted u ... so U are riding this weekend with your son just a shorter distance? I did see the news last night and the humidity and temp will drop -- Looks like a beautiful day to ride! Have fun! Ugh, weeds were the first thing I saw yesterday when I returned, sigh ... Yup, like life, ain't working' -- yank it out!


  • red sky at night

    sailor's delight

    red sky at dawn

    sailors be warned

    I woke again before 4 this morning and stepped outside to get a feel for the day. Immediately the two stars hanging so low and bright caught my eye and I scanned for the moon. It took a moment to realize the diamond brilliance was coming from Venus and Jupiter and to their left lay the crescent moon. Overall, the sky was wrapped in a haze but near the horizon the moon was bathed in a red, pre-dawn light.

    We grew up with my Mom reciting that sailors bit above and through the years it has stayed with me and although it may fall into an old (sailors) wives tale, I've used it to gauge the weather and storms. This morning though it reminded me of Mars, Uranus and Pluto's sky formation and what effect it may have and how we'll be affected.

    It is interesting that we viewed the red planet (Mars) this week on the news from a compiled series of incredible photos just prior to him going into a T-square and Merc Rx. Actually, we have a few Rx planets and the day's Cancer energy combined with the sky formation may have us looking for ways to let go and/or take charge. Be aware that any tension that has been building may erupt in unexpected and unusual ways. Be attentive to your physical -- exams, minor procedures, driving, exercise etc.---- rest, slow down. I think the Mars photos were captured all over the surface and pieced together to make a whole image. Take all your 'pieces' (self, home, family, finance) and rearrange them, seek clarity and abundance.

    As this began as a soul -mates thread, a word of caution -- don't rush into a relationship or push one forward --- what you think you see or want probably isn't there. If with someone, my guess is the bedroom could be exciting, ooo lala, just don't try hanging from a trapeze or anything too wild!

    Be pro active with your introspection and emotions; let this synergy work in your favor. Squares -- those great opposing moments of great tension--- create major opportunities! We're almost halfway through 2012 - Stay strong!


    ~ Laie4

  • Good morning ponders!

    Yes, Laie, I saw the same morning pink quilt dawn looks clear, but I thought we were going to have rain...haha,,,you just never know! I missed the planets though.

    Good info. on all the celestial happenings, thanks!

    I did do a LOT of weeding in about 3 hours, from 6 - 9 am yesterday, and the workers let me take a quick shower afterwards, that was great. Much to my surprise, after I pulled so many weeds, I found that I had put mulch down last year, it was just covered up by weeds. So, as we say, maintenance is always the tough thing! (I removed the swear word, lol)

    We had a nice visit in the Boston area with our married daughter and hub, and his parents. We like to go to "Not your average Joe's" restaurant there. We first learned of it when our older daughter lived out there, but it turns out to be a favorite with the in-law family, so it was quite a nice break. Do you know this restaurant Laie? I think they have other locations. they did a very nice accommodation for my allergies, which I appreciated!

    Counter-top decisions....I may end up going with a solid surface in the downstairs bath. I priced out granite. I'm not a big fan of granite but it is a small bath and not a big piece...the remnant piece cost $134 but everything else added $800 to it. I looked at the cheapest plastic countertop at Lowe's that I could find (Wilsonart) which I liked but I am not a big fan of dealing with these places, so may go with the lumber place where I ordered the vanity.

    Now I think I may want a square sink...Good luck Laie!! they say it's worth it in the end but, with all the rest of life's ladder climbing swirling around, I am not sure I want too many more choices!!

    Worked on our taxes by myself last night..we got an extension in April when hub was in hospital. I have to say I noticed the lack of angst on my hub's part during the whole procedure last night...very different presentation than ever before! I missed the old codger-like growling, but, on the other hand, it made it so much less emotional!

    Sunny and Icey, I hope you are doing well. amused and LC, how are you both? Forest Walker, Mestiza, Emergence, Ms. Stiletto heels, Triple T Tanya....sending out positive vibes to you and hope you are all doing well. Did anyone ever get Forest Walker's email? I wish I knew how she was doing!

    Well, hope the hot weather here brings happiness in some way!

    Hugs from Bloom


  • Morning Cactuss!

    And a great big hello to all Pondees! I don't have Gemmy's email and I wonder how she is doing keeping up with her yard and if she did move. She was having a good time with the 'summer people' playing cards and I hope wherever she is she is enjoying warmer weather. I miss her nature walk writings. As for Emergence, Namasteleo, Quen & Mo, I'm sure they are all well -- Wonder if Mo ever got in a trip to the Berkshires?

    I just finished ordering the rest of the materials except not completely sold on the tub and sink. I've got the design company working on getting prices for a different tub. The kitchen sink has been an issue for hubby. For over a year, he has said he dislikes stainless and last week he gave a demonstration as to why. After much research online and various store visits, I finally found a substitute I could live with. At a meeting he does a 180 and says stainless is fine. Fill in loud screams! (The earlier post on planet line-up ---- tension, home --- well, we lived it with major arguments, sometimes even forewarned can't help! I suppose you did too with the neighbor & animal control.) We chose a rectangle ( Ladena) for the bath also. I have been working circles/ovals into the design but the continuity of sink and tub felt right. I absolutely love doing this! Its allows my inner artist to fly on a grand scale. And, back on earth, feet firmly planted, the cost of everything is painful! I understand completely your granite problem.

    Last week and yesterday I ran around with one of my daughters. Her bath faucet has been leaking and now two ceramic tiles below are bulging. As she is still unemployed and the court case drags on, she is looking to do a tub area makeover as cheaply as possible. We're trying to find a tub and a surround combo and someone to install. Her hubby and one of my sons could do it but its her only bath and both men work. At one of the box stores she found what she liked, but they don't install. The other box store does install but she doesn't like their surrounds. Sigh ...

    Taxes, om! Good for U! Nope, I can't envision going there. I took over the bills because I would get anxious-- reflector type, ugh! ---due to Mr. Cranky Pants growling and fits. I can handle his once a year ranting about not remembering where things are and how much goes to the gov't. : > )

    Yes, we've eaten at Ave. Joe's, not bad, food and service was good. We don't eat out often, ya know I like my experiments, lol! but there is a Joe's near a cinema. I think we've eaten there a couple of times before a show.

    Did you have any problems with the storms? I'm south and a piece of the storm rolled though in under 20 mins with only a few rain drops. The rest of the state did get slammed and there are still power outages.

    Another family outing this evening to g-son's state championship ball game. I can't wait!

    Happy Birthday to one amazing and beautiful man --- Mandela!

    Blessings and hugs!


  • Best wishes with the reno projects, those that I've done in the past surely put relationships to the test. When all are in agreement it can be a lot of fun otherwise you may get to the point where you don't care or you dig in your heels- its a matter of picking your battles.

    My youngest son is 20 on 9/2 & has lived his last 4 yrs hoping to play college soccer. His grades were not great from HS so he commuted for a yr & work w the local college of his choice to be accepted. He went last spring & did ok grade wise & continued to work towards getting on their team. He just found out rather than be able to go to preteam 2 wk try outs he can go for a 1 day walk on try out. I can see/feel the tension in him & am very worried. This has been his goal & focus for so long & what has helped to keep him on task. I'm not sure how he'll cope if he doesn't get on the team. Its out of my hands except to pray & support him. He tends to be someone who learns from mistakes so coupled w the loss of his dad at 14 he feels life is all struggle & few rewards.I suspect in addition to wanting this for himself he's doing it cuz he thinks his dad would be proud of him. I'm at a loss of what to do but be supportive. Any ideas?

    Open House this Sunday..........boy is this getting old...........such a yoyo of emotions........working hard to keep it positive. I know this may seem small compared to the challenges many have but I've put myself last for a long time & moving to simplify my life is the first thing I've tried to do for myself in a long time. Its hard to wait & the process of moving , picking a house & getting a mortgage on my own is terrifying but I feel compelled to try.

    Love & Light to all


  • Hello all,

    Geez! We have been having some crazy weather these days, crashing thunderstorms, flash flooding, hail.... yesterday, I needed to get gas, and two stations I went to were closed because the storms knocked out the computers, pumps were down. Took kids to appointments, ran out of gas, smh. What a day...Raining again this morning... It's going to make everything green, that's for sure. I am going through my lonesome stage...I like my solitary lifestyle most of the time, occasionally I get that depressed feeling, missing having a mate (Hush your mouth, woman!!!) Not breaking my neck trying to find anyone... school work, financial woes and kids keep me busy enough. Anyway, I hope everyone has a marvelous day, I have been thinking about all of you!


  • Nice job on the reno stuff, Laie!! Good for you going with the rectangular sink in the br. I ended up with an oval, I think it was AND I picked a solid surface countertop (Staron? or something) and the fabricator will attach the sink...just have to make sure it all fits, or perhaps that is their job!

    I don't like stainless sinks either...but how funny that the Prince decided to change his mind. I know they look great with granite countertops and other stainless appliances, so hope it works out. It should be what you like and enjoy...that is what this is all about, right?! are doing so well. Good luck to your son...there are so many things that go into picking a team. We experienced that a little bit when our daughter was in h.s. and was playing lacrosse, sometimes the year is a building year, and other times, they are looking for specific players to go along with the team members already there. I would say just visualize him playing soccer well, and keep holding on to that. It doesn't mean that if he doesn't get in this time that he won't get on a team in the future. I would also praise his every effort to do well and get ahead, as I'm sure you do.

    Good luck with your open house...I can only imagine how much work it is! More power to YOU!!

    Sunshine, you are handling so many issues...ach on the gas snafu! How frustrating...yet you continue to be strong and even have a sense of humor! you are such a strong woman, go you!!

    Hugs from Bloom


  • Hi All!

    Laie -how was the state championship game? What an awesome experience for him!!

    Sunshine- you have a lot on your plate & seem to manage it well. I can relate to that loneliness just creeps up on you sometimes. No matter how busy I am with work, my sons, house stuff, GFs there are times when I miss a man in my life....GF time is great & I treasure it but its not the same. I don't have the energy to "go looking" but if someone comes into my life I'd be receptive. Hopefully when we least expect it someone will come along. I guess that's why I run & do lots of active stuff, to ward off stress & loneliness.

    Bloom- that's a great idea to visualize him playing soccer...I do that with lots of things but didn't think to try it with him.



  • Good morning Amused!

    Good luck with your open house if it is today! We are off to a cool start here in my neck of the woods..a cool 61 degrees F! I enjoy sitting on my back porch in the early morning with a cup of coffee, but this morning I had to add a fleece to my bathrobe. All I need is curlers to complete the picture, lol!!

    Hope this weekend brings love and light into our lives, as we deserve and intend!!

    Hugs from Bloom


  • Morning!

    Late yesterday I came to the Pond and Sunny was the last visitor. I started a post to you, Amused59, and never posted. While writing, two of the kids showed up and off we went to the baseball game. I'll post what I wrote separately, although Bloom gave some great advice already.

    THEY ARE THE STATE CHAMPIONS! all caps, LOL! and they deserve it! (Thanks for asking Amused!) Wow! I still can't get over how impressive all the teams were, such amazing skill for 9/10 year olds. Little League use to be Agonizing ; ) with players walked, poor fielding and general mayhem. Man, could these kids play! What I enjoyed the most, of course, was watching how effortless G-Son makes it look. He really loves the game! He's such a natural at whatever position he's placed in. And hitting?--- What 10 year old hits a home run, over the fence, every game?Grandson's team advances to play other regional state champs in a week. It gives oldest daughter time to grow back her fingernails!

    Sunny -- Hush your mouth woman--- ROFL! Loved that! I can't wait for the day when you let us know you've found that special person and have someone to lean on. I admire so very much what you go through every day and how you handle all the craziness life throws at you!

    Cactuss -- The fabricator should take measurements for you for the countertop, place the order and install. At least, that is what I've learned. I like the solid surfaces; they are well made and you can find something to match any decor. Yeah another thing off your to do list!

    Icey & LC hope all is well and we hear from you soon!

    Blessing to all who stop by and rejuvenate at the Enchanted Pond!

    ~ Laie

  • Hi Amused!

    Ha- picking battles! This was a battle and we usually debate. Someone pointed out once we sound like we 'argue' but then they realized it was bantering. Bantering is a much better word as we both toss out opinions just stating what we feel. This time---- I was furious -- a rare occurrence -- and I left. Thankfully, we both know, love wins out.

    It is a shame son has only one day to show his stuff. What else can you do but be encouraging and supportive? At that age they don't want us 'kissing' away their hurts anymore as much as we may want to still do so. : ) Hopefully, he isn't putting pressure on himself and carrying forth what his Dad May have wanted for him 6 years ago. If necessary, maybe that would be a point to make … Dad would recognize that you've grown and changed and would want you to find happiness in what ever you choose to do. Sometimes kids don't dig that deep into what might be their motivations. If its just son's desire, learning to move forward beyond disappointments might be his lesson for growth at this time. On your end, it seems you are worried about the tie in with his education and what a disappointment may do. Review past history … What have you done before to assist him over bumps and how can you do the same but in an age appropriate way? It's difficult being Mom. They will choose and we can no longer fix.

    It isn't easy but continue to let go … son, house, all areas. You've been moving forward, but it gets blended with other thoughts. Maybe examining where it stems from will help … How much of this is a pattern of fear? Or, is it a moment in time where you're just feeling not confident for some reason? idk, just tossing feelings out. Being positive shouldn't be work, ya know?

    Trust that you and your son are always supported by the Universe/Source.

    May you receive an acceptable offer this weekend!



  • I just saw you posted Bloom --- We're doing the same thing this morning .... I've got my coffee and computer, sitting on the porch with my "Cover Girl' morning outfit on too, lol!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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