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  • Thanks Laie. Yes, it took me a couple days to get over it, but I am working on finding places to test. In my office with phones going off is not the best place.

    You are correct on your appraisal of her...she is an immature non-leader who has made these kinds of comments before. She has little respect in the school and her life is a mess outside of school.

    I think she projects onto me the 'mom' image, and so when I have said things (like twice in 8 years) she over-reacts. I know that she was surprised that I walked out of her office when she handed down the edict because I heard through the grapevine that she ran to talk to someone about it and didn't understand why I was so upset.

    I am not sure what I will do - basically I have 30 days to grieve it. (the unwanted sexual remark) ..there is power in holding on to that as far as she is concerned. She did something else that was brutally stupid at the end of June to my office mate, and she has pretty much stopped talking to that person, unless she blurts out something when they see each other. She has a sense that she is supposed to be friends with everyone, so she does a disservice to herself by making these ridiculous rules and comments, since people just withdraw. I can also ask for a transfer, which I have time to consider.

    So taking the power back for myself is what is good for me, and I will consider my motives! Thanks for your suggestions!

    Hope we all enjoy the day...snow coming tomorrow for me I think!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Good morning all ponders, Halllooooooooo!!!!

    Well, here in the USA we have a three day weekend, and I am up VERY early performing cat police duties, as we have our son's cat here who did not like at all being locked in a bedroom by herself for the night. Eventually she woke me up and now we are ALL up early and every pet and person is awake and very alert! lol

    Hope you will all enjoy the long weekend, or your shorter one. It's cold here but no snow to speak of at the moment.

    My week at work was long, I haven't said anything yet to my principal. I think I may wait until I have a quiet moment when I can speak to her in private about her remark. She has made remarks before but she thinks she is giving people compliments...she is kind of a buffoon, but very crafty....someone who RE-acts but doesn't step out to be a leader. Most people work hard at the school, so she is lucky that things move along so well. Oh well, my time is getting shorter in the saddle and I can hold the light for myself. Soon I will calculate the days I have left before I can retire!

    Looking forward to spending time with friends and family this weekend. Our older daughter wants to introduce us to her boyfriend tonight. woo hoo! I cannot even think that we may have another wedding looming close :)))) but I will be excited. My hub has already spoken the word "ELOPE"! lol Went out for a drink last night with my Pisces, and going to brunch on Sunday with some pals. Going out to dinner tonight with if only there were lots of meatless, gluten free, dairy free and egg free meals out there. I eat a lot of salads, but still have fun 🙂

    Hugs to all!

    Bloom xoxo

  • Hi Bloom and any other wide awake ponders. It's 6:30 am. My children have been awake since 5:45...why can't they get up this early on a school day??? It's ridiculous, but they will get naps this afternoon...

    Back in school again. wasn't ready to start again, but start I must.

    It's been snowing for the last 2 days, really miss my home now, always had car in garage and never had to scrape ice off the windshield...starting to look again for a home, but this time, it is not a rush to get out...I have more time to look...

    I miss seeing so many of our Ponders on site. Hoping all is well for you all, and wishing you a Happy, Blessed and Prosperous New Year.

    Have a wonderful day everyone...

  • Morning Early Risers!

    This morning I actually slept in and am still yawning. I use to wonder the same thing about my kids -- how come they had no trouble getting up early on weekends? It changes though as they get to be teenagers and want to sleep in all the time. Haven't had a grand-kitty sleep-over and doubt we ever will with the pups!

    School doldrums ... I hope you can rest this weekend, have some fun and get back to it. Oldest daughter is taking a few classes and trying to get back into it. It'll be daunting at first but she has talked about for so long that I hope she has early success so she'll be empowered to continue. Oldest son is entering his last semester before he transfers for the next phase. January is a tough month -- holidays and vacations end and the weather ... people just want to chillax.

    Not sure what the plans are for this weekend, would like to go see Mission Impossible, but waiting for a delivery of oil. Ugh, big bill. Tomorrow I'm meeting with a couple in preparation for their marriage next Sunday.

    Himself just woke up --- going to leave you and say G'morning to him



  • Good morning all, another early morning for me too, thanks to the cats, not yowling but waking me up to be patted. geesh

    Sunshine, back in the saddle on the school, huh? I forget where you are in your this the last semester for you? Keep at it and hopefully it will lead you to a better job!

    Laie, good luck to your daughter. I think it's hard to get back into the college thing, esp. after you have been away for a while. You are right....meeting with success at the beginning is the best motivator.

    Had a very glorious evening meal with hub and our daughter and her new bf. Delightful...and great food too.

    Today I volunteered to play the drum in church...yikes, what was I thinking?! Then off to brunch with friends. This is so not my usual life, but I am enjoying it!

    Hope this day brings lots of love and laughter to you!



  • G'Morning!

    The kids return to school on Monday --- new moon time and water dragon year --- perfect. They should both do very well. It will also be the youngest rug-rats' b-day .... still hoping he finds his way. This one could be a shiny rocket, if he could get out of his own way : ).

    I'm pulling my hair out over my passport. It was sent off mid-December with an expedite check. It was just returned .... no such address. So Not loving Merc the Jerk and do-overs! There's still time to re-mail, but am not trusting of the new address. ( I'm sure it'll be fine, just leery) Also, concerned about private info having been absconded. Have no choice according to the web site but to re-send, so Sunshine it'll be heading your way in a few days --- bless its path puh-leeze! : >))

    Last night I watched the second Harry Potter movie with oldest son. I only saw the first one and when asked what did I want for Christmas ... well, I got the complete set. Second, or is that first ? lol! childhood : > ). I've also been reading Human Design and a Reiki book. Both are interesting and meeting my nightly winter hibernation needs.

    Music seems to play a part in our live and according to the planets this should be a less-stressful, relaxing period. I found this in reading something else if you want to add something to your playlist for stressful moments:

    1. Marconi Union - Weightless ( warns not to listen while driving.)

    2. Airstream - Electra

    3. DJ Shah - Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix)

    4. Enya - Watermark

    5. Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

    6. Barcelona - Please Don't Go

    7. All Saints - Pure Shores

    8. Adele - Someone Like You

    9. Mozart - Canzonetta Sull'aria

    10. Cafe Del Mar - We Can Fly

    Enjoy your day!

    ~ Laie

  • HI Laie,

    LOL you have a nice playlist too. I love Adele and Enya, so I will add these to my youtube playlists. Thanks!

    Hope you are going to have better luck with the passport. Sending it energy to get to the right place this time...

    School has started for me, it's another dailydouble, finance fundamentals and Office procedures...Heavy studying bigtime.

    I have been seeing doctors for some time now have been having trouble with urinalysis constantly showing blood in the urine. Urologist ordered a cat scan which I took yesterday, Wednesday. Got results today, pretended to be my doctor and got a report. Everything is perfectly normal, every organ is clean, looks and acts normal, except they found that my left kidney has 2 ureter canals coming out of it instead of 1 and they merge just before they get to my bladder....isn't that funny?!? the left kidney is also bigger than my right, not a swollen or disease big, just structurally much bigger....there is no indication as to why my urine has blood in it... hmmmm....

    well, as long as I am in good health, I'm okay...Blessings are afoot around me.

    The kids are doing well, still pottytraining Logan, one day good, another bust....oh well, hopefully he'll be out of pullups before he makes 8.

    Missing all of you and hope to see everyone popping to visit soon. Thinking of you all and sending you Blessings whenever I do.

    Love and Light to all and Happy New Year, Chinese New year, that is...



  • Good Morning ponders!

    Lady Laie, hope your passport dilemma works out. I seem to remember that you can pay $75 extra to expedite it...but hope you don't have to pay extra. Last time I lost my passport and had to get a new one...I went through a local city clerk's office and got it back very quickly. So I will send lots of good energy to follow yours and return it safely to you.

    Thanks to you and Sunny for your play lists! I have my own ipod lists that I play at work and while cooking. I think I have one on there that Sunshine suggested (a piano concerto) and one by a performer that Icey I will find one from you too Laie. I think, though, they next thing I will download are drum beats from a cd...I am really enjoying drumming! I also really like playing various other instruments with sticks. I seem to have a good internal beat so that helps.

    Well, this morning we have a little bit of snow - I have to go out and shovel FIRST then come in and take my shower for work. I am behaving very well at work, lol....and getting a lot of work done.

    Sunshine, good for you on your school work. Office procedures, wow...that should be a required course for every principal. I am interested in what is covered in that course...if you have a chance and feel like it, can you list some of the topics that are covered? I am VERY curious and would find it very beneficial to know, just for myself.

    I hope Sunny, that you find out about the blood in your urine. I will pray for you on that front! Glad that the MRI results are a-okay! It is funny what we can find out about our bodies with pictures. I think I have a few extra baby ribs going up my back and something in one ankle (I can't remember exactly what THAT is, lol!!)

    For a break at work, I cleaned out a cabinet that I share with another colleague at work, and yesterday I dusted my shelves above my desk. woot woot I keep at cleaning out various corners of my house as well...I also purchased a little jewelry case so that I could organize my earrings. I did find the mates of two earrings that I thought I had lost, so that made me feel better.

    Not being naturally oriented to neatness, this is a big improvement for me. Still trying to get all the pieces together to re-do our bathroom...not sure we can afford a kitchen but I will hold that vision, and maybe we can do as much as possible ourselves.

    Hugs to all, stay warm everyone!

    Bloom xoxo

  • Hi Bloom. the office procedures course that I am taking pertains to medical office routines. It goes into details about how to deal with irate patients and some of the protocols for foreign patients. They cover filing insurance claims and all that stuff that comes with running a practice.

    I am already having a hard time. I just have too much going on, I feel burnt out and have no motivation to buckle hard. I need to get to work. so much going on.

    I hope everyone is doing well and surviving all the snowstorms, all ye who are in my area. Some of us have adventures going on. I am sending Blessings to everyone ..Miss you and love you all.

    sending violet flames to help cleanse and energize everyone, including my tired self...

    Love you all...


  • HI Sunny,

    You must be getting the snow that was forecast for us...we have no new snow yet...thanks for the info on the course. Sounds like you have a lot to deal with, sorry that you are feeling burnt out. I'm sending violet flames right back at you!

    I'll pass along a tip that one of my professors used to do while working on writing grants, trying to squeeze an hour or two into her busy schedule. She would keep track of the minutes she could put together each day working on the grant.Then at the end of the day she would add it up and try to do a little more the next day! Sometimes a focused 15 minutes will work. Then build in a reward for yourself when you increase your time....something simple. (I used to buy myself a pair of socks sometimes, which I needed...but would never go out and buy). When I was studying statistics, it used to put me to sleep every time, so I got up early and read the chapter first thing in the morning. At least I didn't fall asleep, but I sure wasn't a genius at that subject either!

    Put on the loud music and have your kids help you dance and clean the house! or whatever would work for you, get them to help you for a little while. Logan can do the dancing part 🙂

    Wishing you the best of days, Sunshine!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Thank You Sunshine,Cactuss, Icearia for such wonderful birthday wishes! You fill my heart with joy, make me smile and I'm sending you all a hug of delight!

    Festivities of Joy & Love today! ---- I will be doing a wedding ceremony followed by a family get-together to celebrate my b-day & my son's. We had quite a bit of fluffy white snow yesterday but the skies have cleared & I can't wait for the fun to begin!

    Hope all of you have a blessed Sunday!

    ~ Laie4

  • Good morning ponders!

    How is everyone doing? Hope the Chinese New Year brings lots of power to your life!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Hi everyone,

    Happy Chinese New Year to you all. Hope you all are having a great day. I am so looking forward to spring.

    I had an Endoscopy because I have been having some GI issues. Turns out I have Grade 4 reflux esophagitis, which is pretty bad,

    I just doggone posted a whole nice posting and it just disappeared. I am so discouraged and tired, I will post again tomorrow,

    Love you all, many Blessings yo rbrhyom

  • I dream of lying in a hammock beneath the shade of trees

    the touch of your skin carresses me like a gentle warm summer breeze

    I dream of holding you tenderly, and whispering into your ear

    words of love and sweetness, words for you only, to hear

    I wish you would come to me gently and make everything alright

    but the dream I dream most of all, is just seeing you again


  • Hi Sunshine,

    Wow, that is a tough medical situation to handle! so sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well on top of the rest of your busy world. I hope it's treatable and that you will be feeling better soon!

    Hi LC,

    Well, you sound wonderful! I am happy for you! YEAY Last Crusader!!

    And to all the other ponders,

    hope you are moving through this month and dealing with all the energy. I remind myself to hold the vibration of what I want in my life, not concentrating on what is "wrong' in my life. Blessings, love and light to all of you who visit the Enchanted Pond.

    Bloom xoxo

  • Blessings to everyone. LAst Crusader, it is great to see you again, I am praying that things are going well for you and yours. Happy belated holidays and New Year.

    Bloom, I am really feeling okay, just obviously burning the candle at both ends finally catching up to me. I need to spend more time at the Pond to think and recharge myself...

    Hugs and Blessings to all of you,


  • Hi Sunny,

    I am glad you are feeling okay - I know you have a very busy life with your work and your family, and all of your obligations (like school :)))

    I am more and more convinced of the wisdom of holding our vision of what we want in our lives and keeping that focus in mind. I know that we can influence how we approach problems and how our attitude helps us to receive news about our lives...I don't have so much experience with how to use that to help ourselves through illness and other traumatic catastrophes, but I am thinking it can only help. I do need to practice it more, I know that!! Hope that things are working on the 'up' spiral for you this weekend.

    Hugs from Bloom! xoxo

  • And the moonbeaming icey dragon swoops and swishes ...

    Happy Water Dragon Year All! As a dragon, I have been waiting for this year to arrive for soooooo long now. Finally! It is like a huge sigh! This will be a great year - for all Enchanted Souls!

    Where do the days go huh? One minute it's Christmas, then ... school returns and a busy new year arrives. Whilst I have grabbed some moments to read through things here, I fear I may have not retained everything so forgive me if I do not refer directly to something you have written.

    Princess Laie: The happiest of happy wishes for your monumental birthday! My heart is warmed by all that love and joy you seem to have been surrounded with. It is so very wonderful that your day was a happy one. Now, hold that vision of all those gorgeous dreams of yours coming true! I am doing that for you too. Back to school kids huh? WOW! Hoping that goes perfectly for both of them. It is a good year to begin new things so let the Heavens shine upon them both. How is your sweet Prince? Hoping his health issues are improving. Has the wedding ceremony been? Cannot wait to hear about that. Hope it was stunning. Release all your talent for harnessing love and sprinkle it upon the merry couple. I did like your references to Astrology and am thrilled that you are reading your Human Design - I can so see that appeal to your nature actually, even more than me LOL! Was Merc the jerk back???? That explains lots actually .... she says shaking fists towards skies! Did you ask questions about houses and astrology????? Did you say your Prince & you share the same houses and planets????? Now, that would not only be rare but so uncanny. What an interesting pair you are!!!! Would you please be so kind as to drop me a line (or here if you wish) about the dilemma? I have loads of Astrology books in storage (lol lol lol lol) but could also offer a link or two to some Astrology sites that I trust and follow ... might be something there for you to ponder??? Love seeing you here spreading your glorious light around Lady Laie .... simply delightful!! My angel hugs and love to you & yours x x x

    Hiya Bloom! How is your hub & his health???? I can see this year being a year for strength for him and a great opportunity to start a new project so get him chatting about what he thinks on the inside. Hope he's on his path to wellness now. I kind of like that you are being quite the social butterfly too. All that lovely time out is VERY beneficial for you. You have an adventurous nature anyway but this here, there and everywhere element really suits your inner energy. I love that! Love that you are constantly around the 'new' ... new places, new faces, new spaces, new feelings. Wonderful! I like that, as a Cancerian, your coming home to recharge and be you is a part of this too. You have worked hard at balance and well ... starting to really see this in you now. Brava! Now ... new bikes, a poem from your son ... what LOVE! I was deeply moved by that; what an incredible being your child believes you to be! Makes him kind of incredible too, doesn't it? Hope the riding is bringing you joy ... when it's not snowing that is! Wish it was snowing here!!!!! It's sooooooooooooooooo HOT! Awful hot too. So, quite envious of you guys to be sure! Was it you that wrote about holding visions of what you HAVE versus concentrating on what we lack???? How superbly poignant Bloom and very TRUTH-FILLED! It is said that the more one focuses on what one does not have, the more that is what they get. Makes sense, then, to do what you've mentioned, does it not??? I was really taken with your wise words Bloom ... stood out quite like a neon sign actually, for me. Perhaps that can be the Enchanted Pond's focus for February???? Learning to actually hold the vision of that which we wish to create. Great idea. I am going to spend meaningful time trying to be conscious of how much I CAN do this. A great daily practice! Thanks Bloom. I am grateful to you. Renovations take time sooooo, be happy that you shall be extremely well PREPARED and know exactly what you want when the time comes. That's great! Love interior design so very much. And your pricipal sounds 'typical' of most Principals ... not the nicest people on the planet. These folk tend to be those who have wrangled cushy jobs with Departments and managed to stay there regardless of their skills, talents or ability. You have done well to hold your tongue my love. However, I am with Princess Laie on the stamping out behaviour that is illegal and I am rather pointed about ACCOUNTABILITY! We are all responsible for what we do and say ... and write. Her included Bloom. However, you have free will my love and whatever is comfortable for you is what is. I am on your side and the side of truth. Hoping life is wonderful and wonder-filled for you. Big angel hugs.

    I shall be back to chat some more but have to get ready for work and try and eat before I go too.

    Be fabulous.

    Be happiness.

    Be love.

    Much enchantment to you.


    Icey Moonbeam x

  • Icey Moonbeam! So nice to see you swooping by! Glad that your spirit is romping in the Water Dragon Year!!

    Have a great day!

    I got a HUGE plywood snowman to paint for our little city's winter carnival. It is 8 ft. tall and 4 feet wide! I have to have it done in 4 days. I have an idea for a design...I think it will be a few children holding hands and hugging the snowman's first ball...and then a belt on the snowman made of bicycles...and a hat with a bloom on it! lol

    No bike riding for me yet, too cold here, but soon. I am going to sign up for my century ride this morning!! woo hoo...100 miles or bust!

    My hub's health is okay...he is still on the road to recovery. He is happy when there are people visiting, so we are doing pretty well with that these days. He is also slowly getting back into his old pre-stroke life's activities, so he is happy about that.

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • I'm back ...

    Hi Bloom ... so happy to hear that your hub is on the 'up' health wise. That's really important and I am glad that his illness has drawn people closer together. Perhaps he was more on a path of withdrawal before and he needed this to happen so as to highlight the very essence of his life to HIM? It is heart-warming that he is finding his way back ... to life. Wish him well from me.

    Liked your snowman project a lot!!!!!! How FUN! And you must so do the bloom in his hat! Perfect! Make sure you take a picture and post it here please.

    Hmmm ... yes, I guess riding and snowy roads don't really go hand-in-hand, do they? The century ride will be awesome. You always set yourself some fabulous challenges in this life.

    Thanks again for the words to heed ... it can be pretty difficult, in times of stress, to realize that it is more important to not focus on what you don't have. Our lives came with big plans and we, with all we needed to live on purpose - in our melody. Gratitude for what we have and the vision for the next steps ... LOVE that!

    And hello Sister Sun!!!!

    How is the house-hunting? I am really glad that this opportunity is before you actually. I also like that you are looking for a space that your energy is released within. Now 'that' is how it's done!!! Happiest of home hunting moments to you.

    Happy belated birthday wishes to Lauren and what a dear sweet man who paid for her cake was. Made my soul come alive when I read that. What LOVE exists upon this planet huh? So happy you were on the receiving end.

    As for school ... hmmm ... I am feeling as though you need to approach this differently. Declaring something is something (eg; this is too hard, this is beyond me, this is boring, this is nonsensical etc)is almost fatalistic soooo ... declare in the affirmative. Many times I have pointed out your manifesting powers and now is the time to make them work for you. I sense you are approaching your schooling as the salmon does his river ... fighting it upstream. Instead, consider that you are floating, as if in a dream, with your back in the water and your face warmed by the sunshine and all of life's currents are gently moving you to where you should be ... no effort, just calm. The more we can embrace our lives, the less we fight it and accept what is before us. Once its purpose has been served, it shall evolve into something new. This is what your schooling is doing. It is your preparation for transformation.

    Changes everything, yes?

    Your health issues are of concern Sunshine. Health things arise because we are neglecting facets of our path. Louise Hay (You can heal your life) suggests that for your particular ailments the following apply: urinary issues are likened to anger ... being p'd off is actually how she refers to it and this is usually directed towards a lover, or someone from the opposite gender seeing as admin will delete my s e x word. It is also attributed to blaming others. She advocates new attitudes to release ailments: "I release the pattern in my consciousness that created this condition. I am willing to change and I love and approve of myself". These thought processes may be of more benefit to you. Hope so. Now ... I have forgotten your other health mentionings so, please remind me. I shall check them out for you.The mantra: "I am healthy, whole and complete" is one to consider ... for all of us LOL! Especially me. With my particular issues, she states that these manifest because I"never get to do what I want to do and that I ask when will it be my turn". Scary huh?????? Good luck with yours and my sincerest thanks for the wings of angels sent my way!!!! Love to you.

    Dear Winged One around the Enchanted Pond ... what a LOVE FILLED poem that was. WOW dude! Although it is wistful, it is pure feeling ... not emotion and I sense, though I know not why, there has been quite a metamorphosis about you. Hoping you will enlighten me on that one ... lol! Perhaps your other poem (the one before this) was the fleeing of all things dark within you? I really don't know why I feel this way but I do ... and very strongly. Like, you have said 'good-bye' to being lost and you have welcomed the light within you as your true guide, true teacher and true essence. I am soooooo delighted by that! A Soul Mate's presence can never be extinguished and you, as you have shown, have always known this. I am glad that you understand this as it is helping you to create the new you. Now, this 'new' you is something quite significant for you to work towards this year ... it will springboard you into lots of 'newness' (much like Sister Bloom!!) ... and a new career is circling my head too. Like the pieces of a long worked at puzzle finally piecing together for you. Anyway, the crux is ... focus on the feelings ... no more emotion. Do not let emotion, which is the entrapment of the mind, drag you into spaces that you have no need for - where there is nothing to learn. Open, lift and consider all possibility ... hold that as your magic annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, dude, please begin to wear brighter clothes ... especially those sea greens and blues. Your Pisces heart is calling for them. Oh yes it is. New colours, new life. Hold the vision. Purples are good for you also - will help light the spark of confidence and belief. No red this year ... and minimal black. It's a water dragon year ... watery shades for you my friend. Water, in Chinese, is linked with ... wait for it ... emotion! Funny huh? But, instead, it is the feelings of new journeys, new people, new careers, new new NEW! That's your focus. RE-NEW thyself. Happy creating dear friend and beautiful beyond measure to read your words from your soul. Thanks and love to you & the little dudes.

    I am sad not to see our sweet Sisters here yet. Dear Angels of Enchantment ... come back ya hear!!!!!!! At least touch base so my hear can rest that you are all ok. I would like to hold you close and wish you peace and beauty in this new year. Please float in.

    May all of you see the beauty of your souls in your todays. I honour your spirits.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey Moonbeam Dragon x x x

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